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New Balance Men's Fresh Foam Boracay Running Shoe $39.99 - Women's $24.99 + Delivery @ COTD


Great shoe at a great price, was $79.99 reduced to $39.99, quick search and they are selling for $169.99

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Women's shoe selling for $24.99 New Balance Women's 980 Running Shoe - Imperial Purple/Flame Pink

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  • while i didnt buy those shoes this post led me to search other shoes an i found and bought these https://www.catchoftheday.com.au/product/saucony-men-s-grid-...

    I already had $20 credit so worth it for $19.94 delivered


  • Thanks! I got the 980s. Deal works great for me as not many other shoes on CotD sized US6.5.

    They seem to be a variant of the Zante but not sure how they differ https://www.catchoftheday.com.au/product/new-balance-women-s...

    • Borcay has a firmer ride on the heel region. Zante feels a bit softer to run in. Zante lasts a bit longer, but for that price it is definitely worth it.

      • I agree with the ride comments as I have those shoes too (deciding which to run in at the moment). With the boracay some people don't like how the tongue sits - it has a habit of the sides rolling inwards. To fix this issue you have to open the shoe more when you put them on and make sure the tongue stays flat when you slide your foot in.

      • Thanks, I'm actually pretty happy with that. I'm more of a crossfitter/mixed circuit girl than a runner, so a firm heel seems good for when lifting involved. Didn't need too much of a bouncy heel.


    What sort of delivery times do people experience with COTD?

    Their website says 3-5 dispatch + 2-21 business days shipping from Melbourne.


      for me it usually took around 5 business days at the most - syd cbd

  • Club Catch only?

    • Looks like it I was wondering why I couldn't purchase
      I signed up to cotd for this deal but not for club

    • They must have recently changed it to Club Catch as when I posted last night it was available to be purchased by anyone.

    • Reverted back to normal sale, no need for Club Catch membership.

  • Does anyone know return policy for this?

    • i know its not to good.

    • I've spoken to cotd live chat recently about shoe return policy. If the shoe size is wrong they'll provide a return postage address so we could return/exchange free of charge. Best to confirm this over live chat and keep a copy of chat records before purchase though. Cause the official terms and conditions lists fees (which they'll waiver as goodwill)

  • are there any deals with cash back sites with catchoftheday purchases? too late i guess anyway i just signed up for the 30 day club catch trial and at least got free shipping after adding some socks to my order too.

  • prices are back to $79.95