Hair Loss - my advice and experiences, plus a request for advice!


I'm a 25 yo male, my hair has been falling out massively over the last six months! My hairline is receding and it's concerning me. I want to do what I can to stop it, I'm willing to pay, but I don't want to waste my money.

For those not familiar with the science of Hair Loss, basically your body converts Testosterone to Dihydrogen Testosterone (DHT). This happens to everyone, but some people (like me) have DHT receptors on their hair follicles, and when DHT comes into contact with the follicles, it reduces blood supply and then shrinks it until the hair stops growing. I have a science degree so I feel I can speak with some certainty about this.

I went to Ashley and Martin (you've probably seen their ads), but their treatment was very expensive. I noticed they only offered four things for about $3000+ if I remember correctly for a year's supply of the following

1: Finasteride 1mg tables
2: Minoxidil topical serum (5%)
3: Pau d'arco Herb
4: Laser Treatment

I figured I could do it myself and save cash and time. I managed to do so for only ~$400 per year.

Here are my thoughts on each of the Ashley and Martin components:

4: Laser Treatment: is probably useful, but I'd suspect it would only delay MPB (male pattern baldness). It's also expensive and you can buy lasers online to use at home which may do a similar job. But given that is this also time consuming, although my intentions would be good, I think I would forget to use it (you have to use it for like 15 mins a day) so I decided not to buy a laser. My friend actually bought the Ashley and Martin treatment package, had good results, but only got the laser treatment a few times because he was too busy to get the others, so I suspect the laser's impact is minimal.

3: Pau d'arco Herb: My research suggests it seems to be a placebo at best. I have not bought any.

2: Minoxidil: Useful, but only delays MBP, it increases blood flow, which increases hair regrow. I like that it is topical (less side effects), I've used it, I cannot comment on how successful it, but I feel like it works, I notice my skin goes red which means vasodilation has occurred. You can get a 6 month supply for around $60 on eBay.

1: Finasteride: This really worked for me, after about 3 months my hair loss effectively stopped. I got a prescription at my local GP. Tablets are about $25 a month if you get a genetic brand. If effectively gets rid of DHT by blocking the enzyme which converts testosterone to DHT.

However DHT is actually a useful hormone in the body for other things (though this is not fully understood), so it has side effects. Most importantly, some people report a permanent sexual dysfunction (which never recovers, even after taking the drug!). When I noticed my that sex drive was a little reduced and that my erections didn't seem to be as strong as normal, I stopped taking Finasteriade as a precaution. But about 3 weeks later… the hair loss started again!!!!

So now I'm faced with choice… to risk loosing my libido… or to lose my hair.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Has anyone experienced success with another treatment? Please share!

Edit: The herb was Saw Palmetto! My bad! Not Pau D'Arco. Some have suggested giving it a try after all. I will do so :)

Thanks so much for all the compassion and advice! Wasn't expecting it :)



        No it won't make a difference.

        Minoxidil only effects the hair where it is locally applied as a foam or solution.

        Finasteride effects the level of DHT (a chemical in the body related to testosterone). The hair on your chest/body is not affected by DHT. Nor is the hair around the sides of your scalp - look at a typical bald man to see the "pattern" i'm referring to. That's why with a hair transplant they take the hair from the edge of your scalp and plant it in your hairline - those hairs genetically resist DHT.

        That explanation simplifies a very complex biological process but I think it is broadly accurate.


          Thanks. I read that Minoxidil was introduced for heart patients and hair growth was a side effect, so assume it must travel in blood stream (unless they applied it to their heads to treat their hearts)? The reason I ask is that I have been using Minoxidil for a thinning hair line (not sure if it does much, but don't know of anything better), but I swear my body hair grows heaps faster (about 4x the rate on my head). Would be much happier with the reverse. Maybe i'll give finastride a crack.



          For heart patients it was taken orally. Don't drink minoxidil - it will lower your blood pressure and possibly kill you.

          You should have negligible amounts in your blood if you use it topically. You might find the body hair growth is not the minoxidil. Goodluck!


          @maraco: Any thoughts about topical finastride? or dutasteride (only available in oral form so far I believe)?



          I've never taken dutasteride.

          There are some concerns with dutasteride the risks might outweigh the benefits. Speak to your doctor - I don't know.

          It is available as an oral formulation.

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          Never heard of topical finasteride. Does it exist?


          Yes, are selling it. Apparently some hair clinics make their own preparations. Peer review research papers show promising signs. But a topical dutasteride preparation looks the most promising but still not FDA approved.


    Hi OP!
    Question to you: what type/brand of shampoo are you using ?

    I had some hair loss that started and on my gf's recommendation I started using Kerastase for men hair loss.
    After a week I could tell a difference between my old shampoo and the kerastase one, definitely less hair loss after each hair wash.
    Also, Kerastase sell some amoxicilin flask that you use on a daily basis for a 30 days treatment or more. I used it a little and found out it helped too.

    Reason why I am recommending Kerastase is because my girlfriend had a very bad experience with burnt hair and thinned hair due to a coloration that went wrong. She switched to Kerastase products only + this amoxicilin and I must say after 2 years now her hair has never been better; and that spending more money on this brand is worth it.

    I was very skeptical originally, but it worked for me.

    Once again, I don't think you can fight genetics, but you might be able to more time before you have to go bold head, I guess this is what you are looking for here.


      Can you name the exact shampoo brand? I wanna give a try too.


      I rarely shampoo my hair. Maybe once a fortnight. I'm scared to do it now due to the sheer amount of hair that ends up on my hands!

      I usually buy what seems to be a good brand, it changes all the time… I will check out what you reccommend!


        Any of these shampoo I was using the one in the middle.
        And also, it is not amoxicilin…but Aminexil haha. That's the thing she used Aminexil Force R this is a bit expensive but it worked for both of our hair problems.


          And also, it is not amoxicilin…but Aminexil haha

          Thank you for clearing that up. I was wondering why the heck people were treating their hair loss as if it was an infection haha


        Just curious, when you say "sheer amount of hair that ends up on my hands", approximately how many hairs are you referring to? I've noticed when I wash my hair now I have anywhere from ~3-5 strands on my hands. I've been worried about hair loss too and would just like to compare.


          I get between 10-20 strands 'sheer amount' was probably an overstatement. Same amount when putting gel in.

          Also - I almost always get a strand or two if run my fingers through my hair. This scares me lol, so I try not to do it. I hardly brush it unless I have to now.


    I've been taking something called viviscal, there's plenty of reviews/research out there and quite a few women have taken it (check out the before and after). I have a lot of hair but getting a little thin at the back. GF has said 'hair looks darker' and it does seem to help, that being said it's small % increase. side effects for me was some more pimples that's about it, when i stop taking it the pimples clear and it seems to thin a little more…

    • i heard the caffine shampoos just make your hair look THICKER rather than giving you more hair
    • wouldn't mind trying the herbal stuff
    • heard the thing about washing with not too hot water as well
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    Have you thought about a rug?


    Pounding women wins it, sorry could not care about going bald or gray…..daylight 2nd. :-)

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    I heard that homeopathy works. Anyone tried?


      What's wrong with homeopathy? Why negative votes?


        Not medically proven. Perceived to be snake oil at best. If you can share a link to some homeopathy that has worked/some research specifically for hairless, that would be helpful :)


    Please check your diet. This affects a lot to your hair. Also enough sleep is important.

    I've done some yoga which helps grow hairs but it won't regrow at bald spots. There are couple but the one I do is 'Shirsasan'. Similar to handstand & with some 'Pranayama' which helps with your stomach as most of the diseases start with what you eat & in stomach.


    I use Henna + Olive oil + egg mixture once every 2/3 months. Does wonders for hair growth / health.

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    Below is the summary of treatment for androgenetic alopecia (male pattern hair loss). It is from UptoDate- all doctors use it- experts in each topic compile the evidence and make recommendations.

    - @ 12 months: 9% average increase in hair count
    - @ 24 months: 24% average increase in hair count

    - 4.75% risk of sexual dysfunction (vs 3.20% risk of placebo anyway)

    I'm a doctor and have recently commenced finasteride. I buy the pack of 5mg tablets and split into four (so 1.25mg per dose) —> much cheaper. Obviously I have only just started but I have not experienced any side effects so far.
    I think that the potential benefits of finasteride outweigh the very small risks of any side effects.


    ●Male androgenetic alopecia is a common form of hair loss in men that presents with the loss of terminal hairs in characteristic areas of the scalp (picture 1A-D). Although the condition is benign and asymptomatic, some men seek treatment due to cosmetic concerns. (See 'Introduction' above.)
    ●For male patients with androgenetic alopecia who desire treatment, we suggest treatment with oral finasteride (1 mg/day) over topical minoxidil (Grade 2B). Treatment with minoxidil 5% solution or foam is an alternative first-line therapy that may be preferred by patients who prefer to avoid systemic therapy. The response to treatment with both agents is variable. No high quality randomized trials have directly compared their efficacies. (See 'First-line therapies' above.)
    ●Men treated with finasteride or minoxidil must continue treatment to maintain efficacy. If treatment is discontinued, hair loss will occur within several months after the cessation of therapy. (See 'First-line therapies' above.)
    ●Treatment with finasteride and minoxidil is generally well tolerated. Scalp dermatitis is the most common adverse effect of minoxidil. Occasional patients treated with finasteride experience sexual side effects. (See 'Adverse effects' above and 'Adverse effects' above.)
    ●Hair transplantation can result in permanent improvements in hair growth in areas of the scalp affected by androgenetic alopecia. Continuing treatment with minoxidil or finasteride after hair transplantation may help to minimize additional loss of preexisting terminal hairs. (See 'Surgery' above.)

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      These actual clinical results are what people should base their decisions on.

      Anecdotes mean nothing. First, it is one person's experience. Second, the way that person explains or describes the experience can be very inaccurate too. So anecdotes are useless. The plural of anecdote is NOT evidence.

      Go to the medical peer reviewed studies. These look at long term and use lots of patients.

    1. Never wash your hair in warm water, only use cold water.

    2. Wash your hair and scalp regularly( doesnt mean everyday), once in a while use good shampoo.

    3. Massage you scalp with oil

    4. Make onion like a pulp and apply , wash it off after 15min, heard this will kill the dandruff , but you will be a smelly beast for few days but you decided whether you want friends or your hair

    5. cut hair regularly , make sure its cut medium short so air can access

    6. Eat good food, I mean cook healthy food by yourself which got healthy vitamins.

    7. Stop worrying about hair loss, worry increase stress and hair will fly away, so stop thinking about it.If it goes let it go kinda attitude..

    8. Do not use helmets or caps all the time, make head breath…

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      sorry but non of these methods actually address the scientific mechanism of hair loss. Might as well advise daily prayer.

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    The Japanese are working on a cure for baldness by 2020. If u can hold off Ur hair till then u might have a chance in recovering your hair in 4 years


    All I can say having never hit this is to be sure to try this approach, aiming for minimum testosterone through maximum sex.

    That would have to reduce the amounts of testosterone/DHT pumping about your scalp. Sex in the morning would have to be critical as that is when testosterone levels have built up to their highest.

    No downsides (assuming you take appropriate care).


      there is no link with sex and hair loss. There are heaps of men who have sex more than you and still losing hair….I am pretty sure people had a laugh reading this but please for your info your claim is not right and dont follow your head….you dont have to give proofs for your name… "zerovelocity"


        What makes you so sure?

        I've never seen any clinical evidence that suggest it is really one way or the other. Just heresay along with everything else.

        If you can't either (you don't suggest any), maybe its an option. Just sayin'

        • Run a kickstarter
        • Fund a study
        • Either way, get laid, lots. What is there to lose?

        Though I don't profess to know either. And if you do test it, it may well get worse. After all, plenty say you might go blind or even lose more hair.

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    Coming from someone that has a full head of hair. I have my girl shave that shit off with the #1 guard all over. I do this because I refuse to pay for a hairdresse and I cbf 'styling' it. I have to compromise and not do a zero because I look too thuggish. Why am I saying this, here goes

    It's Such a shame that so many people self actualise over hair…sure it's easy for me to say, but I have friends suffering the same fate… I had one friend shave my head with a blade into a George Constanza look and left some Whispy long bits to make another realise how stupid he looked trying to hold onto lost hope. I kept that shit for over a week, went to clubs, work and everything lol. Friend got the point and did the right thing. It looked ridiculous. It was even a good exercise for me to not give a shit what people thought.

    But hey if you want to put shit in your body and slop in your hair that'll probably give you tits and stop your dick from working and then having to be meticulous 24/7 with positioning your hair…then so be it, that'll be the actual turn-off for your partner, Not the bald head. I could think of way better things to do with thousands of dollars. Hair transplants also look stupid…look at Jamie foxx with his n64 game cartridge hairline haha.

    Then again I heard jenkem use can prevent hair loss. Jenkem is the shit heh!

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    I'm 38, I had a hair transplant done last year and can comfortably say it was one of the best decisions I've made in my life.
    Personally I wouldn't come near minoxidil/finasteride.
    You are probably a bit young for HT, so I'd recommend you to try hair building fibers (e.g. Toppik) for now, and then once you're in say mid 30s get a hair transplant done.

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    Im a 33 year old male. My hair started thinning at 18. My brother is almost completely bald and 2 years younger than me where as I still have thin cover that has receded.

    I stressed a lot about it when I was younger. Did all the research like you…

    The simple solution is that there is no solution right now. If you are going to lose your hair you are going to lose your hair. It just depends whether you want to spend big dollars and lots of time stressing about how you look in the meantime. If you start with hair loss treatments you may as well move to botox and pec implants in a few years.

    My advice is to let go. I did and I don't regret it.


    On the topic of hair loss I'm getting patches in my beard, one doctor suggested alapecia and another suggested something entirely different. Anyway to find out for certain what it is, or to fix it, or to clean shave/facial hair remover?


    I seriously doubt you are less of person because you are going bald.

    Some people I know simply shaved it all off. In the end, they look more handsome than before.


    DISCLAIMER - try this at your own risk

    I've used a higher dosage (15%) minoxidil before and it seemed to work better with no adverse side effects for me, although a high dose of minoxidil is known to cause heart palpitations for some.

    Compared to over the counter 5% minoxidil, the 15% stuff seemed to work faster and I started seeing small hairs growing sooner when I was using it.

    Obviously I can't verify whether there actually is a 15% concentration, or indeed whether it is just scented water with no drugs in it at all :) but I can only say that it worked observably better than the lower concentration.

    Google for 15% minoxidil and you'll find there are several vendors, all based in the US I believe.

    I started noticing a receding hairline when I was around 27 but somehow my receding hairline has slowed to a stop in the last few years, although I don't think it has anything to do with the minoxidil use. I so understand male pattern baldness does occur in stages, I'm now 37 and have not used any form of hair loss treatment for about 2 years with no observable recession.

    Bear in mind that minoxidil is FDA-approved ONLY at up to 5% concentration, anything higher isn't approved to be marketed as a hair loss treatment (in fact they make you sign an agreement you're doing it at your own risk before they supply)


    Started losing my hair back when mid 20's. It was not a pleasant thing but the only thing you can do is just live with it.
    I found in my case that excessive stress at the time was a major contributor.
    Just get a crew cut… #3 or #4 and live with it. Many people have far worse things inflicted on them in life so be grateful.
    One bonus is that you will save a heap on shampoo and combs!!!
    Regardless… even with hair loss I am still sexy as all get out … :-)


    Shave it, start wearing edgy clothing and stop smiling. I have a mate who does this, and he gets approached by women all the time. They literally walk up to him and hand him their number. And he's not an attractive man either, so if it works for him it can work for you too.

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      A study published by the American Psychological Association found that women were least attracted to smiling, happy men, preferring those who looked proud and powerful or moody and ashamed.

      There you go.


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        Well doesn't do him any good. He's as gay as the day is long xD

        Ah universe. I try to match your comedic skill, but no matter what I do you're a class above me.

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    Im only 20 and by the time im 25 id say i will be fully bald, i have been recceding since i was about 16 , My dads bald and so is his dad, so i dont believe its from mothers side genetics because her father has a full set of hair at 73.. Pretty depressing tbh i was told by my parents for years that i wont go bald as theres new technology out now to prevent it but in reality theres nothing i can do about my genetics


    Also try multi vitamins that have the most INOSITOL, which promotes hair regrowth. Completely minimize oils in your diet like vit e, omegas and fatty foods, this will help slow down the fall out. Rinse your shampoo out really well, those chemicals can contribute to greater hair loss. Avoid conditioners.
    Good luck.


    Yep, same for me although Im in my early 30's. Only started losing in the last 5 years or so but starting to ramp it up now. Only thing stopping me from shaving short is a big mole on my hair line. Been meaning to get it cut out but dont really feel like paying $$$ to a plastics guy for cosmetic reasons….yet

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      Just cut it off with a knife? Hahaha

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      If its not that large, your GP should be able to kill it with liquid nitrogen.


        Yep, bit too big unfortunately. About yr size of a piece of sweet corn. Never worried about it because it used to be well hidden behind the hair line, but that has now crept backwards :(

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    Sounds like you need a DHT blocking shampoo. Check out: Pura d'or Argan Oil and Nizoral Shampoo 2% which contains DHT blocking ingredients (google them to find out more)

    Have personal experience with both these products with good results - that don't mess with your libido or give any other bad side effects!

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    Sounds like the Finasteride reduces testosterone, hence the decreased libido. My thoughts are probably don't continue with the Finasteride, because then you're just opening a whole new set of problems that are kind of a big deal. I mean giving yourself erection problems can affect finding a long term partner and having children etc, not sure if its something you want to mess with not to mention I guess there's the sexual pleasure side of things as well. My knowledge on male hair loss is limited. I know if your maternal grandfather had hair loss it means you'll get it too, I remember that from anthropology class. I'm not sure if it'd be an option, but shaving your head or getting a number 1 or 2 cut will make it look less obvious. Some people look better with shaved heads eg. Jason Statham, you could give that a go. I guess toupee's could be an option?? You could buy a seriously expensive one that'll blend well and maybe no one would know the difference?? Anyway I dont know a lot about hair loss and wish you all the best. This thread should be an interesting read and hopefully someone can come up with a good option for you. Good luck!

    EDIT: Found an interesting Choice article re hair loss that could be useful - It mentions Dutasteride (Avodart) as an alternative to Finasteride and this might work better for you. It doesnt mention side effects in the article though so you might want to research this. The article also talks about hair transplant surgery as an option.

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    Clippers and bulk up a bit in the gym.
    - Personal experience.


    When I felt anxious and worried, or I was busy, I would lose my hair somehow in a period, like financial difficulty or final exam when I was a uni student.
    but after problem resolved, I noticed my hair grown back. another reason might be I had more time for sports and rest.

    So maybe you should get rid of worries first, and try healthy lifestyle, get enough rest, eat balance diet.


      similar to my experience on IT troubleshooting, try the solution that less expensive and risky. Maybe try pills after these lifestyle changes


        It seems like some of the creams work best when it firsts starts happening and the longer you leave it the less likely they are to work. So maybe looking into all his options now is a good idea.


    Been using finasteride/propecia 1mg for 8 years now since I was 18. There's a lot of scaremongering on the internet about its side-effects.

    I'm also on minoxidil but use it once a day.

    My hair loss has slowed down dramatically. I would recommend but it's ultimately up to you.


    shaving it all off, wearing a wig, combing it over, getting a hair transplant done, using hair building fibres, consuming pharmaceuticals etc - all of these are different techniques trying to achieve the same goal: conceal baldness
    I find it laughable when people tell you: don't waste money with a hair transplant, just get over it and shave it all off - as if bald guys who shave their hair multiple times a week are not trying to conceal their baldness.
    the fact is, no young guy wants to look like Gargamel from The Smurfs, and I don't see how is a shaved head a proof that a guy has gotten over it… just because it's cheaper and more practical (?) - I for example absolutely hate the idea of having to maintain my hair multiple times a week or even every day, I even shave my beard about once a month… plus some of us look stupid as skinheads, not to mention exposing your skin to the deadly Australian sun…



    You are quite young… may be genetic? But even so there are many factors not directly related to your scalp.

    One thing I can say is that STRESS, DIET and LACK OF PROPER SLEEP can really wreck havoc on hair (and at times changes in seasons - humans do lose hair like animals too)

    My hair improved when I changed jobs and signifcantly reduced stress, less working into the midnight hours.

    Also make sure it is quality sleep - no ipad/tablet/blue light before bed - never in bed.

    And doing those three things well is a great habit anyway —- health isn't about how long you live, it is about how much function you have whilst living!

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    Ok I did a shit load of research on this a few years ago, here's my views/story/random thoughts…

    Instead of going generic 1mg finasteride (Propecia) get a prescription for brand name Proscar 5mg tablets and cut them into 5ths, $90 for a packet of 30 (lasts 150 days). Yeah generics are supposed to be as equal but I did not read as many complaints about the brand name stuff so figured it's not worth the risk to save a few bucks, the stuff is so cheap for what it does (for me) anyway.

    Really the risks are so low (the internet always hypes up negatives with anything), the difference between the placebo and real thing were negligible from what I had read.
    The question you are going to have to ask yourself is, is it worth it, and if you don't try are you going to be wondering what if in the future? Everybody is different.

    I personally felt that it was worth it for me. I'm an attractive guy, not as an attractive with a shaved head so I wasn't willing to just wait and lose my hair before I was 30 so I did my research and made the educated guess to start now while I'm around Norwood 2-3 (after receding from about age 17 to 22) before it became noticeable (to anyone other than me, or someone familiar with early MPB). You can always go bald if I chose but you can't always grow hair.. And it is MUCH easier to maintain than to grow.

    Now at almost 25, after 2 years on Fin, still a NW2-3, I wish I wasn't a (profanity) and started earlier. If anything it has increased my libido, which was my only real concern about taking the drug.
    As soon as I started it was just a weight lifted off my shoulders, it just felt like I was in control (somewhat) and if felt good doing something positive rather than fearing the inevitable, not that I was stressing but it was always something that was in the back of my mind. Overall I would say I am much less focused on hair loss, just remember to pop a pill every day, becomes second nature.

    Seeing other friends that were never losing their hair 2 years ago, now with a worse hairline than mine, or friends that were at the same level as me now way worse off I am happy with my choice.

    The fact is Fin currently is the only way to keep your hair (even if you have a transplant you are supposed to be on fin for a while beforehand or it just falls out, google "wayne rooney shit hair transplant"). Rogaine is just a facade, yeah it grows but it doesn't stop the follicles from dying.

    Hopefully a cure (either regrowth or at least a permaanent solution which halts hair loss) does eventually comes along where we can jump off finasteride, but really why the hell would they cure it when they can sell Propecia/Proscar tablets to millions of men worldwide and make a killing.

    So yeah, fin slowed my hairloss down for sure but you'll have to make your own decision, just annoying when people say "theres nothing you can do about it".


      Brilliant reply mate. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for taking the time to share you experiences instead of "suck it up, you'll look better bald"

      Haha. Maybe when I've settled down/married it won't matter. But I'm 25 :)

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        No way. Can't do that. "Maybe when I've settled down/married it won't matter". That's breach of ( marriage ) contract.


    It is what it is mate; wear your lack of hair with pride. Men these days lose much more than hair and get away with it; balls, et al…


    Im lucky enough to not have to worry, but if I did go bald, I would go the tattoo option


    Try hairtec shampoo and serum. It worked pretty okay with my dad, though he didn't start balding very young.
    I heard it makes you feel a bit itchy the first few weeks but after that it's alright.


    I have the added bonus of quite a big scar on the right side of my head from brain tumour surgery but it does cause quite an ache in winter so a beanie is a must, which is also another alternative. That or a hat.


    Honestly, when i was losing my hair a few years ago i was faced with the same decision. My confidence was down and it had a negative affect on me.

    I ended up going to Ashley and Martin and although it is a bit pricey, i think it cost me $3600 for the first year, it has worked very well. I was almost bald in some areas and now a year and a bit later, it doesnt look like i was ever balding.

    It does help that after the first year the price get cuts in half but if you do have the money i would recommend.


      Haha you haven't read many of the comments here, evidently ;)


    So Finasteride reduces testosterone production, or simply the conversion to DHT? If the later, then can you get a testosterone shot once a month to offset? If the former then it would be pointless.

    Also, doesn't sex increase testosterone production. Getting the vibe here many think it's around the other way. Pretty sure your body produces more testosterone to replace sperm. That being said, I'm probably shagging my hair away…

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    I think the OP has already decided he wants to go the hair loss prevention route and that's cool. It's evident in the way he cherry picks the comments that support his feelings, and discards the 'anecdotal' evidence on the side effects of finasteride. Sure you may exhibit none and they may be embellished on the internet, but I wouldn't even be tempted to try for something that isn't life threatening. I'd rather go bald than the 'scientifically non existent side effects when compared to a placebo' option to potentially grow man boobs and shoot watery semen out of a dismal erection.

    Sure you can argue that "shaving your head is hiding baldness"…. having a shaved head looks much better on anyone that is losing their hair than someone being unkempt with a shit head of hair, even just buzzing it short will look better, you don't have to do the mr clean thing, its not about hiding it, its about being presentable with lesser options. The task of clipping your head is hardly on par with going to doctors, filling prescriptions, cutting pills to save money, putting slop in your hair, not wanting someone to touch your hair incase they mess up the fragile art-work you achieved on it in the morning (daily bathroom touchups not included) etc.

    Its funny hearing the time argument of shaving your head especially for someone with hair. I shave my head because its the quickest option for me, quicker than going to a hairdresser or barber to style, quicker than having to brush it in the morning or put product in it. I have a pretty thick full head of hair and I shave it when it gets too out of control because I couldn't be stuffed doing something with it.

    Ultimately, the end game will be the same, if your perceived attractiveness is tied up in your hair, it'll soon dissipate when people realise the insecurities that still lie within. And if you're with a partner that is adamant that you keep your hair or its off, then you also have made a pretty bad choice in who you link up with.

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    Rub olive oil on your head !!

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    I am surprised that nobody came up yet with 'BEER'. Yes, right: BEER
    Drink quality BEER and not little. This gives the nutrients to your hair. They will return full and strong.
    Side-effects also beneficial: You de-stress, and get a positive attitude towards life.

    Seriously, if your father and Grandpa do not loose hair, it's not genetic. Reduce stress, eat better.
    You could get your blood analysed for toxins. See if there's something there.
    Or there is an hormonal imbalance, at the root cause, and hair loss is only symptom. Might be worth to check that too.

    And don't pull your hair in desperation !


    Okay, this started happening to me about a year ago. Wife noticed it and I was like "WT*"

    Did the comb over the spot for a week or so (it really does affect your self esteem)

    Three things resolved it !
    - Paleo Diet - warning - no carbs here!!
    - Massaging organic coconut oil into the spot each morning after a bath - I no longer do this since it's grown back
    - This Shampoo & This conditioner daily

    We (and doctors) generally never look at diet being the cause !

    Hope this helps someone here.

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    The real problem is not hair loss but that you feel insecure due to the hair loss. The solution, whilst easier said than done, is to feel confident in yourself. Of course you don't feel confident because you think people are judging you. First, no one is really cares. Two, don't fight it. Accept that you are losing your hair and make the best of it. If you keep yourself fit and shave it then that is a great and popular look and you will feel confident in yourself. Another perk is shaving is such a time saver and you will no longer have bad hair days ;)

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    A true ozbargainer shaves their head to save on haircuts


    I've been on finasteride 6 months. Libido etc still there 100%.
    A good GP who you trust will give the best advice.


      Great vid! Ashley and Martin Drs made me uneasy when I went there. Now I know why haha - they are not real Drs!


    Saw palmetto + Finasteride + Zinc is a popular treatment
    As well as Minoxidil 5% and 7%.
    You could try to get Melatonin 1% compound as well, apparently that helps, but this is not as well known as other treatment.


    If you have tried it all try the following that has worked for a few including myself

    Saw palmetto


    avoid washing hair daily, a gentle shampoo alternate days

    And see the results over 45 days for visible changes. Does not have the harmful side affects of Finasteride.

    Just my 2 cents


    Once you start getting a Super Zero Cut from you barber then you know you've accepted baldness.

    Once I stopped caring I realized nobody else did either.

    My tip, Keep your hair very short. Dont hide it
    Chicks dig bald guys!


    Not sure if anyone has said this but you can get Walmart brand minoxodil from Amazon at a tiny fraction of the price


      Yes we all know this.. minidoxil only works for 10% of male pattern baldness

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    You know if there was any drug that actually cured hair loss without side effects then prince harry would be using it and he wouldn't be going bald

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    I had a flatmate/friend who had a similar issue that started approx 6 months before his wedding.
    He went to a nutritionist, got some info.
    I observed him go on a regular, disciplined, planned diet.
    Diet included specific portion of tuna, spinach leaves (barely cooked), figs and Chyawanprash… They were all herbal, natural, no drugs.

    His receding hair line advanced back to almost the same line as before over the 6 months.
    Maybe that's why I believe its possible to regain it before it gets too late.

    And don't stop carbs/proteins completely as it may be TE (Telogen Effluvium)

    Best of luck!


    Mate, you are not your hair.

    First its Ashley and Martin, then its a weave, then plugs.

    Where does it end… here ->

    +1 for clippers and concentrate on the rest of yourself.

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    I'm happy this is being discussed. My thread on Hair Transplants wasn't popular at all!

    I thought I would chime in and put my hand up as yet ANOTHER guy who suffered serious, scary side effects from taking finasteride/Propecia.

    In fact, of the 6 men I know personally who have taken it, 5 of them experienced sexual side effects. I am convinced the % of side effects is hugely understated and the Doctors essentially, well, brain washed on the issue. Can they not see the HUGE profit motive to play these side effects down? In fact, the last Doctor I spoke to about it made me feel like an idiot for thinking it was due to finasteride. Well, years and some hormone therapy later, I think I'm OK now… but seriously, f**k that!

    (Off topic, after my fiancee and her friend both got Ulcerative Colitis after taking the 'super safe, side effects are unheard of' birth control device Mirena, it raised some questions about the whole industry for me. Call me a conspiracy nut if you will, the evidence in front my face is more valuable than the little pamphlet in the 'medicine' telling you its super safe from the very company that profits from selling it to you).

    In any case, I have decided to forget the drugs (or anything else that requires a lot of effort) and go with the following: A HT to get my hairline back and PRP to maintain. I think the iGrow home laser may be an OK alternative for PRP. And obviously, don't smoke, avoid stress, eat well and exercise. was the most helpful site I ever found during my countless hours of research on the issue.


      So you're suggesting that doctors are being paid by the finasteride cartel and denying clinical studies showing minimal risk to sexual function?


        No… all I'm saying is something is not right here - 5 out of 6 people I know had side effects, the literature says it's 2%. Make from that what you will.

        General question - Do you believe a company would ever downplay the risks associated with something they sell? (especially ones that have been shielded from liability in the court system?). Or you do believe they will do the right thing, be totally honest and lose profits?

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      What's PRP?


        Google is your friend. There is just too much to say in a comment. Basically they extract your own blood, put it in a centrifuge and inject the growth stimulating pallets back into your scalp. Some get great results but it varies. Still an emerging technique. It's the same as the 'Vampire facial' Kim K had (it works on facial skin as well).


        There are plenty of sites out there… but in short, 8-15k and they take hair from the back of your head and put it in your hairline. Very expensive but the best treatment out there really. Hair functions just the same as normal hair. Does not stop further loss, so you'll need another HT or stop the loss another way (PRP or something else).


    Hair is gross. Just glorified fur. Everybody should have all hair removed. As for picking up women, it's all about humour, charisma, confidence, and never making them feel bad.

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    Bro you need to chill a bit. Maybe stress is the real reason.


    I started going bald when I was 15 - that was hard. ;-) I'm late 40s now, totally bald on top but the 'pattern' is still continuing, i.e I'm still receding. Honestly, the best thing I ever did was cut my hair short (at Byron Bay one NYE) and dye it blonde. Everyone said it made me look younger/cooler. I've pretty much done that for the next 15 years. Short and blonde really minimises the contrast between your hair and scalp (I'm white skinned, obviously :-) and has the potential to look cool if done well. Regardless of the colour, short is better for looks.

    Some say Nizoral shampoo (I think active ingredient Ketoconazole) actually retards hair loss, so it would be interesting to actually try Ketoconazole cream at a higher/more persistent concentration than a shampoo - of course using that long term might not be a good idea, you can ask your doctor.

    In general I found that if my scalp was oilier or irritated/itchy I would subjectively lose more hair, so I shampooed daily or more. My hair loss certainly did proceed really slowly compared to a lot of other guys I have known, considering how early on it started. I used Selsun anti-dandruff shampoo quite often (active ingredient is selenium) and also anti-dandruff shampoos with Pyrithione Zinc in them. The latter has also shown some effect on shedding in some scientific studies at least. With regards to the Finasteride, did you try a lower dose?

    Good luck man.. :-)

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    Just enjoy it while it last and when it gets thin shave it off or keep it very short.
    Like other people said is not a disease and be happy with your health. I would advice against taking anything that may damage your body in the long run.
    In my twenties I lost lots of hair at times and shaved my hair to #0 but losing hair stopped for some reason when I turned 30 around the time I started drinking lots of water everyday. Like 3 litres a day. At the rate I was losing hair I should have been bald by now. However it really stopped and seems to have even grown back.
    People lose hair everyday so that's normal. Also men lose hair over time as part of getting old. Instead if wasting money on hair products join a gym or save money to go on short holidays.
    Good luck!


    Anyone tried Morr-f 3 or 5?


    Whether you try treatment or shave really depends on one thing - your head shape.

    If your head is a reasonable shape, the answer is definitively yes, you will look better bald. Otherwise, try delay it.

    I receded early and took too long to shave. Luckily for me, the noggin is a good shape. I should have shaved sooner, because my bald patch was BAD.

    When I say shave, I mean razor. It does look better than a short clipper cut. It is much higher maintenance though. PS: don't be afraid of the razor, your head is actually very easy to shave without cutting yourself. I only cut myself once every couple of months and thats usually only because I'm rushing.

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    I am losing hair but i already have too much to think about so i am ready to accept the baldness.

    I have very stubborn curls that are like wires and have been major issue throughout my life.



    Adding more fruits and vegetables into your diet can help to prevent further hair loss. Fruits and vegetables have nutrients that help to grow hair and strengthen hair follicles. There are various essential oils and carrier oils that can help with hair loss as well.

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    28 now. Here’s my update

    If you do your research, you will find there are two effective medications

    Finesteride and Minoxidil.

    Law Palmetto is often touted, but no clinical evidence.

    Finesteride is best as a pill - go to your GP and get a large dose (2mg), use a pill cutter to split four ways - that’s the cheapest way. Don’t go to any of those hair loss ‘doctors’ that you see in ads. They just put you on Finesteride and charge you 10x what you can do DIY

    Minoxidil you get get via eBay etc.. a daily hair wash serum is effective

    However, both have side effects. Finesteride destroyed my libido. I didn’t want to admit it, I actually gave it two chances as it really did work for hair loss… but my libido went and with it a drive and passion for success too… it’s very linked… They say it’s only 1% of people…. but I think it’s a lie - it’s everyone. Don’t do it, not worth the risk. It’s a permanent thing too. I’m not the same since then.

    Minoxidil make your face ‘puffy’ and you look bad. I don’t use it haha.

    I grew to accept it, but I still hate it. It’s crap.

    I do plan to do a hair transplant… maybe in Turkey or SE Asia is cheaper. That is the ONLY way to actually ‘fix it’… It’s expensive….