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American Tourister Prismo Spinner 65cm Turquoise/Magenta $100 Delivered @ Luggage Gear


Looks like Luggage Gear is having a clearance sale, not sure when it ends. If you don't mind the colour(s), this is a great price for a brand name medium size hard case spinner (I already bought one!). The colour wasn't as bad as I thought, its more of rich blue-green than the dull blue in the product image.

American Tourister luggage comes with 10 year warranty and a TSA compatible lock.

Available in:
Turquoise 65cm 3.4kg $102.77 SOLD OUT
Magenta 65cm 3.4kg $102.77

Smaller size:
Turquoise 55cm 2.5kg $92.57 SOLD OUT

Closest price I've seen for the 65cm is $129 at Bagworld, though Bagworld has available a black/grey colour.

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  • Great price, but how durable are these luggage compared to Samsonite?


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      American Tourister also made my Samsonite

    • I just bought this suitcase last week, beautifully made and very light! I'd say Samsonite's quality is better than AT but then AT is owed by Samsonite so I don't think there's much differences

      • And it seems Samsonite is 3 times the price?

        • Nah I bought it on special at $320 and also the size is different, the Samsonite could take 120L while this one can only take 50L

        • @voldemort: that's enormous

    • I have a American Tourister and a medium range Samsonite, both about 18 months old. Not much difference in exterior condition after holidaying for 7 weeks total with both.

      However, you can feel clearly that the extendable handle on American Tourister spinners are lower grade - more flimsy and made with a cheap light metal, and that the Samsonite ones are more solid/well built/engineered. Not that either has failed yet.

      Both are equally terrible on cobblestone; 2 wheeled ones are probably better on that type of terrain.

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    I'm just concerned these luggage zips are easy to crack open with a pen or something. Anyone know how secure these are?

  • Any other recommendations for luggage brands? I need one for going to Singapore soon.

    • Samsonite and TA are both reputable brands

      • Is there a third option worth looking into? I've only bought luggage once and it was an el cheapo.

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          TravelPro is not so bad, they are mainly used by flight attendants and pilots

        • @voldemort: I guess that's a pretty good endorsement if they use it.

    • Is it just one trip, or the first of many?

  • After checking out this video, I'll definitely buy the Samsonite for $449.00.


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      See, the thing is, I could buy 3 of these American Touristers for that price, and I'd bet I won't have my luggage crushed by a car more than 3 times in my lifetime.

      • Just think about what you're putting in the luggage? If the items worth more than a few thousand dollars then buy the Samsonite. If under $400 then buy the American Tourister.

        • Well, that was something else I was going to mention but didn't. In the ad the luggage buckles completely then pops back. Your stuff inside wouldn't survive.

        • There won't be any car crash into your luggage in real life. This only proves no one opens your luggage with a screw driver or hammer. Looks very durable in the crash test. On the other hand, I couldn't find the crash test for American Tourister. Anyone able to find it?

        • @PW: maybe you couldn't find crash test video for AT because its not relevant. Just because it can unbuckle after being run over does not prove it can't be opened by a screwdriver. Very different forces apply, and to different areas of the case.
          If I wanted to open someone's case, I wouldn't give up if it didn't pop open when I drove into it. But to be honest I wouldn't bother driving into it in the first place!

        • So have you ordered one of this AT luggage?

        • @PW: I have Samsonite, AT, Antler luggage amongst others. Heck, I've even checked in an Ion brand bag. Never had any problems, a scratch here or there.
          Maybe I've been lucky that nobody has driven a car into my luggage.
          I wouldn't expect a ming vase to survive in a Kmart soft-sided bag if somebody decided to crash into it though.
          I like a nice bag as much as the next man, if I didn't already have too much luggage, I would buy.

        • Have to visit a Myer store to check them out before ordering online.

          They have a huge range here.


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          If you put a few thousand dollars worth of items in your check in luggage then you're doing it wrong. I worked as a baggage handler in uni and always carry on my luggage now. Baggage handlers treat bags like shit.

          A $500 suitcase likely isn't going to protect your items anymore than a $100 suitcase… the only difference is the durability. I've seen Samsonite zips split open by the way.

        • Thanks for the heads up!

      • You also have to take into account the weight and warranty. Samsonite is lighter and come with 10 years warranty

        • So does the AT, apparently.

        • To add, AT is also 10 warranty. So it mainly comes down to weight, price and quality (both are already very good quality).

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  • Great price but not good color.

  • this is a good buy $279 to $100 Samsonite. The 66cm is a good price too. Soft cases can pack in more. Sometimes I prefer soft cases for all their compartments. This is such a bargain. http://www.bagworld.com.au/shop/detail/samsonite-monotrax-sm...

    I'm looking for another lightweight cabin bag soft case. This is lighter and has more capacity than AT. Thinking about it. I have an antler cabin hard case 2.6kg and as I usually only travel with hand luggage, I am constantly wishing my bag was lighter. When checking in we put all our technology and coats on us lol . I honestly think it's worth it to pay more for lighter luggages. the below 2kg and below 3kg for the larger bags.

    1kg extra makes a huge difference.

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    10% off code: TCLUGGAGE

    • confirmed working

  • I bought the 75cm in magenta last year for $105.. You can still get as long as you get magenta

  • Thank you OP and budgetful! Bought one.

  • Bought the large one of these last year for $100. Definitely worth it.

  • -3

    That's pretty good price for publi…..

    but I can get any Samsonit or TA for 70% - 75% off RRP.

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