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Telstra AFL/NRL Live Pass Now Included on Pre-Paid Freedom Plus if Recharge Is Kept above $30


Hi guys,
Just got a text that the AFL or NRL Live passes are now included on Telstra Pre-Paid Freedom Plus plans also, so long as you keep your recharge balance above $30. Free NRL or AFL Season Pass from Telstra deal for more information.

From the T's & C's:
"One 2016 Footy Pass per customer (NRL or AFL)."
"Pre-Paid customers must redeem offer by 22 August 2016. Pass expires 31 January 2017 or 60 days from your last pre-paid recharge of at least $30, whichever is earlier."
"If you’re an existing subscriber, and you are eligible for our 2016 Footy Pass, ongoing subscription payments for your NRL Digital Pass, AFL Live Pass OR Club Digital Memberships will automatically stop when you activate the 2016 Footy Pass, unless you subscribed through an app store. If you purchased your AFL or NRL subscription through an app store, cancel with the iOS App store or Google Play Store"
"Standard data charges apply when downloading or using the NRL or AFL app. Video data usage is currently unmetered only for eligible Telstra customers using a compatible device in Australia."

And maybe of interest to some people:
"If you are a Telstra customer, and have recently taken up a subscription to an annual AFL Live Pass, NRL Digital Pass or Club Digital Membership you may be entitled to a refund."

To obtain the pass, dial #820# from your Telstra Mobile and follow the prompts.

Happy Thursday.

!!EDIT!! As per mch87's post, this may also work on Boost.

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  • Works woth boost.

  • Aww too bad I don't watch Footy

  • Telstra trying to giveaway mobile TV cuz no ones wotchin' …

  • Confirmed and working on the old Cap Encore plan using an existing account from the last time this was offered.

    Thanks OP! :)

  • Does this mean if I activate a $30 starter kit and I will have the pass?

    • From the T&Cs:

      Pass expires 31 January 2017 or 60 days from your last pre-paid recharge of at least $30, whichever is earlier.

      I read this as if you recharge for $30 or more, you'll have the pass for 60 days. If you don't recharge at least another $30 within those 60 days, the pass will expire and you'll lose it.

      • Just tried on my starter pack and it works. Have never recharged.

        • How did you get it working?

          I put in a new starter pack yesterday, and when I got to the AFL app and click on "Check SIM for existing subscription" with wifi disabled it says "sorry you aren't a legacy subscriber".

          Edit: It's working now. #820# then follow the text message link, enter your telstra account and wait a bit, it says "subscription in process" then it is all done!

  • So does this mean i can sign up, put in $30. then never use it and get the pass? or does the $30 disappear?

    • You get the pass and the $30 to spend. Why would it disappear? However: Pass expires 31 January 2017 or 60 days from your last pre-paid recharge of at least $30, whichever is earlier.

  • If anyone doesn't want the AFL pass, I would like one please!

    • I suspect this is linked to your mobile number. (this is for mobile TV if i'm not mistaken). If not I may be able to help. :)

  • NVM… rethunk it.

    If you want to use this it makes rotating Starter Kits to take advantage of $30 arbitraging unviable - well, unless you use higher face value recharges somehow it does anyhow.

  • Video data usage is currently unmetered only for eligible Telstra customers using a compatible device in Australia

    I assume Pre-paid Freedom Plus customers are now 'eligible' for unmetered use too?

  • i usually use afldude for foxtel games but i signed up to see if the official stream has improved from last year when it definitely was NOT worth paying for.

    Sadly I'm a Richmond supporter so it's probably best that I never use it…


  • now all they need to do is bring free apple music to prepaid

    • Can't you use your recharge credit to buy Google Play Music or Spotify?
      I've been thinking of making the jump for that very reason…That and Netflix (which has Google Play Billing coming soon apparently) will make it cost comparable to the Telstra Wholesale deal I'm currently on.

  • Great, time to activate my $5 Telstra starter kits xD

  • If anyone is not going to use it, can I have it please?

  • If you use this over prepaid starter kits, I assume that it doesn't incur any data usage?

  • If I tether my iPhone and want to watch AFL / NRL on my iPad, will this eat into my data or will it be unmetered.

  • If you are signing up to just to get NRL, don't. It's already free to view on mobile, tablet, PC and TV via other devices on Livestream in HD. You need a free VPN or DNS. Google it.

    • But you'd get charged for cellular data - with the Telstra plan, it's unmetered/unlimited streaming.

      • That's right. So if you're out and about, this is ideal. However, it's fair to say that most households have decent plans these days. In this case LS provides a much better service. Check Reddit NRL sub.

    • Doesnt Livestream cost money?

      • No. Free on mobile, tab, pad and PC. I am watching the tigers v bunnies in HD (looks like TV SD) right now on the foxsports stream - can't stand Rabs and Gus on Ch9. I have a win 10 TV box attached to my TV. I'm have Kodi with the Livestream add on. I only stream it through Kodi because it plays consistently better and always sticks to higher definitions. Livestream also plays on demand archived games. My getflix gets around the geoblocking obstacle. Got rid of my $60 foxtel.

  • Are customers who have recharged after 26th april only eligible for this offer ?

    • My data sim was last recharged on March 8th and it worked fine. It's only had creditme2u recharges for the past 6 months (I have been sending my excess credit there because it has 2 years expiry).

  • Thanks OP, saw the SMS on my mobile today as well. Had an existing free subscription from last years OzB post expiring 01/08/16 - just renewed my free subscription per this offer and expiry date extended to 31/01/17….nice!

  • Worked on my data sim, which currently has no credit only data. I'm not sure if it's because I had the phone and the tablet, I did one from each, but I was able to get NRL & AFL.

  • I can't see any reason why you can't use credit me 2 you to keep a sim active all season, a bit of bouncing the credit every 60 days and as long as the one you activated is over $30 you should be fine to keep watching

  • Working on my PC as well going to the afl live site and using Telstra login credentials. Can watch it on the big screen.