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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY Edition PC - £3.99 / AU ~ $7.75 @Cdkeys.com


Steam key.

No-brainer at this price if you haven't already picked it up.

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    Cheers OP always wanted this I've only thrashed the stock version on ps4 😄

  • Heard by an orc during battle, "Don't kill me! I'd die from that!"

    Best Orc simulator ever.

  • Is this steam version?

  • Apparently the site requires SMS verification. I'm always wary of sites that require that. Can anyone confirm?

    • bought few games from ccdkeys, they are legit.

    • Didn't ask me. Never has. Do you use Paypal? Seems to make online buying much easier.

      • Yeah, I do use PayPal. Might give it a shot, then, I guess.

        I just got put off by what it said in the terms and conditions - said that it was a requirement for all users.

      • Well, I purchased it and it appeared to go through fine, but when I tried to access the key, I had to verify my phone number through SMS. The Steam key worked, thankfully.

        Sure, it was quick and painless, but now they know my number and can do with it as they please. I still don't understand why a step like this would be remotely necessary for a legit business.

  • Just a head up but I wasn't able to buy, kept on saying there was an issue at checkout (with paypal or credit payment). Have used both internet explorer and Mozilla browsers with the same issue.

  • Just got mine now without any trouble. Instant key purchase :)

  • If you are on the fence about this game i would say grab it. A good 20 hours of fun gameplay and for the people who are completionists 50+. The game is just fun.



    now i just have to wait for the 90gb download :)

  • Very cool. Thank you OP. Really appreciated.