This was posted 8 years 2 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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FREE: Weekend or Evening Parking @ Secure Parking


Free Parking at Secure Parking using code QFFBDAY4.
I used this code for a weekend parking in June in Parkade, Brisbane. I dont know when it will expire but assume its applicable to all states.

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  • Good deal again! Pos from me

    If only you posted this 2.5 hours ago though, I was looking for a Secure Parking promo code. Previous one was for weekends only.

    I decided to wait until 8pm then it became free on the street :)

    • +1

      pretty sure QFFBDAY3 is working on weekdays after 4pm
      and QFFBDAY2 is still working

      • Tried. It said the 2 locations I tried weren't applicable.

        • +2

          not sure then, used QFFBDAY3 book for Wed night parking 2 days ago

          and used QFFBDAY2 book for day park on Mothers Day

        • @ccwwayne: Probably excluded by that particular carpark (I'd have to assume)

        • @ccwwayne:
          Thanks. QFFBDAY3 worked for me for mothers day - 123 Albert Street Brisbane.

  • -2

    Pos from me

    I think that's obvious

    • You really think so?

    • In just in case the green pos wasn't clear enough!

    • I keep reading that as "piece of sh!t" from me

  • -1

    Is this single use only?

    • +26

      No. My married friend used it.

      • What? Is that why they're having a kid?

      • jv?

      • Will they be coming in the car park late at night and only on weekends?

        Sounds like a normal happy marriage lol

        Just saying..

    • Yes.

  • I just booked a parking in Melbourne using an account which had my old rego details. Does anyone know if it matters? Should I call them to update my new rego for the booking?

    • Nah don't need to. I used a friends account last week with no issues. There's no cameras there to verify number plates.

  • does not work for Adelaide

  • +1

    QFFBDAY2 still worked for me today for Sydney :P

    • Thanks!
      It works for tomorrow in Brisbane

  • You are attempting to use a Promotion Code outside its available date range or the Promotion Code is not applicable on selected day/time.

    • Try QFFBDAY3 instead, it might work.

      • +1

        Tried both and none works. Thanks mate

  • Only works on weekend or evening parking

    • -1

      Does the code work for more than one booking per account?

      • Yes a max of two bookings

  • These are great. Been using it in Melb CBD for weeknights and weekends for months, never paid a cent. Some have worked several times. Easy enough to create multiple accounts anyway.

  • I booked a spot for the wrong date. Canceled it, and got charged $1 -_-

    • +3

      Dont cancel it. Just let it expire,you dont need to spend a single cent.

      • But someone else could use the spot instead now.

        • I'm sure there are plenty of spots in the car park.

  • +2

    You can always move the date further if you cannot make it but only at the same parking again, do not cancel it

  • cool

  • Thanks!

  • You are attempting to use a Promotion Code outside its available date range or the Promotion Code is not applicable on selected day/time.

    Trying to book weekend evening parking in Melbourne CBD.

    • +3

      I got the same "promo code outside available date range" message, so I tried QFFBDAY3, and voila!!! It worked.

  • +1

    thanks QFFBDAY3 worked

  • just used mine today at 1st Martin QFFBDAY2 worked :)

  • Still working. Much appreciated.

  • No luck for Sydney CBD this Sunday - but then it is the half marathon.

    Annoying that the site makes you sign up and 'register' a credit card before you can find that the code doesn't work.

    • just tried code QFFBDAY3 works for some places like Allianz and No 1 Martin Place
      for the 15/05 entry at 6AM

  • Soon there will be qfbday5

    • "Soon there will be qfbday5" You need another F :)

  • Thanks worked again this week (QFFBDAY3), there were no spots for the two cheaper parks but the $11 +.50cent BF somehow worked with this code.

    Makes parking for the footy a bit less stressful! (being a Richmond supporter I experience enough stress at the game!)

  • Confirmed working again today, Hilton Sydney CBD QFFBDAY3

    • hey mate, it says valet parking…so do you just drive to the pitt st entrance, and just hand your keys to some guy who will park for you (and fetch ur car for you)? how is that free than?

      • I drove down into the Hilton carpark, gave a bloke my keys and paid $0 on returning to the car. Ripper deal.

        • nice one :) might give it a shot next time

  • Thanks code worked for me in VIC this weekend too ;)

  • +1

    Can someone confirm if it is still working in Sydney??

  • worked today for a Rialto Square - tried Hilton Carpark but didn't work. Seems to be location based. easily one of the best OzBargains of all time

  • does not work for me anymore :(

  • Does not work for me trying to book kent street

  • Not working anymore for Melbourne CBD :(

  • Doesn't work for Sydney, it said something about the code exceed its usage limit.

  • Does the code only work once for each account?

    • This code and the previous QFFBDAY3 only worked once for me.

      • that's right! once only for each account

  • +1

    "The Promotion Code you have entered has reached its daily maximum usage" for Sydney

    • I believe you can only use it once.

  • Do you have to print out the email with the booking confirmation from them? Or can you just show them on your phone.

    • No, you only need the PIN. Key the PIN as you enter/exit the carpark on the keypad just before the boomgate.

  • Is this code still work? Used to work at Allianz Centre but I just tried and not anymore, anyone has a clue?

    • not working for me either

      • not working for me, either. getting "The Promotion Code you have entered is not applicable to the Car Park or Product you have selected in your booking" message.

        • Have marked expired. Please use the report link so we can mark these expired.

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