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Wintel Pro W8 PRO Intel Z8300 Windows 10 4K MINI PC 2G/32G US$89 (AUS$116.21) Geekbuying


Inexpensive Mini PC box with Win 10.

great to stick to the back of a monitor to create an all-in-pc or use as a mediabox.

Windows10 32bit OS
CPU: Intel Atom x5-Z8300 Cherry Trail (quad-core, up to 1.8GHz)
GPU: Intel HD Gen8 Graphics
Storage: 32GB eMMC + extend microSD slot (up to 64GB)
Video & Audio Output: HDMI (1.4), 3.5mm Audio Output Earphone
Bluetooth 4.0
Networking: AP6212 Support IEEE 802.11b/g/n, Fast Ethernet 10/100Mbps
Interfaces: 1xUSB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0, 1x HDMI (1.4), 1x microSD card slot,1x micro USB OTG, 1x Earphone jack, DC jack
H.265 @ 4Kx2K

use the usb 2 port for wireless mouse and keyboard.
use the usb3 port for external hdd storage.

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    Hmmm wonder if this can be reimaged with the small/quick linux boot of KODI ?

    EDIT: yes you can!

    EDIT 2: actually they may have just run KODI over top of Win10 - but I dont see why you couldnt wipe the HDD and install whatever OS you like as on any other Intel computer..

    • Why bother? Kodi runs fine on Windows, and you rarely need to reboot, except for unattended updates.

      edit: ah, because no windows license.

      • +1

        If the only thing I want to use it for is Kodi - why bother with an entire Windows OS hogging space/RAM/CPU below it ?

        Different story if you want to run multiple apps/purposes..

        • Because its already working? I hear Windows is not really so bad as it used to be.
          If it ain't broke … but in this case it appears that the windows licensing is indeed broke.

        • @manic: Install OpenELEC or something

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          Because its already working?

          Unless I could get the Windows install down to less than about 200mb, that's space I'd rather devote to media than an OS.

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    Keep in mind that the preinstalled Windows 10 doesn't come with an activated licence, so you'll still need to buy that.

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      Thanks, you answered a question of mine. Out of my range considering the added cost of a MS key. Was considering something like this to Livestream the NRL.

      • +3

        some people might stoop to using the windows activation hack program KMSPico.

        • See Amigo ;)

    • What happened to the free Windows with bing? Is that not around anymore?

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        Manufacturers can only get the free Windows with Bing by having a tablet under 9 inches.

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          also cpu, seems they also license to bottom end CPUs …….these z series are limited to 2g and 4 g ram and come with 32 bit Windows.

          yes I own a z8300 version from RKM .

        • @garage sale: Yep. Intel basically paid manufacturers to use their Baytrail CPUs instead of ARM based processors. They even teamed up with ARM manufacturers like Rockchip to produce more x86 based chipsets.

      • +2

        It's restricted to tablets. It's rumoured that cheap licences are available for these sort of boxes for around $25 but nothing official has ever been released.

    • The linked page says it does come with a license, who is right?

      • +1

        Yes. It also says it has 2GB of ROM so who knows?

  • The CX-W8 Pro comes with Windows 10 Home. Windows is not activated, and you can not activate it, you need to buy a license.


  • What is the HEVC performance like?

    • Would really like to know this too. Specs say it can, but I can't find any reputable review that confirms it's specifically capable of HEVC/H.265 10bit @4K (main10 10bit support is where a lot of TV boxes seem to fall short).

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    how do these compare to the Ainol Mini PCs?

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    I wish they would put 1Gb ethernet in these PCs, would make a good cheap NAS.

  • A Windows license purchased legally will cost you more than this PC.

    No deal.

    • +3

      If only there were other operating systems available cheaper or free!

      • -1

        Yeah that would be great to have another free OS that would run Office, Photoshop and all my normal apps.

        • +6

          If you are looking to run photoshop off this, then you are looking at the wrong PC.

          And you do know that there are open-source versions of PS and Office yeah??

          Check out Gimp and Open Office for a start.

    • It's not a normal license - only costs $30

  • Sorry to hijack, but if you want HEAPS more grunt for a miniPC I found this absolute bargain
    $305 AUD for a i5-4200 mini PC
    Comparable NUC or product from other OEM like Asus is ~$500
    You'll have to buy RAM, HDD and OS separately.

    Or 5th Gen i3 for $275

    • I ordered twice from GearBest in 2014 and 2015 and none of the items was received. They eventually refunded me after 4 months of waiting. I will not do that again.

      From the above link, the picture on header said it is a core i5, footer said it is a core i3.

    • Yeah but if you need to buy RAM, OS and HDD I would rather the security of a NUC.

      Plus I cannot tell, is the case metal because an i3 or i5 of any generation will get very hot in that tiny case without a fan.

      Intel can't do it without a fan.

      • yeah, the case is aluminium and passively cools the CPU.

        The cpu is at back of mobo, thermal glued to the side with aluminium fins.


        This one should do the job. Comes with 4GB RAM as well.

        • I was thinking of getting the Voyo V3 when I found the i5-4200U
          The i5U or i3U far far far outperforms Cherry Trail.
          But yeah, you have to buy RAM, SSD, OS.

        • @Phoebus: Heat might be bit of an issue with i5U or i3U I think ?

      • similar NUC is ~$400 WITHOUT RAM, HDD or OS.

  • I need gigabit ethernet or dual band wifi….. :(

  • -1

    Assume I wouldn't be able to install and run Visual Studio on this?

    • You should be able to though compiling may be a little slow.

      • Yeah it might not too practical.

  • Can anyone tell me if Xbone streaming work work on these little things? It's easy to imagine it would since a PS Vita TV is only $50 (but purpose built)

    • Ps4 windows streaming is just about to be released.

      • I have a Mac :)

        • +4

          That's OK - it will work on OS X 10.10/10.11 until you get a real computer. :p

        • +1

          @McFly: And an Xbox One

    • Should be able to. I'll be testing out the PS4 streaming on some of these boxes when it's available.

  • Just remember that that Netflix will only stream at around 480 because this unit isn't Neflix approved.

    • Get the Windows 10 Store App and you will be get 1080

      • Thanks mate!

  • Ordered one just now, along with a new mini keyboard. This will replace an ancient desktop I was using as a cheap HTPC.

  • ~AU$115 now! (For the next 24hrs.)

    Anyone found out whether it comes with a Win10 licence?

    • I just plugged mine in today.

      It says it is activated, but it may be hacked. I do not have a sticker, and Windows Defender found AutoKMS.