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24-can Pepsi variety cubes 2 for $22 at Safeway/Woolworths


Was in Safeway South Melbourne and saw this display being set up, and then as it happens, I also saw it advertised in the paper an hour later. 48 cans for $22 works out to just under 46c per can.

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    Just in time as I've ran out.


    Great deal. I'll go into my local W/W and see if they have it there.


    Does this apply to Pepsi Max as well? Around Australia?


      Um if you look at the photo, there are Max cubes in it. Generally if it's offered for Pepsi it's for all varieties. Someone else will have to confirm if they are all over.


      Sorry, yes. When I said "Pepsi varieties", I meant all Pepsi brand soft drinks. And looking at that picture again, possibly Schweppes, as well? I don't know about around Australia, but I'd guess at least all of Victoria, since it was in the paper.


    Not a good deal. Big shops often have $9.99 per pack, sometimes $8.99. We just bought a 24-pack of Pepsi Max for $7.99 at our local IGA.

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      So why don't you post these bargains when you see them? I keep an eye on the offers and 24 for $10 is about as good as it gets but not often. If from what you say, you can get 24 for $8 at IGA, more people should know about this.

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        It just happens too often. $10 per 24 pack is on almost monthly at either Coles or Woolies. No need to clog up this site, just glance at the first page of the catalogue.

        Anything better (i.e. $9) could be worth a post for some people, but really, does a large number of people want to know about recurrent grocery specials?

        A $8 special would be different, have not seen that in years at any of the big shops. I'd love to see it on the front page if it ever happens again.

        On the other hand having that price at one local IGA, that is not overly helpful on a national forum…

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