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25kg Pool Salt on Clearance for $2.99 at ALDI


Just saw this at my local Aldi supermarket (Bundoora Victoria)
25kg pool salt for $2.99!
Plenty still available at time of listing.

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    Any chance this can pass for pink Himalayan salt that i can bottle and broden?

  • I wish 😝

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    This can be used as normal salt, tastes a little chlorinee though, so add some sauce as well.

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      A bit risky to use it as table salt, there could be all sorts of impurities. Probably that's why it doesn't taste right.

      All sorts of chemicals are present in salt pans, for instance the lithium in batteries is mined from salt pans: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salar_de_Uyuni

      According to wikipedia, "Table salt is a refined salt containing about 97 to 99 percent sodium chloride." This is unrefined salt, that's why it is so cheap. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salt#Edible_salt

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        So… table salt has a maximum 3% lithium?

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    Got a deal on 500kg of chips op?

    • Pinging @Groupon

  • This will be good for making crispy pork belly

  • good deal, cheap weed killer

    • Serious question - does it affect the soil or water table if you do this?

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        Salt generally stays in the soil. If you want a natural weed killer that doesn't accumulate in the soil, try a spray bottle of vinegar. Plenty of advice on the web on how this works.

        • vinegar burns the leaf but doesnt always kill the plant entirely. 1 cup of salt mixed to 1 litre of vinegar. helps to stop them growing back - and kills bindi seeds so they dont germinate. but i put salt along the path edges and fence edge so i dont have to snipper them.

  • If you do any home dyeing that requires salt (I think the RIT dry dye requires it) you can use this. Might be a bit coarse, you can use your cheapo nut mill / mini food processor to grind it, or take out your frustrations by smashing the crap out of it.

  • are pool salts stronger than bath salts

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      Bath salts (of the fizzy sort) are a different chemical, most of them are largely composed of Epsom salts. They add bicarbonate of soda and sodium citrate to make the fizz.

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