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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PSN) $30.95


First post so go easy on me.

$31 is a great price for a AAA title like Witcher at 55%

EBgames still has it listed for $100

Saw this posted on /r/ps4, thought it was a bargain and would post it here to share with you lovely people.

If you have an account you can download it from your PC or phone and it will download to your PS4 hopefully ready to play when you get home depending if you have good internet, but its straya so yeah.


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    Good first post OP! very good price for an awesome game

  • Nice deal. Cheaper than buying it in the US store at the moment.

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    Steam also has it on sale for 25 usd. You can get it for around 25 aud if you get a friend to gift it to you from cheaper countries.

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    First post so go easy on me.

    Nope. Trial by fire here. If it's a bad deal, I'm gonna neg you, regardless of how many posts you've made :P

    Having said that, this is a good deal :)

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      id rather trial by combat ;)

  • wow good find - couldn't find it in there price drops or deals - have to search for it manually.

  • if i am not considering to sell my ps4, i would probably buy this game. hopefully, there will be one for xbox1

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      im in the exact same boat selling ps4 and just bought an xbox one so hoping it comes to there for that price

      • If u have Xbox live gold, it's $35 right now on the store

        • -1

          but nearly $5 more expensive :(

        • @alwayseric: $5 more but it's cheaper $5 cheaper when bundled with the expansion pass

        • @alwayseric: it's the best game I've ever played, so I think you should get it anyway

        • @hoftos: i palyed witcher 1 or 2 on pc. i know it is a very good game. i just dont have time. how does it compare to dragon age origin if you tried both?

        • @alwayseric: I did not play dragon age origin that much to remember .. which probably means I didn't like it as much as Witcher lol.

        • @alwayseric: Much more interesting storyline in the witcher 3 than in DA:O

  • +2

    This is a great price, but with the last dlc coming out on the 30th of May, you might be better of waiting for a game of the year version that will undoubtedly be coming out soon, or you can buy it now and prep for the dlc. Great deal just be mindful everything might get grouped together at a decent price

  • The game came out one year ago tomorrow. The second expansion hits at the end of the month. If you liked Skyrim, you'll love Witcher 3.

  • +2

    This was the best game of 2015 any console or platform, and is probably the best game of the past 5 years.

    Buy it.

    • It's a great game, but had some issues.

      The combat is very boring and the frame rate is terrible on PS4. I had more fun playing Phantom Pain and Bloodborne.

      I still give Witcher 3 the Best Onscreen Nipples award though — and it's a steal for thirty bucks.

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    Game plus expansion pass is $69.95, feel free to add the link OP. Nice first post!
    Game Plus Expansion Pass

    • +3

      If you do the maths

      Base Game: $30.95

      Expansion Pass: $35.95

      Total: $66.9

      Base plus Expansion Pass: $69.95…

      TL:DR cheaper to buy game and expansion pass separately

      • Yeah my bad, didn't know how much the expansion pass was.

  • +1

    Will buy it and wait for the DLC to drop on price. Played it on PC and absolutely loved it, too bad this toaster is getting louder everyday and I am reluctant to game on it now.

  • +1

    Im not one for buying digital but that's an amazing price! But i already own it physical. That being said, if i didn't i would buy it now……and you should to.

  • I JUST gave in and bought it preowned from JB a few days ago - gutted. Incredible game, I'm dreading it ending because of how invested in it I've become.

    • Well you're in luck. It's going to take you weeks to play through it. I've been playing for months and still haven't finished. And that with regular 90min sessions. There is SERIOUS meat to this game.

  • Thanks … purchased
    Now I just have to wait for my internet to reset. 35GB download

  • do people think this is better than fallout 4?

    • In general I would say yes, this is better, primarily due to the questing experience being done better in Witcher 3 than Fallout 4 (F4 is mostly a Skyrim game of disjointed repeated quests, where I think Witcher 3 joins everything together a bit better). However, it also depends on whether you prefer gunplay and weapon customisation or fantasy brawling.

      FWIW, Witcher 3 has 92 on Metacritic vs Fallout 4 having 87 (although for PC it's 93 vs 84).

  • This game is now $49 at ebgames special offer, you get extra dlc, physical map and some fridge magnets. And physical copy u can sell later on.

    If u don't care for those extras and plan to keep game forever then this $30 offer is the best u can get, don't think price will be this low for a while.

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