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Cheeseburger, Small Fries and Small Coke $3 at McDonald's (QLD/NT Only)


Watching TV this morning before work and saw an advertisement for this deal.
$3 will get you a Cheeseburger, Small Fries and Small Coke at McDonald's for a limited time only.
Haven't found a link yet, ad was in the format of "more bang for your buck".
This was in Brisbane, QLD. Your state may differ. Confirmed QLD/NT ONLY

Having a look at the McDonald's YouTube page has a $1 English muffin and a $2 Hamburger as well.

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  • Nice deal but my local store has $1 Cheeseburgers anyway so it's all good :)

    Good deal for those who want a nice snack.

    • Woah, but every other store will charge what, $3.30 for one?

      • $2 locally, on loose change menu

    • wtf all the time? im used to spending $3+ on a cheeseburger even though its robbery.

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    I told you no TV before work.

    Now go to your room!

  • doesnt say whole nation or state specific only….

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    I stopped going to Mackers after they stopped $2 Chicken and Mayo. This wouldn't change it.

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      the $2 mc doubles are better!

      • What state are you in?

    • It was still $2 last time I checked, at least at my local store, but it was removed from the lose change manu.

      • Strange.. last 2 times I went to 2 different places they said they don't have it.
        I always try to avoid main meals from Mc. I can't avoid going there because of kids. Every time when I go there with kids I try to stick to a Chicken and Mayo as a snack so that I don't add too much fat.
        I will check next time.

        • Stores near me in Brisbane don't have it either - they said it has been discontinued :(

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          Tell your kids NO.

          worked for my parents..

        • @WT: Wouldn't have been easy. Kids these days are different.. :)

          Kids go crazy when they see the Mc sign while on the roads. They even have built some kind of intuition to detect where the Mackers are located when looking for a place to have a meal.

          Still kids will be fine with any junk they eat as they can burn all. For me doing a desk job and less exercise wouldn't be a good idea to visit Mc so often.

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    So basically on Tuesday 26th for a $10 outlay if there are a KFC and McDonalds next to one another you can:

    1. $7 - Go to KFC and buy a KFC box https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/243688 and a Krusher https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/244127
    2. $3 - Go to McDonalds and get this deal

    So KFC Box, Krusher, Cheeseburger, Fries and 2 Drinks for $10

    I've said this a few times, but this is really

    Thanks OP, dinner sorted!

    • sorry see below. not in VIC.
      dinner dilemma?

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      Why does junk food have to be so cheap 😢

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        Fresh fruit is usually cheap, it just isn't marketed in that way. For example, bananas are about $2/kg at the moment. There would be 4-5 bananas to a kilo. It's definitely possible to be healthy on a budget, but there are some items which are mega expensive like cherries. :)

        • A lot of food outlets charge a premium on "healthy" choice despite the cost of them is presumably lower. It's quite annoying to be constantly disencouraged to live healthily by the price tag.

        • having just fruits is healthy?

    • Sorry but why only on Tue 26? Isn't it all week?

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        Krusher deal starts 26th :) Maximise your savings by going then.

        • Thanks didn't realize that deal hasn't started.

        • @Jared17: According to the OP of the deal (in starting date) its 26.4 but I could be wrong!

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    Called them. QLD/NT only.

    • Thanks for that, I haven't had a chance to confirm.

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      Miss, I don't want to sound negative at all, but who exactly did you call to confirm - what did they say?

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        Don't worry - Ive contacted the Victorian head office

        Victorian Regional Office 

        2 Smith St, COLLINGWOOD VIC 3066 

        Ph: (03) 9418 5555

        and can confirm this offer is only available for QLD and NT residents.

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        I called their number on this page: https://mcdonalds.com.au/contact-us
        02 9875 7100

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    I almost took a day off to spend it in Maccas with $3 Cheeseburger meals, such a disappointment that it isn't in VIC :(

    • just as well, you would've then had to have taken a week off work to spend it in the cardiology ward.

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        Thank you very much for worrying about my health!

  • looks like the $5 Box from KFC for lunch or red rooster

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    The feels when you jump back on an hour or so after seeing this deal posted, and find out it's not available in Victoria.

  • I totally tried to play the gif in that screenshot.

    • Prob not the only one either…….

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    Don't forget to ask them for a extra cheeseburger for $1.50 :)

    4.50 for 2x cheeseburgers, small coke and chips!

    • I was just told the $1.50 cheese burgers finished?

      • Not sure when the expiry was for the 1.50 cheeseburger, but at the time of posting it, I got one that day….

        • You got lucky. They arent supposed to put that through with this deal.

  • Thanks op, perfect finish to a night of drinks. Confirmed working at Brisbane Central, just ask for the 'three for $3', they might grab the manager to check (like they did with me).

  • I've had it for lunch 2 days in a row from Mcdonalds, Cnr of Albert and Queen st, Brisbane CBD.

  • is this deal still active?

    • Yes.

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        Seems to be expired, according to my local McDonalds.

        • They were still advertising yesterday at my store.

        • @Orpheus: Damn. I could have really gone one yesterday. That's when I was turned down.

  • Got rejected at my local too