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$0 iOS App - Smart Merge Pro (Was $3.79), $0 Android App - Finger Gesture Launcher (Was $6.37)


Found these two apps from Appoftheday

$0 iOS App - Smart Merge Pro (Was $3.79)

Smart Merge Pro - Duplicate Contacts Cleanup for AddressBook Gmail Facebook & Google contacts

Smart Merge Pro” merges duplicate contacts, removes entries without a name, number, or e-mail address, and backs up contacts with just one tap. You’ll always be able to find exactly what you’re looking for

$0 Android App - Finger Gesture Launcher (Was $6.37)

Finger Gesture Launcher" enables you to launch your favourite apps by simply drawing a symbol on your screen with your finger. You can use letters or symbols to launch the apps, and it can used for many other things besides, such as making calls, locking your screen, and many more. There's also a widget to make the app easily accessible at any time.

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  • all your apps in one finger…

    Classic lol

  • Any IAPs for these?

    • I only tried smart merge pro. Does what it says, seems pretty good. IAP is for auto backups of contacts and is $15. You can do it manually free

  • Any OSX/iOS app for duplicate photos?
    It's a real long term bug in the photos app (been going for about 2 years in OSX/iOS now)

    • I was recommended the Beetlecam app though I have not had a chance to use it yet so I am not sure how good it is, but it claims to do the job

  • Reviews of the Android app aren't very flattering - problems uninstalling, randomly running audio ads when not using the app, ads making the app unusable …
    Thanks for posting anyway.

  • Got Smart Merge. Says "App is limited to 10 free merges".

    Now it keeps asking me to upgrade.

    It had no trouble in asking me to leave feedback though.

    • Sometimes the search function will throw up a "Lite" version of the full featured "Pro" App. Worth checking, and might be the cause of the restriction.

  • Any suggestions foe an Android merge app?

  • Ios deal expired