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Kobo Glo HD 6" eReader (Black) at JB Hi-Fi $169 (Usually $189)


I wondered into my local JB at lunch time and noticed these were on sale.

The sleep covers are at normal price -

Black -

Cream -

My wife and I each have a reader and sleep cover and are enjoying them. I went for Kobo over Kindle based on reviews because I prefer open formats to proprietary formats in principle. Kindle is limited to the Kindle format books and the Kindle store while Kobo uses the generic epub format - so you can buy books from pretty much anywhere else. I buy my books from Google Play - and its a real winner being able to use the Telstra carrier billing from the discounted $30 sim starter packs that are so popular on Ozbargain. Doing this makes the ongoing cost of actually using your reader to read purchased books way cheaper on a Kobo then a Kindle.

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    I found the Kobo to be not very good, unresponsive and it had a cheap feel to it. Took it back after it crashed numerous times and bought a Kindle paperwhite from officeworks for $174. So far I'm having a much better time, although it is early days.
    I also was able to put my collection onto the kindle with ease, just use Calibre.


      Yeah I originally bought the Kobo because it was "cheaper" than the Kindle. And yes it is cheaper, in every aspect. Slow, unresponsive, freezes, etc.
      Now have a Kindle and would never ever go back.


      Wow, how I can't agree.
      My E-Book goes with me EVERYWHERE.
      I have a Kobo Glo HD, a Kobo Glo, and a Kobo H20 (by far the best!)

      I borrowed a friends Kindle paperwhite to compare, and this is what I found:

      The Kobo was WAY easier to use. Whack the books on your SD card, insert card, go.
      The screen was better. While the paperwhite was whiter than the Glo 1, the HD and H20 are much more clear.
      The ghosting between pages was less.
      They were MUCH lighter.
      The backlight has way more configuration, especially if you can script.

      Ive tried a lot of E-Readers, because I /NEED/ them to be able to read, my eyes are that bad, and honestly? Kindles would have to become a lot m ore configurable and open before any of their minor 'features' would coax me into having to do things their way.

      While I can admit the Kindle is more 'snappy' I only read about a page every 15 seconds, so it turns pages fine!
      Never had to wait for a page turn.

      I imagine the Kindle would appeal to iPhone users though. "Do it this way, no options" "OK device!"

        • having to reset the Kobo with a paperclip most times after after a full recharge
        • usually 3 presses before it recognises a page turn
        • sllllooooowwwwww

        obviously we have a different definition of minor!

        on the plus side, the Kobo freezes less now that I have placed my ebooks on an external card


          Never had any of those issues. Not even once. Been flawless and I read for about 3 hours a night.



          You must be the lucky one then.


          Yep, across 6 products.
          all my kobo's and my parents. Housemates kobo Mini too (ive never owned one of those, i need BIG screens).

          At least it was nicer than the Kindle Paper-white. imo



          Lucky you! Seriously, not sarcastically.

          I bought 2 in a sale a few years back and both show similar problems as I mentioned above. One more than the other though.

          I recently played with a friend's paperwhite, and it was so much snappier (and a little clearer) than my Glo. Each to their own I guess.


    The H2O is good if you want the option to read in the bath / pool / beach. Pity it is not on sale as well.


    My wife and I are both happy with our Kobo's. Doesn't feel cheap to me - although we have the sleep covers. I enjoy being able to adjust brightness by sliding finger up and down the screen, whereas on Kindle its apparently via a menu. Got them for a very nice price. Bought one around December and staff member agreed to Kobo and sleep cover for $185 combined. Bought a second Kobo and cover in Jan/ Feb and staff member agreed to both for $180. 2 Different JB's in Sydney City/ East.

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    Kindle paperwhite is 120 on Amazon. Ships in a few weeks


      Why is this attractive? Its USD120. Have you tried adding this to your cart? Comes to over AUD187 with shipping. And that's without a cover. And you have to wait 8 to 16 business days for delivery. And presumably you have to ship it back instead of just returning it to a store if you have issues. I got my Kobo Glo HDs as well as a covers for less than that from nearby JB HiFi stores - and no waiting for delivery.


        Actually I see it is only showing as in stock in 2 weeks. And then further wait for delivery. So estimated delivery in a month from now.


        Was 120 aud when we looked. Had it price matched with officeworks for my mum.

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    I've had a couple of older Kobos, a Sony and now I've moved to Kindle. Well, actually it's primarily my wife's device but thats the history.

    Kobo may have improved but a few years ago I had two die in succession, and found the Sony a much more responsive and well built device. Sony getting out of ereaders has killed ePub for me, so I went for the Kindle as a replacement, though as OP said I would prefer a non-proprietary format. I looked around in Australian retail stores and found it hard even to find anything other than kindle to be honest.

    We've both found the kindle to be of excellent build quality and very responsive for page turns etc. This is the current paperwhite. It was about the same cost as this from Officeworks.


    It seems like people are comparing apples and pears. You really need to be comparing the Kobo Glo HD to the Kindle Paperwhite. The Glo HD is my first ereader and I haven't used a Kindle before - but if Kobos were poor build quality or unreliable before I certainly don't think that's the case now. On the other hand, in response to another comment here, the Glo HD does not have an external sd card - but neither does the Kindle. Although apparently the internal sd card on the Glo HD is easily replaced with a larger capacity one if that is important to you. I've also recently started using Pocket - which syncs with the Glo HD - and am really finding that a great feature. I usually end up with multiple newspaper and other tabs open in my browser at work - things I want to read but don't have time to. Now I simply hit the pocket icon (Chrome addin) - it syncs the page / article to my Kobo and I can read it on my way home - and keep any articles I want to. (You obviously can't watch any videos, but I never watch them anyway). The only negatives I've experienced with the Kobo are (a) I don't find it easy to be accurate selecting the beginning and ending words/ letters of a section I want to highlight - but I hardly do that anyway, (b) I get the feeling the dictionary could be better - but it seems that its pretty easy to download and side-load additional dictionaries, (c) I have pushed the refresh button once with a paper clip which solved one of my books' fonts not changing size properly - which was no big deal - its not really a reset - nothing else changed.

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