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Xiaomi Piston 3 Earphones - USD $13.12 (~ AUD $17.60) @ Everbuying

  • Won Reddot Award 2015 in Germany
  • Metal Composite Technology for Diaphragm
  • Better Balance Damping System (3rd Generation)
  • "Spiral Pipe" sound chamber, bass performance optimization
  • More Professional Tuning Mode with super fine and sophisticated design
  • USA Knowles's microphone with small interference, low distortion and super clear call quality
  • Brushed aluminum and anodized, corrosion resistance and not easily fade in color
  • Gift packing with free 3 pairs of quality silicon earplugs
  • Volume control function for MIMU Phone
  • Come with 3 pairs of S/M/L size soft rubber earbud cover for comfortable wear
  • Support Xiaomi devices and iOS devices such as iPhone and iPod (some functions does not work on some Androids and iOS)

23% off Sitewide @ Everbuying

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  • I bought a pair of the Piston 3 about 7 months ago (all indication is not fake) - which worked fine until recently but now the volume is very low and unadjustable on various different devices!
    What would cause that problem?

    • Ear wax either inside or on the grating, loose connections, bad drivers.

      • I had same issue, twas earwax. I submersed the earpiece minus the rubber insert in some rubbing alcohol and that fixed it. On my old Apple in-ear plugs I could remove the little mesh and submerse that and it would clean the small amount of grot accumulated.

    • Wow I thought it was only just me. Also have this problem

  • Anybody know if Everbuying Piston 3s have a single dot in the volume control or two/three bars when you feel it on the volume stick?
    I have a Piston 3 from Gearbest and it has three so that disappoints me a bit but the whole package is very genuine.
    They said it's like that iirc because its a updated model but it still irks me that mine has three bars.
    https://i.imgur.com/lcn8Rz1.jpg https://i.imgur.com/WJswTNM.jpg

    If you check miui forums the mods and posters there are probably uninformed and say everything that doesn't have a single dot is fake.
    I personally agree that mine sound the same as http://ko.goldenears.net/board/5758479 measurements.
    They use thousand dollar mannequin measuring equipment (Bruel & Kjaer Type 4128C HATS $25,000+ usd or second hand http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/172097978877).
    They sound boomy like my Sony xb90ex http://ko.goldenears.net/board/3041402 I own other headphones that don't have exaggerated bass.
    So my Gearbest Piston 3 is (maybe) genuine except for the three bars which bothers me.

    • I see this http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Hot-Sale-Xiaomi-Piston-3-Head... on Aliexpress has single dot for only US$9.98 or (US$4.79 pay by app)

      • Although manufacturing for audio products is quite cheap, I don't think you get a genuine item with this price.

        I bough several from a Chinese seller on eBay, were obvious fakes and got refunded.

        I could do a YouTube video comparison between fake and real one day ;)

        • What do you mean? On Xiaomi's own website it is US $ 14.99 RRP… the wholesale price is probably just around $10 USD.

          At this price it's not really worth duping and that's probably the beauty of Xiaomi products.

          I bought a pair from Gearbest before and even though it had the 3 bar thing mentioned above feel and sound quality was on par with my old Sennheiser headphones so I can safely assume it is genuine.

        • @Serapis:

          I was commenting on the US$4.99 price from AliExpress.

          I don't think Everbuying is selling fakes ;)

        • @datafellows: Ohhhh sry, yea I never buy anything from Aliexpress or dhgate, have ordered 2x items from each, both turned out to be fake

  • Are these authentic? I'm looking to buy another pair as the cable on my existing pair is coming apart. Are these any good?

    • These are awesome :)

      I have tested many brands and XiaoMis come to the top even people doubt it due to the price ;)

  • Thanks OP. Bought 2.

  • This or the xiaomi hybrids?

  • how do these compare to other earbuds for around this price? never heard of this brand

    • Just google? there are 1000's of comparisons and reviews around. Seems they compare with $50-100 headphones such as ~$100 shures or sennheiser cx 180 or 300, momentum in-ear etc. For < $20 you can't go wrong. Especially with comply T200 replacement foam tips

      I mean for everyones benefit, just look at the headphone list comparison chart. for sound quality they are not far behind the bloody $450 + shure hd535s. and above the MeElectronics M9. I have both of those. I really like the M9 which were only ~$13 via OZB. So if the piston 3 sound better then I'll be happy for spending $17( + $30 on comply foam tips)


  • bought a pair after reading about all the hype on headfi. I also have a shure se530 but want these (along with hd25's) for the train to just throw in the bag

  • needed headphones yesterday and had none handy. Shan't happen again now :)

  • Has anyones arrived yet? I'm still waiting…

  • Received mine today. Sound really good!

  • Ordered 2 and got mine today.

    Have been listening and comparing them to Sony's XBA3 and ATH M50s. Actually is quite bass heavy, and a touch not as refined. Highs are not as clear, but great for price.

  • To those who have received their order, are they real. The posts in the most recent deal for these indicate that they are not real. Just want to know before I bite the bullet and make a purchase.