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Samsonite Octolite Spinner Case Black/White 55cm $143.20/68cm $181.60 @ Peter's of Kensington eBay


Original 20% off POK eBay deal

As someone who worked as a baggage handler for years when I was in uni, this is a much better bag than the soft case in this deal. A hard case is imperative to protect the contents from being crushed and doesn't absorb liquids.

55cm Black White

68cm Black White

75cm White

Welcome to the next generation of lightweight, hard-wearing luggage…it’s Samsonite’s Octolite collection.

With an ultra-modern design, cutting-edge features and a tough polypropylene external shell, Octolite looks as though it has travelled back in time from the future to bring you the ultimate travelling companion.

Octolite is not only ridiculously good looking, but it’s also a tough nut to crack – thanks to the TSA combination lock that provides added safety while in transit. Inside each spinner case, there’s storage space for all of your essentials and the internal elasticised packing straps offer even more packing volume. The divided panel and two internal pockets also mean you can organise your luggage with ease.

With four 360° spinner wheels and an aluminium trolley handle, every airport terminal will feel like your own fashion runway.

Octolite Spinner Case features:
Tough polypropylene external shell.
Interior is lined in polyester.
Extendable aluminium trolley handle.
Four 360° spinner wheels for easy manoeuvrability.
Divider panel for organised packing, with two zippered pockets.
Elasticised packing straps increase packing volume.
Soft rubber top haul handle.
Fixed three-digit TSA combination lock consists of three locks, for secure travel to the USA and to protect your personal belongings. Airport staff within America will be able to unlock your suitcase without any need to damage the lock, and secure it once again for you, should they need to inspect the contents.

Design: Octolite.
Colour: Black.
Weight: 3.3kg.
Capacity: 75 Litres.
Dimensions: 68cm (h) x 47cm (w) x 31cm (d).

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    anyone can share their experience on this? i am interested in 75cm one. thanks.

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    in case anyone is wandering, the Octolite is not made of the same material as Cosmolite/Firelite/etc. it's a heavier cheaper model (eg. 4kg for the 75cm vs 2.8/2.9kg in the cosmolite/firelite).

    but, it is double wheeled (compared to single wheels on the Cosmolite/Firelite) and has the double barrel handle (as opposed to the T shaped handle on the Cosmolite/Firelite), just like the higher end Lite-Cube. plus it looks the best of all the Samsonite cases, in my opinion! if only it was lighter!

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      Despite the heavier weight, I actually think this material is better than that used on the Cosmolite and Firelite. It doesn't flex a lot and it's extremely abrasion resistant. The material on the Cosmolite etc is high gloss and shows scuffs very quickly.


        yeah, I guess it depends on your needs/preferences. personally, i'm less concerned with the flex than the weight, so the lighter curv material suits better. however, if you are more concerned about protecting the contents of the case, perhaps this is better if it flexes less (haven't looked into that).

        plus, personally i'm not concerned with scuffing - i actually LIKE my suitcase to be scarred with scuffs and stickers! but that's just me! :)


          I like the older style polycarbonate. The new stuf flexes too easily. I also like the s'cure though.


    The 50cm is way too heavy (2.5kg). There's a BLite that's 1.5kg


    I bought 2 "soft" suitcases from harbor town (SA) last week, one a carry on and one a bigger one for $75,
    for both
    with a 5 year warranty

    turns out they were exactly the same brand I bought approximately 10 years earlier

    so got 10 years out of them

    I'm not a super frequent flyer if you travel often, these bags might be for you, I'd find out the warranty as well I couldn't find it on the listing with a cursory glance

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      just returned a samsonite bag I got after Xmas that only lasted one trip
      Im going back to el cheapo brands - took three bags away for three weeks - the brand new samsonite didnt last the trip…the two cheap bags did.
      I am not sure if the European made samsonites are better quality - but I wont be buying Samonsite again


    I'm always concerned about the zips on these things, anyone have any issues and how secure are they?

    having to ask this all the time when these deals pop up but no solid conclusion lol


    Postage is not free is it?


    Thanks ComfortablyNumb, just got myself some new suitcases!

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