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Restocked $19.99 Hoodies at Connor, Save $50 Was $69.99 (Pickup in Store for Free as Well)


I received this email for all Hoodies being $19.99 in Australia and I think $29.99 in NZ.

That's a great deal especially since it's getting cold.

Price is normally $69.99 so save $50 per Hoodies.

Connor has restocked.

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    Use below coupon for 20% off:


    Edit: Looks like it applies before I log in but when I actually log in, it says invalid. Sorry all.

    • Worked for me! Thanks!

    • Also worked for me thanks :) i bought 3 and because it was going to be free shipping ( close enough to $60 i guess) i had to pay $10 for shipping but the code still saved me $2 more. loves it.

      • Hmm! Did you guys log in to have the code work for you, or you checked out as a guest? I've used the code in my account and got the 'Sorry, the coupon code you entered is invalid' message as well.

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          Logged in, added items to cart and then used code and worked for me.

        • @Papich10: Weird! Didn't work for me, unless I was supposed to buy more clothes. I added two hoodies in my cart and Connor didn't seem to like it.

        • @AussieDaddy:

          Add to cart, then go to 'My Bag' rather than checkout, and apply coupon. If you go through checkout process and apply coupon towards the end it won't allow it.

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          @stonkered: Thanks, stonkered, but it still isn't working for me. I logged out, removed and re-added items into my cart and by following your instructions step by step, it initially shows the discount but after logging into the account the code disappears. I opted for a pickup from store so I am not sure if that's the issue. Well, at least I tried. :)

        • @AussieDaddy: do you just make an order and wait for an email which tell you when it is available to pickup? Thanks.

        • @johnnyle: Yeah. I made two purchases like that in the past. You choose the Pick-up option and when your order is ready for pickup (depends on which state you live and where your order is shipped from) they'll either call you or email you. Just make sure there's a store near you. There is no use to opt for pickup and then travel too far to pick it up in order to save the ten bucks delivery cost.

        • @AussieDaddy:

          Yeah sorry, what described worked for me initially, but I may have given you the bum steer as it isn't anymore.

        • @stonkered: No worries, mate. Ta

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    remember 2.80% cashback on sale items through cashrewards

  • good deal, 20% off works for me

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    These look great but my belly is quite big at the moment and some jumpers make me look like a pear so it's a risk.

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      So is my belly. Buy few of them and now and start losing the belly. Use tight, but good-looking clothes as a motivation tool to get rid off the beer belly, which is what I am doing right now. lol

      • Good idea to not be tempted by the delivery hero/food posts on here too :p

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          Used to be a big Domino's frequent visitor just a couple of months ago. I had to slow down a little bit these days. Have had enough sodium for a lifetime. :)

  • Thanks for posting. Code also worked for me thanks.

  • Everyday price?

    • Website has was $69.99.

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        Who in their right mind would shell out $70 for a crappy Connor hoodie…

        • Never even heard of 'em. Not great?

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          @stonkered: They're ok tbh a step up from Kmart or target, but nowhere near worth $70. Perhaps $40 is closer to their proper price

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          I bought a few of these hoodies 1-2 years ago when they were on sale. They're not worth $70, the price they are right now at $20 is probably what they're really worth. I don't like the thinness of the material, it's not thick enough to keep you warm. I just wear them at home and not when I go outside. For anyone living in Melbourne, I wouldn't recommend buying these hoodies thinking they'll keep you warm, especially with the recent windy/cold weather we've been having. The sherpa lined hoodies from Hallensteins are better quality and the material is also thicker. They're the only hoodies I have that keep me warm in crappy Melbourne weather.

  • Cheers, ordered two with the 20% off code and cashrewards 2.8% because. . ozbargain

    • dont think cashrewards pays out when u use a promotional code

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        Worth a shot for my 7 cents cash back

      • What's their problem with coupon codes.

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    I click on any of those hoodies then I'm taken to a page with just the banners up top but nothing beneath and is this is the same for every hoodie. Anyone else?

    Edit: Works just fine on Firefox

    • uBlock does this, I had to add Connor as an exception long time ago.

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    Coupon code is not working for me

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    Really hard to get the coupon working :/ It initially works whilst as guest but even with a guest checkout it removes it unless your delivery address is blank but if you edit the delivery address that'll also remove it

    This is annoying me because I want to save $20 on a jacket too

  • Thanks OP, grabbed 2 and some socks to get free delivery or $3 socks. :P Cashrewards too!

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    The deal would be more good if the code worked for me…tried every way discussed above and not valid anymore

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    These have been out front of my local Conner store for a couple of weeks now. Very thin material. Not going to be particularly warm.

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    welcome to the hood.

  • Just ordered one, thanks.

    Coupon did not work, but $19.99 is pretty good already.

    Edit: did not pay attention at checkout, they charged me $0.40 for using AMEX.

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      Yup, that's why i used my amex on paypal so i didn't get the fee ;)

      • Yup, that's what I do also, I pay all utilities through PayPal (if applicable) funded by AMEX. Wasn't paying attention in this particular case because someone started an operation and I was in a hurry to join the game.

        • -2

          What utilities do you pay with PayPal?

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    Just bought 1 in store today, it looks great on my small body size, thank god they actually got a xs size —a

    • How much do you weigh if you don't mind me asking? I'm 65kg so dunno whether to get xs or s

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        Im only around 61 or 62 kg you could try an XS thou i still recommend an S if you are doubt about what size to get

        • Ok will try and S, thanks man!

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    These are getting ozbargained hard

  • Would be good if they had smaller sizes. Generally Conner is one of the few stores where I can get XS to fit. But does not seem to have any Xs for any of these hoodies.. :(

    • They got it instore

  • What's their sizing like? I'm usually a large or extra large in other makes of clothes but if they're a slim fit then I'm not sure what size I would be.

  • Actually only 2XL/3XL left so in-store may be the best option now.

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    In at 7, may be even 10.At 20 not such a big deal IMO.

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    only 2 hoodies left @ $19.99?


    "Sorry, there are no products to display."


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      Back in stock.

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        Not sure why you got negged, they do have most sizes back in stock.

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    Sydneysiders, there is a whole rack of these out the front of the Connor store at Birkenhead Point outlet mall (as of about 7pm last night) and I imagine there are still a load there. From memory they were mostly larger sizes but they look to be decent quality for the price.

  • Guess what's back in stock!?

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    I'm not a fan of the style and the price isn't that amazing to compromise with.

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      Yea pretty ugly. Fine for light exercise

    • Agree completely, they're discounted most of the time. I guess most people don't know that so think it's super cheap.

  • anyone get that 20% off coupon to work recently?

  • Anyone got a clue about sizing?

    I'm normally a Small or shirt size 39 however not sure if being a jacket I should go bigger to medium?

    • suggest if u wanna get it make a decision quick as these will go quick

      • Called up a few stores - seems like they have a lot of stock so will just drop in

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          Depends on your body, this hoodies seems to be slim fit and its better to get it instore so you could check it out yourself

  • Thanks for heads up

  • can report back..just went to connor to try some on..they fit true to size..very nice looking for the price!

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    guys the USVTKQKYDS code works for all the items in the 30% off knitwear & jackets sale for new accounts. created a thread for it.

  • Am I missing something? I don't see option to choose pickup only delivery which is extra 10 bucks at least…

    • Just go in stores and try out the style and sizes. You can pay on the spot and they'll call/text you when they arrive.
      Man they're a tight fit… I was about to get the 2XL for comfort but store rep said it's overkill and stick with the XL.

    • Go a bit further along the process and it gives you a choice. It's a bit weird how they have done it.

  • I found on mobile site I could not get click and collect, only on full site could I get rid of the delivery charge.

  • -3

    went to liverpool, NSW and we have a small shopping outlet place.. anyway there was a connor but could't find any hoodies at all lol

  • More stock has been added now

  • My 2 came today. Could be thicker but probably just enough for QLD for the times it does get cold.

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    Collected mine in store today, luckily I tried it on while I was there and found it was one size too small, exchanged for the next size up on the spot without any issues. That kind of defeat the purpose of buying online because all after sales was done in store. :D

    • I did exactly the same at the Harbor Town store in Adelaide. I remember a couple of months ago I bought few items from their online sale, and after I picked them up from the store and went home to try them on, I realized they were a bit tight. I had to return to the store the following day for exchange. Didn't wanna go through similar experience so I told the girl at the store I would try them on before I take them home. And as you've described, they're one size too small. And luckily, they had the next size up in store so I left the store fulfilled.

  • Yeah mine is slightly slimmer than I'd hope but I can deal with it. Couple of the shirts are too thin though so I should be able to get a refund on them.

  • My order of 4 hoodies arrived today. 2 X st Kilda were decent thickness and quality which I'll keep the other garran and the arrow are cheap rubbish which will be returned.

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