Ban Alcohol Posts From OzBargain ?

Hi guys I've noticed there are a lot of Alcohol bargains being listed here regularly and wanted to get some feedback on how OzBargainers feel about the postings. As we all know alcohol is one of leading causes of death globally and kills on average 15 Australians everyday through alcohol related diseases. Considering the government is now in discussions about introducing cigarette type health warnings on alcohol packaging and things like flu shots are banned I was wondering if OzBargain should readdress it's policy on Alcohol promotion ?.


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    Yep. Remove also the smartphone posts because I think people use smartphones too much and this is harmful to the society. I think everyone here is over 18 yo, so everyone can decide that, unless alcohol becomes illegal.

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    What about 400 pack condom posts? Why not ban those too? sarcastic eye roll

    • Oh, the condom posts should definitely be banned… People may hurt themselves trying to snort the condoms so that they come out through their mouth…

      Probably as a result of drunken shenanigans… It's all fun and games until someone inhales a condom and then chokes on their vomit…

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    Hi guys I've noticed there are a lot of Alcohol bargains being listed here regularly and wanted to get some feedback on how OzBargainers feel about the postings.

    Personally, I don't drink, but I don't object to them being there. Similarly, I don't wear women's clothes (I'm a guy) and I don't object to them being there. There are people who find certain things useful and people who don't, that's with everything.

    Considering the government is now in discussions about introducing cigarette type health warnings on alcohol packaging and things like flu shots are banned I was wondering if OzBargain should readdress it's policy on Alcohol promotion ?.

    OzBargain is not promoting anything. It's simply an information sharing service where independent members of the public come to share information about cheap things.

    I don't think there needs to be a ban on alcohol posts, it's just really silly. The reason why flu shots are banned is because of very grey laws around that area. There isn't so much of a grey area around alcohol.

    You may or may not like it, but alcohol is 100% legal and posting about it is 100% legal.

    • Sorry, what is the grey area around flu shots? I was surprised to hear that flu shot postings were banned

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        Don't worry, answer here:

        I think it's important to clarify that flu shot postings are not banned because flu shots are somehow 'harmful' in the same way that alcohol/cigarettes are

  • duhh why dont we also ban every food post, since most of the food is full of dangerous stuff. Even better why don't we ban ozbargain since we could be giving the money we spend on crap to african kids

  • NO.

  • Becoming a nanny country

  • You're in the wrong country, if you want Alco banned from here.

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    I see a suit of armour around the world.

  • To be honest… I don't need anymore Political Correctness as if we haven't got enough.

    If you don't like it, don't add to it, simple. It's ironic in this democracy that people want certain beverage to be banned when the solution to the problem is moderation.

    Overconsumption in everything is bad.

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    dont buy or look at them simple as that. i dont drink but im not going to stop anyone else from doing so. let people make their own choices only adults can buy alcohol.

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    Wow. Some people really lap up this nanny state mentality.


    Anything legal, post it - including any two for one offers at your local, licensed of course, brothel.

    • "They may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom"

      Sorry, couldn't resist

  • I think the endless pizza offers, BOGOF fast food deals are killing more people than alcohol…… So ban them first!

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    I haven't heard the term "wowser" for ages. I get awfully tired of people trying to tell me how to live my life, what to look at, what to eat and drink, etc. How about we all go back to being responsible for ourselves.

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    Sugar consumption kills a lot more people than alcohol. Should we ban any kind of products that contain added sugar?

    Should we just censor every kind of product which in whatever quantity may be harmfull to satisfy statists?

    I think not.

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      Well, since alcohol is actually made from sugar, wouldn't we be killing two birds with one Stones here…

    • I agree with Starcraftmazter - let's ban sugar.

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    Hundreds of deals get posted here every day, and we all skip past the ones that don't interest us. Am I now allowed to be offended by iPhone deals because of the impact Apple has on tens of thousands of underpaid Chinese workers?

    • You are right they would probably rather be out in the fields planting rice. I hear that pays well.

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    Being someone that's had problems with alcohol in the past, I don't see the need for it to be banned from ozbargain. Alcohol is everywhere and you have to learn to live with that. If you don't like the posts setup a filter and if you are really struggling get some help. Most people drink in moderation and enjoy it too so it's not really fair on them either

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      Good to hear that you're beating your affliction. I've witnessed this disease and it's not pretty. Wishing you the best in the future.

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    Are you proposing that OzB has it's own war on drugs? (Yes, Alcohol is a drug)

    If history has taught us anything - the number of posts for Alcohol and consumption would increase.

  • I'd really encourage you to check out the filtering controls in ozbargain and if they aren't fine enough email the owners of the site to seek improvements. All you really need to do is filter out posts in that area.

    If you really wanted to raise awareness of things that are major causes of death and illness you probably also have to filter out any product that includes high powered bluetooth or wifi in the design (due to the link to cancers), anything from kmart (e.g. because many of their products are regularly recalled for being dangerous, plus they spray their clothing products with strong toxic insect sprays when shipping them from overseas) and a truckload of other sources.

    Ikea also tends to sell a lot of products that cause death. (e.g. poor quality furniture that causes about 3 deaths a year because they fall on children) I'd also personally single out Eneloops as the massive pile of them in my draws is not a healthy situation particularly for my wallet. ;)

    Oh, and sugar is a major health hazard probably kills or cripples more people than alcohol at a guess.

    I kind of like the idea of raising awareness but at the end of the day, we're not kids here (I hope), most people know what's bad for them and a label or ban is going to do nothing, so at most all you can ask for is a better way to associate how bad things (the facts) with the sales. Maybe an "information" site associated with ozbargain could be a useful thing?

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    move along if you dont drink alcohol
    geez got so many sooks on here

  • Might as well close down ozbargain as well. Because too much internet can lead to isolation and depression.

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    As a recovering alcoholic, I'd love to see an option to hide all alcohol deals - not just hide individual stores. I don't get triggered so easily these days anymore but anything that removes any trigger is good.

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      It is already available - and its easy.

      1. Goto the deal you dont want to see.
      2. Under the deal, there is an option called "Hide"
      3. Select if you'd like to hide the store or the user or both. You wont see those deals anymore.


      • Hiding the store - done. But there are many stores that pop up that sell booze.
        Hiding the user - won't stop other users posting.

        Thanks for your reply but it's not really what I'm looking for.

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      anything that removes any trigger is good.

      Not really. It would be psychologically healthier for you in the long run to be exposed to little triggers to eventually overcome your fears and phobias. Blocking things out completely and pretending they dont exist works for children, but it is not beneficial for adults.

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    Would be extremely disappointed if ozbargain banned them. We already live in a nanny state, don't need a site like ozbargain further deciding what is ok for adults to consume when it is perfectly legal and isn't offensive to our minor readers. If you don't like something, scroll on! Wish people would worry about themselves.

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    why wasn't this a poll?

    • results would be pretty obvious ;)

      • yes…… and saved reading the comments then ;)

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    If its a bargain, post it - if you don't like it don't look at it.

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    Let's also ban Condom promos cause they prmote promiscuity and inmorality and agains the procreation mandate of the Bible.

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    Just one question. Whats wrong with you ?

  • 45 rs for a 400ml can of beer in Goa and then 33baht for a 330ml bottle of tiger/chang in Chiang Mai. Now back in Oz. Bring on the beer deals!

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    Another Tasmanian trying to tell the rest of Oz how to live.again

    Damn it they do so via the Senate. Now they want to control Ozbargain as well.

    An island of ½ a milion telling and Island of 24 million how to live. Thats what they call democracy

    • You really hate Tasmanians? Would it be any different if it was a Victorian?

      • Bah, Victorians…You shall die a peasant's death! ;)

      • No I hate it when they say they are upholding democracy when they arent representative of the majority of Australians. BTW I have a piece of paper from Tas Uni confering a degree upon me, so I dont hate Tasmanians as Tasmanians :)

        • Who would they be?

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    Nah, leave the alcohol posts alone.

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    Please keep your nanny state off of my Internet. Thanks.

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    Posts like the OP are frightening - are people really becoming that pedantic?

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    I think alcohol can be used safely, sensibly and in moderation.

    Compare this with cigarettes where, by using them in their intended way, they don't do a single good thing for you and in fact, do you harm with every single cigarette you use.

    Two completely different products.

    • Many people enjoy smoking. Smokers don't cause car crashes. I'd say smoking is safer than drinking in some ways, assuming one cigarette = one standard drink

      • That's quite a bizarre and arbitrary ratio. How did you come up with that figure?

        And yes smokers have caused car crashes. But anyway, you've shifted the goalposts of the argument. No one was talking about drinkdriving or smokedriving. It was a conversation purely about drinking.

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          My mate went from chronic drinking to chronic smoking. Turns out that chronic smoking kills you much more slowly. Not bizarre at all. Try it

  • Like it or not, but a post about a product is a form of advertising for it. Given the harm they cause, I'd love to see a ban on advertising gambling and alcohol. We may think we know what's best for us, but sadly we do need regulation. Bring on the nanny state. In light of that, I'd support a ban on posts about alcohol here.

    tl;dr we should ban alcohol posts

  • I like my scotch whisky and have a pretty neat collection finding bargains has made my day, the Glenfiddich 15 yo for $57 comes to mind, A bargain is a bargain if you don't want it don't buy it.. simple

  • This post made me want to open up a Radler, which I spent absolutely nothing on thanks to ozbargain

  • My user name is so relevant here. I love hearing about cheap alcohol deals. If someone had an issue with alcohol for personal reasons, it's not hard to skip over /ignore the post. Oz Bargain is for everyone!

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    I'm seriously hoping this OP is a troll, nobody but a self-righteous soccermum would actually post this…

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      Or a you-know-what-religion-follower

  • Given that alcohol is one of my major expenses, I am very interested in keeping it on OzBargain! We have a strange love-shame relationship with alcohol in Australia. I really wonder if this question would be raised in any euro countries?

  • aw hell no.

    personally, i rarely drink (mainly due to financial reasons) but i would still like to see alcohol deals posted. there could be a decent deal on my favourite cider, a special occasion requiring me to buy some booze as a gift or even bribing tradies with cheap beer.

    i don't see the point of censoring a product that is fine when consumed in reasonable quantities.

  • Stay sharp hunting for bargains, lay off the alcohol!

  • Let's ban fast food too….good times

    Alcohol in moderation is fine.

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    Move to Kuwait

  • OP if I were to come in from your point of view:

    I too don't like ruining my health and body as I only have 1 of it.

    Know that People always market everything and anything they want however they see fit… for example… listing the benefit of alcohol to your health such as wine for heart. Every excuses and reasoning can be logically made.

    But the key here is that there are always other BETTER alternatives

    With regards to the example above… the better alternative is just to do sports for your heart's health.

    SAME goes with your proposed ban on alcohol related stuff here.

    There are always better alternatives. If you want to limit alcohol consumption the best place to start is educating the young and joining your local policy makers, making strategies and maybe provide an alternatives to alcohol or go research some technical stuff and invent a safer alcohol etc etc. You're wasting your time and effort if you start here.

    ALSO considering that people are people… know that time and time again it had been proven that they need to vent out their inner beast and play showmanship…. if you take out alcohol they will just move on to the next semi-illegal thing… It's all about balancing act. Without these "stupid" things: (smoke/alcohol) you will see more violence and other "idiotic" stuff people would do.

    There's a reason throughout history that nations worldwide implemented policies but allowing their usage/consumption. To control people to behave within limit, because people are just people…. they have their darkside lol… BUT you know what? also FREE WILL.

    So Just let those "15 people a day" who don't care for their health and just wanna have "fun" risk their own lives. YOU DO NOT have too. You have your free will.

    Plus there are other better and more immediate and complex things we should be worrying about I think.

  • Hahahaha.

    Oh wait. You're serious. Let me laugh even harder.


  • I think you're confused. This is a site for spotting bargains on goods. The requirement is that they're legal not that they don't offend your sense of morality.

  • Is this a belated April Fools post?

  • Reckon OP is trolling? 3 pages and the OP hasn't posted even once.

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      Hi mate thanks for your reply. I just thought the alcohol discussion was a timely subject given everything that's happening in today's political landscape. As a tasweigen it's pretty tough to gauge the national consensus on things. I guess I just wanted to know if alcohols current status still reflected where we're at as a society.

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        Righto. Fair enough mate.

        My 2c,

        There are sufficient regulations in place to prevent minors from accessing alcohol off the shelf. For adults, it is a question of personal choice. Under most circumstances, the consumption of alcohol is an informed decision and that's fine. We live in a first-world nation where we have the freedom of choice, as long as we're not impacting the health of other members of society.

        In OzB's context, I'm assuming (and it is a fair assumption), that anyone viewing deals for alcohol is aware of the dangers of over consumption and alcohol addiction. There is no requirement to "ban" alcohol deals.

        Personally, I don't drink much due to the impact alcohol has on my training regimen (so probably 4-5 drinks a month). However, I do enjoy a glass of scotch from time to time, and the deals here allow me to buy expensive liquor to maintain my stock. :)

        The sex paraphernalia (sex toys etc), I agree with the site's stance; it is understandable that this gets censored due to potential NSFW/H links. Condoms, on the other hand, are general items of regular use and are fine to be on the site (as they typically link to SFW sources).

        Lastly, re vaccinations, the issue is a legal one (as it pertains to prescription medicine) and has nothing to do with the idiocy of "anti-vaxxer" crowds.

  • fair dinkum….

  • Maybe they should ban Condom posts

    alcohol posts are not that bad

    Really I have no care on what is posted up as I am not a religious nut/person and do not care or push on what others should or shouldn't do in this world.

  • I'm never in favor of self censorship. I don't drink alcohol myself, but many people do. Live and let live.

  • Troll level: master

  • +1

    I think it's always worth considering.

    In this case I would suggest more promotion of alcohol related bargains, as alcohol is healthy and delicious, and it warms your heart.

  • If its legal to buy and sell then it should feature on Ozbargain.

    Leave the puritanical view to the puritans.

    If you don't want to see Alcohol deals then perhaps Ozbargain can introduce a "puritan" mode which excludes Alcohol.

  • So, it seems you are for the nanny state we live in? should we ban cotton wool? or too many toppings on pizza?

  • if anything at best maybe link to one of the support sites in a post or link to some label just suggestion at worst simply do nothing.

  • Can't tell if serious…

  • -1

    No to ban.

  • Please leave alcohol bargains on here. I've saved alot of $$$ from the monthly Dan Murphy specials.

  • Alcohol isn't designed to kill, so I'd say it's fair to keep them.

    I don't personally care for the deals as I almost never drink, but no reason to ban them imo.

    • Yet it kills well over 20 times the amount of people guns do in Australia every single year. But it doesn't hurt peoples feelings so i guess it's all good!

      For the record I don't think either should be banned, nothing legal should be, but if people are going to get all morally holier than thou at least be consistent.

      • Guns are designed to kill though, so I can appreciate that mode of thought.

  • I don’t think it should be banned however it should make the post tagged if it is alcohol etc. as there is no way to filter them out. You can only ban the store but that won’t stop deals coming up if it is under an eBay sale etc.

    • +3

      I would like an alcohol category, for opposite reasons to you, but it would give us both the outcomes we are seeking.

      • That would also work!

  • Following up on an old thread. OzBargain now has a dedicated alcohol category. See here for more information on hiding/customising specific categories.

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