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Just Cause 3 PC (Steam) $15 USD/~$21 AUD from Amazon


Just got an alert for this from isthereanydeal.com

Redeems on Steam.

75% off - $15.00 USD (works out to about $21 AUD).

You'll need to use a USA billing address to purchase (and possibly a VPN as well, although not all keys sold through Amazon require this).

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  • +3

    No VPN required for me. Worked and activated fine.

  • Grabbed it for 69 on xbone for release. 21 is a no brainer purchase for pc. Super nreat game when not held back by console graphic limitations.

  • oh… says "currently unavailable" :(

    • They seem to have changed it when it use to be able to be added to your cart, but now you need to change to your holiday home's address in the US, then go back to the page and it'll allow you to add it.

      • tried that and still no joy

        • Hmm weird, worked fine for me just before, not that I bought it.

        • tried a fresh browser (incognito) and it worked :D cheers

        • @Infinite Monkee: Did you try anything else? chrome addons and such? Just says "Currently Unavailable" I tried with Hola on USA and I tried deleting my other addresses except my USA one.

  • Currently unavailable
    We don't know when or if this item will be available again.

  • Anyone have a holiday home and phone number in the US… I'd like to visit cough

    • Nice thing about having parents who live in US

    • I this a actually feature of amazon or just something people are saying? All I could find was manage my address book. I have a friend who lives in USA who I added to send stuff to but it still didnt work.

  • Sold out. Damn it too late.

  • I think it was out quite quickly. I tried quite early and spent ages trying different browsers to no avail.

  • it's available again,

    I bought this and activated it on steam, AUD$21 is a damn sweet deal for this.


    Note you’d need to setup a dummy amazon account with a US address, I did it that way and it worked like a charm
    (it may say ‘product unavailable’ if you try to buy it using an existing amazon account with an aussie address because they think aussies should pay more … yeah nah haha !)

    If you need some convincing to buy this game check these out  :




    • +1

      I saw this again too, and having missed it the first time I was happy to get the second chance. I was able to successfully buy it, however my payment is "Pending Verification" at the moment, so no Steam code yet. Hope everything goes through.

      • cool, so did it work for ya after that? I had that too but went through a couple of minutes later. :)

        • Yes, thanks. It took about an hour to do the verification but all good after that!