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Presto - Free 3 Months for New Users


Another month, another free Presto code.

I don't know if it works with existing accounts so may be worth a try.

Cue more Presto sucks comments.

Update: Works for previously paused accounts too.

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  • wow 60+, much more popular than my post last month.

  • The quality of the shows/movies on my desktop is so bad that I feel ripped off even though its free

  • My mum likes presto. More so than Netflix. Accessibility is her issues.

    No smart TV app. And not technology savvy enough for anything more complicated

  • Presto is pointless for me till they actually start supporting and working off the Android Media players. Such a shame they dont yet.

  • is prestos data unmetered for bigpond customers?

  • Well, let's sign up for the sake of it. Gonna set the alarm in 2 3/4 of a month, though.

    Edit: I somehow have the urge to close the account right away. From their support page "To remain family friendly, Presto users are unable to unlock R18+ content via parental controls. To view R18+ content Presto users will be prompted to enter their Presto PIN each time they select R18+ content to view! If you've forgotten your Presto PIN, you can find this on the 'Account Details' page in the Settings menu."

    I don't. f..ing. care. what you want to be when you are a pain in the arse doing so.

  • Nice bargain, thanks

  • Hurry! Offer ends soon!
    expires in 52 days :P

    Thanks I might try this even though I'm sort of a netflix fanboy

  • I have been trying to create an account since last night and get errors across 3 different browsers. If they can't get that right, I fear for the quality of the service.

    Oh well; what do you want for free?

  • Presto is suck… horrible service. I registered and still cannot get it work properly. Australian Telecom services is suckā€¦.Netflix is million times better.

  • How are presto making any money? I've had it for a while now and never spent a cent on it, I don't watch much but for $0 a month I definitely get my moneys worth from them

  • Added bonus: I signed up and entered the code in but didn't add payment info, so they sent me an email with a one time code for six months free.

  • TELXAM16 Didnt work, maybe left it too late, when entering TELXAM16 via pausing, got code TELYIELD2 which extends for another two months, but does not allow any further codes to be applied.

    TELYIELD2 may not be the best code to use, with the other codes out there.