Is It Safe to Travel to France?

Hi everyone

Some advice would be most appreciated. We have a trip coming up in about 6 weeks and in between the main destination, seeing that Europe is so cheap to travel in between, on my bucket list is Paris, France for 3 days, then off to Sicily, Italy for 6 or so.

The problem, this whole terror threat garbage. Reading the news basically said in France, that was a warm up and to expect more attacks in 2016. State of emergency until May 26 (we are going in June - even worse?). With possible attacks just being announced in Stockholm and even Rome, Italy a bit of a target.

Honestly I feel safest at home thinking about it, but the world is an amazing place with so many things to see.

I'm thinking of cancelling my flights to France/Italy (about $2000 so mega depressing, who knows if I'll get anything back at all) and going to Croatia which has a much safer rating atm and not much in the news in regards to attacks.

What do you recommend? Go and have fun, it's not that bad and the media is hyping it up? I don't my bucket list to… well you know… end with a bang.

Avoid the area and do you have recommendations of a different location? - This missus picked Croatia as the beaches etc look amazing.

What do you think? Thank you :)

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    "this whole terror threat garbage"

    You said it

    " Croatia as the beaches ect look amazing."

    I can guarantee you the beaches here are better, you just need to get out more.

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      I can guarantee you the beaches here are better, you just need to get out more.

      Our beaches are awesome, I agree, I've travelled almost everywhere here growing up here in Aus. I think what we like to experience is a different culture, in Europe, near the beach with a nice temp and beautiful water. The culture/food/sights/people is why we travel.

      We have already done Asia and I've never been to Europe.

      this whole terror threat garbage

      I think it's probably going to be quite common unfortunately and it sucks. I just don't want to be somewhere amazing but worried the entire time we are there, ruining the experience.

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        You misunderstood
        To me the terror threat is nothing more than a media beat up and an excuse for war and excessive expenditure on killing machines, bombs and bullets.
        Big money in war and its probably the only thing doing well in the US.

      • Australia does indeed have much nicer beaches than Croatia (and most of Europe) - but you'll find the different (better!) culture there.

        If you're the type of person whose brain will ignore the countless stats showing it's perfectly safe (it really is a ridiculous fear for someone happy to ride in cars etc) and the countless people saying you'll be fine, maybe don't go.

        It would be an enormous shame and is wholly unjustified, but if you're spending your whole holiday worrying about being blown up it won't be enjoyable!

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          Exactly, I think some people are different than others. I think if I was doing a trip with mates, rather than my fiancée then the concerns may be different and for her it is, she isn't just thinking about herself, but the impacts on her family. Don't get me wrong, when I read the news I think wtf, there are about 400+ trained ISIS fighters that have returned to Europe in order to kill as many people as possible, themselves included in order to make an example, political or otherwise.

          I have no care for their beliefs, but they dream of wishing we were all dead - seems a little crap to me personally. I remember reading someone giving CPR that was involved in the Paris attacks only to realise, after a while, that it was one of the bombers. That would be crazy.

          A lot of people can say traveling by car is perfectly safe, sky diving is fine, bungie jumping isn't a worry but the truth is this is a stat, as small as it is, that will likely rise, well that is the intention from them. In 20 years we could all just be thinking, gees that was a pain in the ass (other than the victims’ families I'm sure).

          I guess the point is from all this is to understand the vibe of what it is like there. Is there more security? Do people look out for each other? Are people afraid of the demographic, (not to sound racist) the people are that caused this, or not so much? Is the general feeling safe?

          Look at Bali, pretty much every hotel has bag and body scanners, sniffer dogs and all the rest. A serious question, do hotels there?

          I can go to the states, drive around Compton or DC and feel uneasy or drive around Malibu and feel fine - it might be perception or it might be reality.

          You're right though, spending your whole holiday worrying about being blown up won't be enjoyable at all, maybe I'll have to spend more in order to feel more secure like get a taxi instead of the metro, to make that difference or instead of going to Moulin Rouge just go on a cruise down the river. I'm sure that unless we completely wipe all concerns some tourist behaviour will change, well you'd think so.

          I know the sites are still operating, but is there differences than before? Or even from after November 2015?

          I'm glad the countless people are saying it is fine, hopefully not just because of stats of a car crash vs a terror attack but more like additional awareness or security.

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          @jmathoes: You don't seem to have fully understood my tone. Obviously I believe Paris is completely safe, and the rambling about ISIS fighters is ridiculous - they're returning to Australia too you know…

          While you blame your partner, from this post alone I'm not convinced even you are able to look at this rationally. Maybe the trip isn't for you.

        • @callum9999:

          While you blame your partner, from this post alone I'm not convinced even you are able to look at this rationally. Maybe the trip isn't for you.

          That seems like a bit of a troll comment I'm going to assume it wasn't meant like that, I understand your tone, obviously I'm looking at this rationally if I'm comparing pros vs. cons. I'm not just blaming people, I'm asking questions.

          Also I'm not blaming my partner, her parents don't earn very much and she, as an only child is concerned if something was to happen to her whom would look after them. Perfectly rational I would think.

          Something happens to a country you are in or visiting I would assume you ask what security measures there are, especially if the area is foreign to yourself, that would be common sense.

          As for Australia, I hope it doesn't happen here and we control it, I enjoy the (limited) freedom we have, it would suck to have more and more regulations due to the impact of someone else or their beliefs.

        • @jmathoes: I think the operative word is "unknown". People can quote all the stats but you will still baulk. Maybe select a less worrying (to you) destination.

          What about suicidal pilots, are you scared of them, hmmm?

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          What about suicidal pilots, are you scared of them, hmmm?

          Well they're defiantly not my first preference of pilot…

          I think my question should had been more around the presence of security and the general vibe than the stats itself. It is a hard forum to answer really for this question, as it is designed more so for Aussie deals. I would be hoping some recent travellers may had gone there / people with family or that follow current affairs. I did post something similar on tripadvisor as well. I agree though, it is defiantly unknown at the end of the day.

        • @jmathoes:

          defiantly unknown

          Where have I seen that swypo before? :)

          The best security is the sort that you don't see, the intelligence gathering and sharing, the surveillance of dangerous suspects, and so forth. Police with guns can only do so much against suicide bombers, that is security theatre.

        • @jmathoes: It's not a troll comment - I genuinely can't see an ability to look at the risk rationally in your posts. If that's not the case then I apologise, but you seem determined to inflate the risk of terrorism. As greenpossum implied below, it was your dismissal of "normal" death-risk stats and sole focus on terrorism that made me think that.

          I didn't mean blame as in resent etc., I mean shifting the concerns being raised onto them. I wouldn't agree, no. It's rational to worry about who would look after her parents, it's not rational to worry about a minor risk (terrorism) and ignore the bigger risks.

          Not really, no. Not unless I didn't have any trust in the government of said country (Somalia for example) or was worried said government would go over the top and it would affect my trip. France is a secure, developed country which I visit regularly being British. The terrorist attacks barely even enter my mind, just like I don't worry about the murder rate or road accident rates - that you are completely ignoring yet are much more of a risk to your life.

          And sorry if I missed this being the focus of your question before (you really did focus on the risks and not the "experience" though!) but it's much like it's ever been. The only major difference is the army patrol the streets (in both France and Italy) in important/tourist areas, but they're rather innocuous and are only there for show.

      • Go trust me. I was in London just two months after London bombings. I feel safe everybody was scared about me going.

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      85% of the Croatian beach coast actually belongs to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

      The entire map of Croatia and its arching over the Bosnian cost is stupid

      • You are obviously trolling right? Or a complete retard. Since when did 85% of the Croatian coast EVER in history belong belong to BiH? That little outlet around Neum was given to you as a little STFU and go away…and it worked.

        • Give me one country on the map which totally encompasses the coast line of another country

        • @frostman: Italy around Vatican City.
          Italy around the Republic of San Marino
          South Africa around the Kingdom of Lesotho
          And most obviously The United States of America around the independent nation of Petoria!

    • No way; had the fortune to live on the Dalmatian coast for a year; nothing compares…

    • its safe now i guess, just avoid the 'certain' bearded people with no mush, and keep away from major crowded areas, if you can.

    • I remember those beautiful beaches in Croatia and Europe… nice blue water, but very painful to walk over the rocks instead of sand.

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    If you want to swim then we really do have some of the best beaches in the world. With a few exceptions, Croatian beaches are pebbly. But the water does look amazing, especially in the south. I'd go back to Dubrovnik in a trice.

    • Until it was mentioned I had never thought of it, having a look at google images it looks like a beautiful country. It is now on my 'to visit' list for sure, along with the Maldives (if I could afford it :P )

    • +1

      Completely different beach experiences IMO.

      The Adriatic Sea provides higher (IMO more comfortable) temperatures during much of the year, esp summer, compared to our ocean beaches.

      The Adriatic beaches are generally calmer and more pebbly so have less particulate matter in the water - it can make for a cleaner looking water.

      From a cultural standpoint Adriatic beaches are more often integral within a village / city and are more likely to have services (sellers, bars, etc.) operating on or near the beach itself. Many Croatian beaches have a backdrop of shops or houses, often of historical interest, and that changes the entire experience of being at the beach. Down south you can swim with a backdrop of city walls and palaces over a thousand years old, or up north of spectacular Austro-Hungarian architecture. We here more often have beaches that are "secluded" or detached even though they might still be close to towns.

      If you're on a boat then their calmer and clearer waters, as well as lots of small harbours and bays, make it more inviting to jump into the sea from a boat in the middle of nowhere. I'd generally be intimidated to jump into the water a few hundred metres off a Sydney beach, not so there.

      If you want to ride the surf or hear the waves breaking don't go to Croatia. If you want to frolic in comfortable and calm waters then it's a fine option. To get commensurate experiences here on the east coast requires either going to harbour beaches (sometimes with their filth or attendant shark issues) or trips to the reef (with their own stinger or crocodile issues.) For beach-side accommodation and access Croatia can be much cheaper too.

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    Are you avoiding Sydney, Bali, New York, Thailand, Japan, UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, er…everywhere else there has ever been a terrorist attack?
    I can't comprehend this attitude that staying at home (in Adelaide! bizarre murder capital of Australia!) is safer than travel. I suppose if you don't drive a car (very dangerous, killed 1209 Aussies last year) or drink alcohol (5554 Aussies killed last year) eat (8 South Australian deaths in 2014 from choking) or go anywhere where a bee or wasp might be (3 deaths in S.A. alone in 2014!) you might end up considering the risk of harm from terrorism is worth looking at.
    But it is so rare it is almost background noise in the stats.

    • -3

      Are you avoiding Sydney, Bali, New York, Thailand, Japan, UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, er…everywhere else there has ever been a terrorist attack?

      Almost haha, Bali we have been to many times, just last month the locals were a little bit on toe, but the sight of security does bring peace of mind. UK and Spain (although I really want to visit), yes for that reason, that's why we chose Sicily, less hype of the same - I know it sounds stupid but when someone says don't go due to information of a high threat then of course you take that into consideration. Sydney no - I know the area well and were I go it seems most unlikely, but you're right, it has happen and could happen, just the other day there was an arrest over an alleged plot to happen on Anzac day somewhere in Aus :| - Adelaide being the murder capital - I wasn't aware of that and I live here, thanks for that LOL. New York - felt safe for myself.

      Motorbikes and cars deaths (big number but about .005% of the population Vs the post below 147 ppl Vs population in Paris works out to be 0.00023% makes the overall number seem quite small), alcohol, sharks ,muggings, coward punches, smoking, bees (I guess anything can happen) etc.

      I understand it is rare compared to everything else, then again a few years ago I would never be thinking like this - I guess thoughts are hard to ignore when you see in bold the news saying hit the deck and don't travel and this is the current trend overall - read the news regarding Stockholm?

      But it is so rare it is almost background noise in the stats.

      Overall yes, you are right

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      Adelaide! bizarre murder capital of Australia!

      you say that like it's a bad thing.

      In Sydney or Melbourne you are much more likely to get shot in an Italian restaurant, but us croweaters like to live on the edge, in hope that one day we'll be stuffed into 6 separate oil drums, it's what keeps us going.

      • 6 oil drums? how much do you weigh?

        • +4

          2 arms, 2 legs, 1 head and 1 torso makes six. And what was your address again?

        • @zzymurgy: and pen*** does not count

        • @zzymurgy: pffft can do it in 2x barrels

          1 - arms, legs, head
          2 - torso

          • 2 barrels are a lot easier to hide and transport than 6…
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    You're much more likely to die in a car accident OS than from a terrorist attack. Last year Croatia had a road accident death rate of 9.2, France 5.1 and Australia 5.4, which equates to 400, 3200 and 1200 people respectively. In contrast, terror fatalities last year were 0 in Croatia, 147 in France and 1 in Australia (all numbers from wikipedia). Terror attacks are designed to get exposure, but they do not result in a large number of deaths.
    I would say go to France, eat some cheese, drink some wine, and don't worry about terrorist attacks.

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      This. If anything I'd think that security in France would be at the highest at the moment due to the unfortunate events last year, making it even safer for travelling?

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    Unless you are a frog, they get legless.

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    I visited Paris for 3 days in 2009 and kept to the touristy areas. Didn't have any problems.

    The only areas you're like to encounter seedy and feral people are train stations like Gare Du Nord (Eurostar station). When I walked out of the station I saw police equipped with automatic rifles patrolling the area, one bonkers woman screaming and shouting in French to no one in particular, and a drunk guy walking past her and yelling "F**k you!" into her face as loud as he could. Welcome to Paris.

    As a general rule for any city in Europe, do not give any money to beggars. You'll instantly be surrounded by a half dozen more. They're so stealthy you'll never see them coming.

    • Thanks for the tip :)

      Would you visit again -provided time / money / whatever wasn't a concern?

      Was there a particular area you discovered that felt safe and enjoyable to eat out?

      • +4

        I would visit Paris again, and see the rest of France. There's a lot to see and enjoy there.

        In terms of grabbing lunch or dinner I just walked into any random small restaurant that looked inviting at the time. Your chances of meeting a repeat of the November terrorist attacks are so incredibly small that I honestly wouldn't worry at all. You're much more likely to die in a plane crash on the way to Europe. Oops, I've just given you something else to be concerned about :-)

        • Yes - whenever there is turbulence you will come first to mind, thank you.

    • Never heard "feral people" before.Now I will never forget it.

      Thanks for the tips! I'm going to Europe.

  • Terrorism really isn't much of a threat - road accidents are much more likely to kill you. Hell, the IRA were more of a threat and nobody batted an eye about them.

    3 days isn't going to be much time to see Paris, and 6 is plenty for Sicily. Remember, you will be jet lagged. June should still be OK for school kids summer holidays and the french decamping to the south of france (august).

    • Yes lag won't be that much of a concern, it's about a 3.5 hour flight or so and we will have plenty of rest beforehand (a week or so). Thanks for the info regarding June, I'm hoping to avoid major school holidays and the like :)

      If someone said "Hey lets go to France for 3 or so days" I assume you'd answer you'd feel safe?

      • +3

        Sorry, thought you were in Oz.

        Basically most of the Europe schools are in session till at least July, so excepting those that extract their kids early, you should be fine. France has this strange thing where the north just ups sticks and moves to the south of france, italy, etc. in August. It's as if the entire country is closed for the month, off on holidays.

        If I were told "lets go to france for 3 days" I'd be more concerned with avoiding the french than any terrorism. Hell I was in London during the IRA bombing and the usual reaction was "bugger, that means the tube is going to be stuffed up, couldn't they have chosen a weekend".

        BTW consider going to Versailles. Sure it's on the outskirts, but you can nail the Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, etc. fairly easily if you are structured about it and start early.

        • I am in Oz, I'll just being flying to Paris because we will be so close :)

          The Palace of Versailles looks amazing! Thanks for the tip.

          I assume taking a tour would be faster/safer or just wing it?

        • Where will you be that is only 3.5hrs away from Paris yet costs a staggering $2000 to get there? You've quite possibly been hugely ripped off!

        • @callum9999:

          Sorry I re-checked the invoice earlier, it was $1056 (I thought each but it was total) from St Petersburg to Paris then Paris to Sicily via Rome, then traveling to Moscow again via Rome.

          • it was actually cheaper than that when looking around, something about the taxes purchasing them in Australia (?). Not sure why exactly but seems resonable I guess for two people.
        • @jmathoes: Ah I see. Thats perfectly reasonable then (assuming it includes luggage) but far from cheap.

          We don't discriminate with taxes, if you bought it from a travel agent they charged you their own fees.

        • @callum9999:

          I agree… the flight from Paris to Sicily from memory was only like 50 Aud (the site converted to AUD)… I almost fell over how cheap it was. Looking back now I should had just paid it but I guess whatever the excuse from the travel agent regarding taxes worked and I just paid for convenience / someone to blame if things got screwed up.

        • @jmathoes: If you're confident with what you're doing I'd always suggest you book yourself direct. It makes life much easier if there are delays/cancellations too. In some scenarios the airline will refuse to talk to you and make you go via the travel agent.

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    I was in France in February, skiing in Chamonix to be precise, it was awesome! I didnt spend time in other tourist hotspots like Paris etc, i just went there for the skiing and I dont imagine ski slopes are high on the terrorists hit list. I did spend time in London on the way though doing all of the touristy things, Tower of London, Greenwich, Parliament, Big Ben, Soho etc, got around on the tube or trains. I never felt threatened or vulnerable and i would be OK to go straight back again if i could afford it! Dodgiest thing i saw were the beggars walkign down the aisle of train carriages asking for people to give them money into a polystyrene cup, locals ignored them so I did too.

    • That's good to know and yes I agree with the Ski slopes lol. I thought the same in regards to the Eiffel Tower, it's a pretty large, open space… more so thought about metro, hotels and restaurants based on trends.

      It's reassuring to know you'd go straight back if you could :)

  • +1

    Why is it that the people that vote "No - go somewhere else" don't comment? I'm curious to hear their thoughts / suggestions!

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    It's like 10000000000% safer than during WWI or WWII, right?

    • I think that is an accurate stat, yes :)

      • +4

        Well if you look at two isolated periods I think it might be only 2 million percent:

        France had 1,700,000 deaths in WWI and a population of 39,600,000 = 4.29%
        France had 130 deaths in the Paris Attacks and a population of 64,500,000 = 0.000002%

        4.29% / 0.000002% = 2,129,953% better chance of surviving during Paris attacks than WWI.

        But if you factor in the figures for injuries and successful medical treatment then you are probably getting close to like 10000000000%.

    • Better scratch the stopover in Hiroshima off the list then!

      • Better scratch the stopover in Hiroshima off the list then!

        Some do classify the bombings of Hiroshima an act of terror yes, being in 1945 and part of a war it'll feel a little safer today though.

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    yes the chance is being blown up are .00001 percent. Probably more chance of a plane crash.

    For the record I am in and out of Paris weekly…. I don't run through the airport.

    You have more chance of going to a nightclub and picking up two Swedish twins

    • That's now a better stat than a plane crash or car accident so for that I applaud you.

      • I garuntee you will completely forget about the idea when ur landing in Paris.

        I dont think many western cities that have suffered terrorist attacks have really had repeat events so quickly, look at it as a positive the franchise are on high alert so it's less likely to happen than before.

    • +2

      "You have more chance of going to a nightclub and picking up two Swedish twins"

      You have more chance of getting killed in a foursome than a terror attack.. oh by the way I will be joining your threesome with the two Swedish twins.

      • I'm sure Sven and Bjorn are looking forward to that.

        • Your boyfriend said he was called boris

  • +1

    I think better to knock things off your bucket list while you can, you never know what kind of un-related difficulties could get your way in the future. Better to have your bucket list in in a bang, rather then just ending in a bang and not have had it covered at all.

  • +4

    More chance of winning the lottery I reckon than being the victim of a terrorist attack in France … but some people do win the lottery.

    • The chance of winning the France Loto is 1 in 19,068,840 (0.0000052%) chance of being one of the recently unlucky to lose their life 0.0000023% so I guess you are right.

  • +2

    If its on your bucket list, then you should go. Worry can be the thief of time. I spent a week there last year, terrorism isn't front of mind with so much to see , do and eat. Plenty of lowlifes in the city though so watch out for the scams (easily avoided if you know about them)

    • Thanks for the tips!

  • Definitely go. Croatia is nice as well, but maybe you can save that for next trip. Keep in mind though that Paris is spread out over a very large area. We were there for 5 days I think and even though we saw most things we were interested in, there was a few we never got around to. Three days is cutting it really fine.

  • The global threat tempo is pretty high. Even if you didnt go to France and went somewhere else there will still be a risk of a potential terror attack.

    So if i were you iwould just continue on with my trip and just make sure you are registered on smart traveller so the embassy knows who to contact if it goes to shit

    Enjoy yourself and stay outta trouble.

    Watch out for pick pockets and liam neeson

  • I had just left Paris for Versailles when the attacks in Brussels happened. It was rather alarming waking up and knowing that Brussels was hit, when the original plan was to attack Paris again after what happened in November. It did make me question if I would be going to Belgium or France for long periods of time in the near future. However the bigger issue for me was the fact that I don't particular like Paris. Only went in March because my partner has never been. We spent two full days there and it was quite enough for us!

    So I would say go if you really wanted to see it, just don't spend too long there and be very careful. There definitely is slightly more chance of terrorist attacks in France than other European countries but the overall risk is lower than being pickpocketed or harassed by gypsies.

  • Statistically you are probably more likely to die in a road accident on the way to the airport than in a terrorist attack in France.
    Just go, it's as safe as Australia.
    Pickpockets are the only real risk you will face. But that has been the same before you booked your flights.

    And yes, don't expect great beaches in Europe, you will be disappointed. As a European living in Australian since a couple of years, I'm still amazed how awesome the beaches here are. And I only live in Melbourne.

  • Of course go. You are more likely to get killed by a shark here than get killed by a terrorist. Don't be an idiot.

  • +1

    paris does have a lot of strikes and social movements at the moment. I wouldn't be afraid of being blown up but i'd be afraid of being pissed off by train drivers not doing their job or idiots trying to sell me charm bracelets for 50 euros and pick pockets.

    however france isn't just paris and other cities are pretty nice too (i'd even rent a car for all the castle areas). spring is a good time to go as there are a lot of music festivals or local product fairs.

    I'd love to go to croatia also, so tough choice for me :)

  • the worst thing that would happen is being scammed by Gypsies in Paris and the Dalmation coast. Other than this if you look for trouble you often attract it.

  • +2

    My family and I arrived in Paris the exact time the Charlie Hebdo attacks happened. We were walking around with police cars with sirens blaring Racing all over the place. We didn't know what was happening until later when we watched some English speaking news. We had to decide whether to stay put in our apartment or just carry on as normal. We decided that the risk was so low that we would just get out and enjoy the city which we did. The attacks actually meant a lot of tourist places were quiet so no big queues for the louvre or Eiffel Tower etc. there were cops and soldiers everywhere so you felt very safe. They search all bags etc when you go into any museum or attraction so you feel safe inside. we even went out to the suburbs by train and bus to visit the aeronautical museum and not once did we feel unsafe walking around.

    It's an amazing city. Go for it. We had 5 nights there and then a few days at eurodisney. Enjoyed it all.

    • +1

      This! +1000

      Wins first prize for the simple logic award.

      All sorts of crap does happen, the likelihood is incredibly low, just go, carry on regardless…

      • KEEP





  • +1

    There are way too many comments here in support of going to an extent that it’s snow balling I believe. I’m sure not everyone here on ozbargain thinks going to a high risk area is a good idea. So OP I wouldn’t recommend to be convinced just by the heat of the comments here without fully assessing the risks. Not sure why comments are pretty much one sided seemingly like a straightforward answer but for me the risk reward doesn’t work out. So just gona comment this to even things out and offer my 2 cents.

    Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade recommend to “exercise a high degree of caution… until 26 May” (

  • Great time to go. Fewer Americans. Can I have your tickets?

  • Even if you did get blown to pieces, you'd more than likely be dead (which will happen eventually). Enjoy your trip

  • I'll be there in a few weeks so I hope so! In all seriousness, despite all the recent events, I haven't really considered terrorism as a major concern. Just go there and enjoy it. Viva la Vida.

  • Just go, the chances of a terror attack is so low, no local ever thinks about it.

    I live in London and travel to Europe constantly, going to Nice and Monaco this weekend and few more trip in the next couple of months. We don't think about any attacks as it can literally happen anywhere in any country. So it's a moot point.

    My advice is to watch your pockets and bags while in Paris, specially in the touristy spots. Gypsies including little kids jump from nowhere asking for signature while eyeing your fiance's handbag on how they can steal it.

    Enjoy and have fun!

    • I am so jealous of your plans for this weekend. I want to live in Monaco - just need to find a bunch more zeros for my bank account so I am worthy of citizenship.

  • One of the aims of terrorism is to create widespread fear - if you modify your life based on the miniscule chance you get caught up in a terrorist attack, then they win. If you remove the hype and fear and look at the probability of death by terrorist attack, then you most likely take much greater risks going about your everyday life.

    As plenty of others have already said, you have a much greater chance of being killed in a car accident. If your partner is worried about leaving her parents to fend for themselves, then she should avoid any type of road travel as she has a much higher probability of being killed in a road accident.

    I have been to Paris a few times (with kids) and have always felt very safe as there are armed guards around a number of the main tourist attractions. I would be more concerned about getting scammed by the gypsies who are very cunning and skilled thieves. I would return to Paris tomorrow if had the chance. It is also worth considering the places you will likely visit haven't been targets for terrorists. Even if you were in Paris when it was attacked, what is the likelihood you would have been in those types of venues - Charlie Hebdo offices, outside a sporting venue, a small concert, one of the few cafes out of the thousands and thousands of cafes in Paris?

    I doubt I would travel to Brussels at the moment, partly because I have been there and found it the most underwhelming capital city I have been to in Europe. Also, the Belgium government can't seem to agree amongst themselves that they have a problem with terrorists.

    You seem to be seeking opinions to support your decision to cancel. Based on that I doubt you will enjoy yourself if you go, so I suggest you consider somewhere else for your holiday. I was in Hawaii last month and felt extremely safe - maybe that could be an option for you.

  • One word….GO.I was living in London (a little place called Russell Square) in 2005 (yep,i was there on July 6th,left for Greece a few hrs before July 7)and had it not been for the fact that my place of residence was now a terrorist crime scene,i would have gone back to it (i went back to a place a couple of streets away instead,stayed until the end of the summer and came home).It was a very different London i went back to,but i went back.I also lived in Paris for a while i was over that part of the world,fell in love with her and so i went back 5 years later….and again,lived for a while in both London AND Paris.I feel that to not go,is to be defeated….and they win (and hey,after my whole experience,i felt that if i did die,it would at least be whilst i was living a fantasy.France is a spectacularly gorgeous place,and to not go would be a regret later on.

  • The probability of dying in France is lower than dying in India and China

    • Food poisoning and transport deaths are definitely through the roof.

    • +2

      Probability of dying is 100%.

  • +1

    My girlfriend and I were in Paris during the November attached last year. Yes is was a stressful couple of days, however it certainly won't stop us going back. You can't let the threat of terrorism disrupt your life.

  • Just go and enjoy yourself. Govt Safe Traveller site lists half the world as needing to exercise a high degree of caution (or worse). If it said reconsider your travel, or don't travel, then maybe pay attention. Just do as it says, be observant, cautious and use common sense. Most importantly, enjoy yourself.
    It's probably safest to go there soon because the French Govt has security on high alert. When that drops off you'd expect the risk to increase.

  • My husband and son are going to Italy (Rome, Milan and Venice) and Paris in a couple of weeks and doing all the major tourist hotspots as well as going to the UEFA champions league final. I am not overly worried about terrorists even though all the things they are doing are possible high profile targets.

    I'm not sure I'd go to Sicily though. I was talking to some people who came back from visiting family there about a month ago and they said that it was over run with refugees and the infrastructure wasn't coping very well. They said the tensions between locals and the refugees was worrying. I wasn't sure if they were over exaggerating but maybe not looking at this article.

    The Dalmation Coast looks fantastic - that's where I'd go.

  • My advice is don't be afraid to go and see these places. I went on a European cruise that stopped by Izmir and Istanbul in Turkey and they ended up being my favourite destinations of the whole trip. Initially I was a little bit concerned as Turkey shares borders with Iraq, Iran and Syria, but once I was there I didn't worry at all, and had a great time.

  • Was in Italy when Brussels got bombed

    It was the best trip yet, no tourist and it's safe with the army all around

  • Terrorist win if you feel terrorised.
    Don't be a baby. Go out and enjoy the world - you can die in Aus during your day to day.

  • Mate it'll be fine. The europeans don't stuff around with terror threats. I remember back in the 80s and 90s there were bomb threats in france so they closed off all the bins. Garbage everywhere, but so were the gendarmes with freaking assault rifles on every other street corner. You'll be safe. They don't tolerate bullshit. I think they're pretty ready to rek some terrorists if they pop up their shitty little heads, after recent times.

  • Americans dont like french.
    ISIS dont like french.

    lose lose


  • -2

    Take a white flag. You'll get on fine.

  • Heard an American expert talking g on terrorism on ABC RADIO national. He said US citizens are ten thousand times more likely to die slipping in their bath than being g killed by a terrorist. That put it into a more understandable perspective for me. Have returned from Amsterdam and Jakarta a fortnight ago and it was fine.
    I get into my car almost every day and my chance of having an accident are statistically higher than being confronted by a terrorist and yet I confidently drive around. Paris is so beautiful. Enjoy your holiday.

  • There are two ways to think about this:
    -The chance of being under attack is less than winning the lottery
    -The chance of getting killed / hurt in a terror attack is actually 50%: You either do or don't

    Which one you choose depends on your emotions

  • I was in Paris this week, and in Brussels before it. There are army patrols with rifles at major train stations, the airport, and at major tourist attractions. It seemed that the number of entrances and exits to some stations and attractions had been limited (but that might have been purely coincidental to other maintenance they had going on). Arguably, other petty crimes would be less with the visible military presence.

    TGV down to Avignon & Nice is very fast, but I think you need a car to make the best of that area from there.

    Italy is a must on any bucket list. The train system amongst major tourist cities is absolutely superb, and very fast. The easiest way to see more than one city for sure.

    If you haven't ticked off Italy and France yet, I'd do those before Croatia personally. We have beaches here, I'd do the things they don't have here first. At the very least I'd keep the flights into Paris, and just take an Easyjet flight or a train out of there to somewhere else rather than worry about cancelling flights to Europe.

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