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Sony Smart B-Trainer SSE-BTR1 $149 (FREE SHIPPING) (RRP $349) @ Sony Online


Sony Smart B-Trainer (Various Colors) Save $200 on RRP

Some Features :
A first in smart training – wearable music player and fitness tracker in one, for all your fitness needs
Real-time coaching tells you how you’re performing for an optimal workout
Automatic song selection motivates and keeps you in your optimum heart rate zone
Chart your improvement using the Smart-B Trainer App that logs every workout
Track your performance while running, even without your smartphone
Waterproof to withstand training in wet conditions

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    Bought one for my partner 2 weeks ago with the JB deal. Definitely worth it at the price, amazing they can fit a HR tracker, GPS and MP3 player inside. It can take calls if paired with a phone. The only gripe I have is the method of transferring music to it is quite archaic (plug in and drag and drop files). Some integration with Google Play or iTunes would have made things alot easier.


      Definitely worth it at the price, amazing they can fit a HR tracker, GPS and MP3 player inside.

      they sacrifice the battery for sure.


        These earphones have bad quality sound. I have the mp3 version and the sound is CRAP.


          There's no "mp3 version" of this model. You're talking about the old W model from a few years ago that looks the same but is a completely different beast.

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      I love drag and drop! At least they didn't try and add some proprietary software to manage transfers

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    If I am reading the website correctly looks like it can also be used as a bluetooth headset, so don't have to depend on the 16GB built into the headset


      If you carry your smartphone together with the sport device, you can listen to music stored on your smartphone on the sport device using the Bluetooth function. By tapping the "BLUETOOTH/SELECT" button of the sport device (SSE-BTR1), you can switch between playing songs stored in the sport device and songs stored in your smartphone.


      Doesn't mention streaming, but I assume it would work


    I know it says waterproof but i am guessing not for swimming - which is what i am after. Can anyone confirm?

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      You can use it for swimming it even comes with additional earbuds designed just for it. From the website:

      The sport device (SSE-BTR1J) has a waterproof grade equivalent to IPX5/IPX8. Sweat from running can be washed away without any problems and usage when swimming is also possible.
      * When using while swimming, make sure to use the underwater ear piece. The underwater ear piece prevents water from entering the driver part of the Smart B-Trainer headphone and also audio clarity from regressing. Usage underwater is limited to listening to music stored on the device.


        Thanks. Struggled to find that at first.

        Anyone interested in using it for swimming should note that it pretty much is only for use as a walkman. The fancy functions like tracking don't work.


    Has it been updated to support strava? I did some googling and it appears not, but would love to be corrected.


    Anyone know if the heart rate and other data can be sync to the iPhone's health app?
    Or if other apps can use the heart rate data logged by this device?


    it does not have microphone so it can't be used to make phone call like a head set, but listening call is fine.

    can anyone correct me if wrong?


    Not for me. I'll be sticking with a phone, decent headphones and a HR strap


      I got one - great price for waterproof bluetooth headphones from a decent brand. GPS, HRM, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer etc are a nice bonus.

      Whether the concept is for you or not (I'm not in their target market for this but couldn't resist at this price) you have to give Sony credit where its due - there's no other product like this on the market today.


        I'm not sure you can turn off the audio prompts, so that could be annoying if you want to use them as a pair of dumb headphones.

        There very little info in terms of reviews and such on it, just saw something that suggested that was the case and couldn't find anything in the way of confirmation.


          I can only assume that you must have accidentally pressed the start button, which put the device in training mode? If so, I think you can stop the workout by pressing it again, or do it from the app.

          I find that if you turn off GPS and HRM in the settings menu of the app, the battery last for ages and the voice prompts just tell you that it's on/off and connected - which I actually find rather helpful. I have a Jabra Stealth earpiece headset that has the same prompts and the Sony can also tell you the remaining battery on request and also has a nifty Google Now integation (not sure about Siri). I think it's nifty information to have.

          My issue with it is that, to my horror, I have discovered that it doesn't support AptX (only SBC and AAC). Checking the specifications on the product site confirmed it. I didn't check that before pulling the trigger assuming that it they would have it, as these days even mid-range BT headphones from Sony have had AptX (e.g. the venerable SBH80, which have now been discontinued). This is not an issue for iOS since AAC sounds half decent (as far as the sound quality of common codecs goes it's SBC->AAC->AptX) but a deal breaker for those of us on Android who care about sound quality.

          Why Sony would omit AptX from BT headphones retailing $350 beats me. Sure, all the other tech they've put in them is impressive, but if you use them as a pair of 'dumb' BT headphones, they sound no better then a pair of $50-$100 ones. This means that I should have passed on this and gone for another pair of the SBH80 to replace my trusty old ones that are falling apart from extensive use.


          Sorry If I gave the wrong impression, I do not have the headphones myself, still in the deciding I want them stage, still have a couple of hours. In this review https://youtu.be/xEowTmJ6ZEs they say if can ignore the audio prompts … you can use them as ordinary gym headphones. I couldn’t find out more info about the prompts, thanks for clearing that up.

          I am on iOS myself. In the same review they say they can’t could get siri to work quite right. I have never heard of bluetooth headphone not working with siri.

          Also disappointed that the fitness data can be exported to health kit if it did would’ve been an instabuy

          I am in the market for new bluetooth headphones, I was waiting on the new jaybirds. At CES they were saying they would be realised in May. Now May is almost over and still no word on it.