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KALUOS Lightning to USB Cable MFI 1m, 1.5m / Black, Gold, Silver (AU $2.66) Shipped @ AliExpress


These cables are seriously egg-cellent. I've ordered several times and was blown away with the quality.
I just ordered more from these guys this morning and realized that they are 21% off this Tuesday!
They are already a steal at the current price, so this is a definite bargain!!

Available in 1m or 1.5m lengths in black, silver or gold.

Enjoy :)

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  • Thumbnail looks one-sided, i.e. not bidirectional - can confirm OP?

  • +2 votes

    Are they certified (legit) or will they no longer charge 1 week after use?

    • They come well packaged (in retail packaging) and are advertised as MFI. My wife has used her cables daily at home and in the car.. hasn't missed a beat yet. Now the seller claims that these are in fact MFI certified. I really have no way of telling so I really can't confirm.

  • This deal hasnt started yet.

  • So should we wait till tuesday to buy these?
    How much will they be with 21% off discount?

  • I bought 4 of them a couple of months ago, good quality and work well. However, for some strange reason they don't work with my Kogan 4 USB port international charger. Work fine with all other chargers.

    • +2 votes

      for some strange reason they don't work with my Kogan 4 USB port international charger.

      Need to use MFk cables on that charger…

  • OP, do you have something like a charger doctor to see if this cable is capable of charging over 1A?

  • There's review comments that say the black cable has white connector. Can you confirm the photos match the cables you received?

  • +11 votes

    Hi op
    I currently have dispute open with this seller
    I ordered 6 cables
    3 out of 6 don't work. They come up with same message "This accessory is not supported …"
    And if I move the phone the cable stops charging (as in when I'm in bed with cable plugged in)
    But then again I paid buger all for these cables

    • Doesn't sound great at all. Let us know how you go with replacement from them.

      • 3 of 6 don't charge at all or they do but you can't use it to connect to iTunes?
        I just want them for charging nothing else.

    • What is the current firmware on your device?

      Also, is your device jailbroken?

    • Be very wary of the dispute process. Do not press accept sellers solution until they have actually delivered the solution.

  • I appreciate Op's positive feedback about these cables but any lightning cables at this price I would be weary of.

    • Actually the apple cables are way overpriced.
      Same as screen protectors and cases.

      • Well if I have to buy 10 of these to get a working one, then the genuine article doesn't seem so overpriced any more…

  • I bought two a few months ago. They work perfectly.

    • Yes they use MFI word, but not use picture. This brand is not real MFI.

    • +1 vote

      Out of curiosity, authorized, as in these companies have paid apple to appear on their 'authorized' list.

      • Not sure what you mean. I can see a few possible issues:

        1. Payment for MFi certification
        Apple says it doesn't charge:

        Is there a program fee for participation in the MFi Program?
        There is no program fee at this time. However, all program applicants must purchase and complete a company identity verification through a secure, third party Web-site.)

        2. Whether it's worth consumers bothering about MFi
        Well, that's up for debate, but the point is: the manufacturer makes claims about being MFi certified, so if Apple's public record doesn't bear this out, it's worth knowing about it before buying. Personally, I've stopped buying non-MFi cables, as I've had two stop working while travelling overseas, and it's just not worth it.

        3. Payment for appearing in the 'authorised' list (ie as a separate issue from participating in the program itself)
        I haven't seen anything from Apple suggesting this. Is this what you mean, and have you got any reason for suggesting/ believing it?

      • Out of curiosity, authorized, as in these companies have paid apple to appear on their 'authorized' list.

        As I understand the MFi certification. The manufacturer pays Apple for the certification via buying the chips needed. One per cable.

        • He is right, you pay for the MFI Chip. if you have your own chinese branded connector chips, it'll die in a few weeks, just google fake vs real lightning cables and people have reviewed how the chinese make fake chips.

    • It wouldn't be that hard to pop this image onto your packaging: https://support.apple.com/library/content/dam/edam/applecare...

  • Will the charger fit through a lifeproof case?

  • I predict it will be 'Ozbargained' by Tuesday.

  • Just a noob question
    do these work with ipad air 2
    webside say it does

  • incase you're hesistant, the last deal was positive, others on ozbargain have purchased and confirmed it works great and haven't died out compared to cheaper lightning cables.

  • I bought one of these as suggested last time. I haven't tried the cable yet but there is no MFi logo to be seen on the packaging and the brand does not appear in Apple's authorised MFi list. I lodged a dispute with the seller. It may be a good cable but I highly doubt it's MFi which is problematic because you really need that to have a reliable cable as the MFi cables contain an Apple authentication chip.

  • This type cable available for android phone ?

    • if you're after Micro USB cables, I only recommend Tikbro. These are the highest quality cables I've ever seen, the connectors have a solid click and don't become loose over time, cable materials is second to none. no wear and tear, it's a premium product with many refinements over the years.

      • Ah no don't buy Tikbro, they have gone way downhill. They used to be reputable on OzBargain but not lately.

        • I've been buying Tikbro since they first came out. Every sale I buy some, they've become 10x better since their early generations, the connectors are way stronger, better materials. The earlier versions connectors used to slip out easily. Since their latest build, I haven't had a problem. What brand do you recommend?

      • Tickbro cables don't last. I bought some and they all came loose at the connection after a few weeks. I use, recommend and all Blitzwolf cables. Best I've across for value and quality.

        • You must have the older generation where the connectors become loose. I also recommend Blitzwolf and Tikbro are the same quality.

        • @zeckem:

          Fair enough. I haven't bought any tickbro cables since my first and only experience with those cables.

      • 24AWG from tikbro…
        hmmm anyone know any 22AWG?

  • Does AliExpress charge in Australian dollar or USD? Curious as I want to make sure if I would be charged international transaction fee by CBA, as AE doesn't accept PayPal.

    • My credit card shows the charges as being in AUD but it may depend on which currency you've set in Aliexpress.

      • Sorry should have mentioned Debit MasterCard. I know some CC does not charge internation transaction fee. On CBA eebsite it says, even if it is charged in AUD, and if vendor is an overseas, they will charge 3% of transcation effective Sep 2015.

  • Bought one about 3weeks ago started having problems not charging about 2weeks later. Purchased silver.

    Plus the silver part is just a aluminium slide on piece and comes off easy.

    • Thanks for posting this feedback. Real MFI products are never this cheap, since they have to pay Apple for the MFI chips.

  • Just ordered a few. Not sure if it was just me, but I had to order in multiple of 2's to avoid shipping fee which defaulted to $2.14 when 3 or more

  • it says they are USD$2.50

  • Does anyone know if these 2/3m "MFI" cables from the same seller are any good?

  • Bought 1 for the wife via App for $2.68 (1mtr gold) so will see what happens.

  • i bought 4 of this cable. excellent. now want longer one.even 1.5m one is short.