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SurfStitch - 25% off $100, 30% off $150, 35% off $200 & 40% off $300 All SALE Items $155.98 GoPro Hero Plus


Sale items further reduced again

25% off $100 spend - COOL25
30% off $150 spend - COOL30
35% off $200 spend - COOL35
40% off $300 spend - COOL40

$155.98 plus free postage

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  • I'm not in the market for one, but seems like a great price for the GoPro Hero+ & they have 180 in stock.

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      isn't the session better than the plus?

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        Tried to apply discount code for GoPro Session, but got this message "YOUR ORDER HAS NOT MET THE REQUIREMENTS FOR PROMO CODE COOL40. PLEASE SEE TERMS & CONDITIONS". Because Session is not on sale, so it cannot apply 40% off, otherwise it would be a good buy.

        • minimum spend for COOL40 is $300. Use the other codes which best suits your purchase and it should work. :D

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        • @Schpeltor: ah okay sorry misread your comment. Thought u were referring to the Gopro Hero+.

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          @Schpeltor: GoPro Session isn't on sale. Code is only for sale items.

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          @michael991: I am just asking for an opinion from existing users about the difference between session and plus. Online reviews say the plus is not any better than the basic hero. Thanks

        • @stockastics: I bought the plus in their sale yesterday. I think it does higher resolution than the base model and supports 64gb cards. Not sure if the base one has wifi either.
          Reckon it's worth the extra over the base. The session is supposed to be good for the small size etc but apparently overpriced what what it is.

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          @tazmaniak: The Hero Plus also has Wifi and Bluetooth and does 1080p at 60fps, which the regular Hero does not. Definitely worth the extra dollars for those. I ordered a plus yesterday.

      • xiaomi yi2 for hero black goodness


  • Doesn't include all items…
    Tried to buy a horse watch and it wouldn't allow me to add promo…. :(

    • All sale items … unfortunately they arent included in the 'sale' section

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    Surfstitch, the next dick smith

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      seems like..the ceo founder quit and is thinking of taking the company private..They seem to keep flogging these sales to boost cash flows..

      • I'm just waiting till a few items I actually want come on sale, its no wonder they're struggling financially, who the hell needs 300+ varieties of board shorts in stock in a dozen sizes…

  • I ordered stuff yesterday, does SurfStitch do any price promises for lowest price e.g. will they match the further discount with store credit?

  • Just ordered GoPro Hero Plus $143 something using the 40% with some other stuff thanks heaps

  • Wetsuit recommendations anybody?

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      Not many to choose from in the sale section. Only one of each style

  • Hi Wezzer or anyone else that can help,

    What the difference between the GOPRO HERO4 SILVER SURF and GOPRO HERO4 SILVER EDITION . I assume the surf model comes with a surf mount. In that case, does the standard silver edition come with a different sort of mount? i noticed the price was the same.


    PS, i am completely new to gopros and action cams. so sorry for the newbie question

    • Sorry mate, I don't have an action cam, just put it in the headline so those who were thinking of getting it in the deal the day before knew and might be able to save a few bucks. I do know that goPros are not waterproof, so surf may also come with waterproof housing. Good luck choosing, but if they're the same price id assume the surf is better value.

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