Ban Alcohol Posts From OzBargain ?

Hi guys I've noticed there are a lot of Alcohol bargains being listed here regularly and wanted to get some feedback on how OzBargainers feel about the postings. As we all know alcohol is one of leading causes of death globally and kills on average 15 Australians everyday through alcohol related diseases. Considering the government is now in discussions about introducing cigarette type health warnings on alcohol packaging and things like flu shots are banned I was wondering if OzBargain should readdress it's policy on Alcohol promotion ?.


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    I don't see a need to ban them, if you have an issue with seeing them you could always use the filter to weed them out for you?

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    Well then you might as well ban the junk food, dangerous video games, some ebooks and app posts found on here, as well.

    We don't need to mollycoddle ourselves further into a hole.

    I enjoy the drink posts.

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      I enjoy the drink.

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      We are a Nanny country as it is!

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        Isn't it awesome living in the illusion of a free country?

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        It irks me when ever I hear the argument that we live in a nanny state because of any controls that might be put in place that may benefit the population.

        You are right though. We already live in a nanny state. We're told what to eat, drink and wear by the companies that spend billions of dollars on lobbying and advertising.

        Perhaps a push back in the other direction isn't such a bad thing.

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          Idk, that's how we got emos.

          And this whole tinting business with the police? Big waste of time and money. Not sure how that benefits the people.

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          Its a nanny state… until you're hurt or scammed… then its why weren't there regulations…laws in place

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        Ah, that old chestnut again.
        Try living in a country without rule of law for a couple of weeks (or even just a country without traffic and parking laws).
        And I mean really live there, not just staying in a white guy hotel.
        I did that, and boy was I glad to come back to the nanny state and its rules.
        We are very, very comfortable in Australia.

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      Junk food causes heart disease which is the actual #1 cause of death, so let's not be too silly about alcohol.

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      Well then you might as well ban the junk food, dangerous video games, some ebooks and app posts found on here, as well.

      Can we ban regular books too?

      Spot Bakes a Cake gave me a nasty paper cut! :[

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        You need to get the board style then…it would be a terrible shame for you not to be able to make it to the end of that riveting story.

        Spoiler alert - it's for his dad.

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      Don't forget the car posts, people die in car related accidents all the time. Add mobile phones in there too, in-case they are used while driving.

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      But all these things you mentioned are halal…. i think you may have missed the point

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    I'll post a more details answer when I sober up

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    I'd like to know how many Australians die everyday through junk food related diseases.

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      Jun 7, 2013

      The prevalence of overweight and obesity has increased in Australia over time, from 56.3% in 1995 and 61.2% in 2007–08. Overweight and obesity varies with age, with 74.9% of people aged 65-74 years being overweight or obese, compared with 36.4% of people aged 18-24 years.


      Sorry Mcdonalds, KFC, Krispy Kreme, gonna have to take down all those posts.

      Oh and we may as well ban video games, because video games contribute to lack of exercise, unless it is Wii Fit.

      oh and computers, because sitting in front of a computer all day is sedentary. That means no more Shopping Express deals :(

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    Definitely keep them, I drink maybe one night during the weekend and being able to check ozbargain for good deals has become a little friday afternoon routine for me. Drinkers are not all hopeless alcoholics you know!

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    To be fair to Tasmaniac, OzB has decided that there are a few categories of deals they simply aren't interested in - 'adult' items and the like.
    I seem to remember previous discussions about smoking products and firearms and whether they should be allowed.
    This is another 'vice' and could be considered in a similar light.
    I will respond the same way I did with other items = I don't drink and am not interested in alcohol deals, but I wouldn't want to prevent those who do from knowing about bargains.

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      I respect your opinion but I have the point out that I believe the issue with adult products is that they are not socially acceptable to casually view. For example, condom posts are seem as fine while sex toys are not, since condoms are available in supermarkets, much like alcohol is(kinda) also, whereas sex toys are only sold in adult shops or behind an age barrier. I don't think its a comparable example, if that's what you were implying.


        And alcohol is sold everywhere to people of any age?

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          It's not about access, its about the social aspect of displaying it. Alcohol is displayed all over the place such as in supermarket brochures, billboards, etc; In contrast, the display of sex toys, cigarettes and firearms are regulated. The topic in question here is the display of stuff. Ozbargain has no control of who sites/stores/etc sell things to, it's merely a conduit for sharing of information about who is selling what.

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      Tell you what ozbargainers are interested in - eneloops and SSD's. They literally cream their pants whenever any deal of the sort is posted. I've never understood it to be quite honest

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    oh hell no, leave my booze posts alone

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    We're over-regulated as it is.

    The government already tries its best to tell us how we should live our lives by simply banning everything they think is bad. We don't need more of these nanny rules in our lives.

    It's a simple fact that too much of anything is no good.

    What ever happened to personal responsibility? If someone can't help themselves and feel that they have to go and buy alcohol that's cheap because they've seen a deal here, then they obviously have bigger self-control issues than that. They probably should give up on the internet altogether and never ever read a newspaper.

    Some of us actually enjoy products in moderation.

    All the people calling to ban this and ban that should realise that a ban is easy to put in place, but has anyone ever tried to get a ban lifted?

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      The argument about nanny rules and a nanny state ignores one important aspect. Do we not already live in a nanny state controlled by corporations who spend billions of dollars telling us what we should consume and what's cool and not? So the question becomes, do we want to live in a nanny state controlled by companies, whose primary objective is to soley make a profit (often at the expense to the consumer or society)? Or is some regulation, put in place for the benefit of society maybe a good thing?

      Regulation is there to serve a purpose. Often it is put in place as a counterweight to the mechanisms of capitalism. If we didn't have any regulation, then companies would be able to run wild and advertise to anyone, anytime.

      No one here is arguing for the banning of alcohol. Hell, I'm even for the legalisation of all drugs. But would limiting its exposure in the media and in advertising be such a bad thing?

      And to your argument, placing bans on things are actually very difficult to do politically. Look at how long it took to limit advertising on cigarettes despite the well know harmful effects of smoking. Any resistance to the will of these industries pits you up against companies with seemingly unlimited funds.

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        I don't think it's a fair comparison you're making. Someone/company can advertise as much as they want to me and the choice is mine and mine alone if I will buy/use their product or some other product instead or go without altogether.

        Regulation/legislation etc., sets limits on my person as what I can or cannot do. Even if decide otherwise, I can't do it. There is no longer the choice.

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          I don't think it's a fair comparison you're making. Someone/company can advertise as much as they want to me and the choice is mine and mine alone

          That's exactly the thinking that makes marketing and advertising so effective, people have the illusion of being in control of their choices when they don't

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          @Jackson: The Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded.

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          @StewBalls: and the Jedi are scattered and their numbers waning

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      I disagree its over-regulated, at least for alcohol and big business. If it was regulated properly, the alcohol industry wouldn't be allowed to be so publicly associated with sporting teams and events. The problem is much wider than just the individual ADULT being able to drink responsibly. Children of all ages, who aren't able to discern the commercial association of their sporting teams/heroes and their sponsors, are exposed to it and are therefore subject to influence.

      The problem is like most other industries … the commercial interests are too strongly embedded in all levels from grassroots and community to government even if their goals are at opposing ends (ie. nutrition research and Coca-Cola, schools & banks).

      I'm not sure what other mechanisms are available to protect our society from the pervasive influence of big business other than govt regulations.

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    no way ausies like alcohol…

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    Uh, no?

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    Using un-certified electronic products bought from China would be more likely to kill an Ozbargainer than drinking a glass of well priced wine a few nights of week.

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    It isn't the job of Ozbargain to choose what and what is not appropriate for you to consume.

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    Yeah, why not ban grog. And while we're on a roll why not ban "asians", "blacks", "gays", "asylum seekers" - anything else?

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      Perhaps alcohol posts could wear a yellow star so they are easily identified!

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        Trump wants to ban Mexicans and Muslims which is out there along that track towards Hitler's little yellow star! How about we ban books - Hitler ensured the burning of those too… he didn't want anybody too educated!

        Why not ban sex while we are at it (it is just another vice) because some of us might die from HIV or super gonorrhoea!

        Come on Ozbargainers, get a bloody grip

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      And while we're on a roll why not ban "asians", "blacks", "gays", "asylum seekers" - anything else?

      A moratorium on irrelevant PC soapbox grandstanding would be nice…

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    Read the title and had to crack open a 6-pack, THANKS OP!!!

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    Live and let live.

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    Raising such a question in Australia is pretty much always controversial.

    The drinking culture is so very much entrenched in the Australian culture, that this type of question can end up with some people feeling strong offence.

    It may just be easier to filter out alcohol in your feed.

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    Alcohol is one of the things I purchase sometimes, so I appreciate it being listed.
    Removing those listings is not going to prevent me from purchasing alcohol.
    I might consider supporting a ban on religious texts/items, if we are rating things by the number of deaths they cause.

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    This is why a nice bit of water separates Tasmania from the rest of Australia


      I say we cut them loose and let them float off towards New Zealand.

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      And one fool from Tassie makes you say this…We can't all be tarred with the same brush as OP stupidity.


        I'm very worried that people will mix us up and think it was ME seeking to hide alcohol posts, yet I'm one of the guys that really appreciates them!

        Personally I think OzB has the right balance of moderation… 'arse' deals on sd cards, humorous comments in condom posts, etc…

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    I am happy for alcohol deals to be posted but I'd like them to have their own category.

    I'm subscribed to the Food and Grocery category but I don't want alcohold emails.

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      I think a separate category is justified too. I have had cause to want to send somebody a case of wine as a thank-you, so my first port of call was OzB to see what was a particularly good current deal. A separate category would help locate this sort of info quicker.
      A vinomofo secret cab/sav is not really in the same category as 1%5 off woolies delivery or the latest Hungry Jacks voucher.. I'm not really sure why it isn't already separate, given there are separate categories for e.g. pets which attracts fewer deals.

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        when I click the Food category underneath I see an alcohol subset, can't you just go to that one ?

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          When you post a deal the drop down list doesn't include those sub-cats.
          They are based on tags, which are a bit hit and miss.
          For example, one is Shiraz at the moment, but there are wine deals that include shiraz wines, but don't appear there as the poster didn't specify shiraz as a tag.


          i see. thanks.


        I think a separate category is justified too. I have had cause to want to send somebody a case of wine as a thank-you, so my first port of call was OzB to see what was a particularly good current deal. A separate category would help locate this sort of info quicker. :)

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    And you call yourself Tasmanian? Drinking is all we have to do to entertain ourselves down here, please don't take away the booze deals from us! (Although 99% of deals are Dan Murphy's of which we have zero stores)


      Pfft. Tasmanians are always whinging about all of the bottle shops opening everywhere. Still no Dan Murphy's.


      Yeah no dans or first choice and a liquor commission which actively shuts down great prices plus adding transport costs means we rarely see decent specials up here either.


      You should write to Brad Banducci, the new CEO at Woolworths who came out of Dan Murphy's.

      He replaced the last CEO Grant O'Brien who was a Taswegian but failed to look after his own…


      One year before leaving tasmania I figured out that dann murphys ships to hobart


      One coming to Lonnie soon! I just stock up whenever there's free shipping.

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