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50% off New Balance Site Wide, Today Only. Delivery from $10


I just received an email from New Balance indicating they are having a flash sale of 50% off store wide! Time to stock up!

Stack code NBSTAR30 at checkout for an additional 30% off and free shipping (thanks to sbm888!) (Expired/disabled midday)

According to several users - NB are honouring orders even with the 30% off - with some orders being delivered already.

Kudos to New Balance for honouring this! Make sure you keep them in mind when these shoes eventually wear out - better than the likes of Bupa etc who have cancelled in the past!

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  • The price changed after I went through Paypal and it charged me a higher amount!! I will now need to cancel my order.

  • Missed out while checking out. Sad face !!!

  • I don't know what you guys mean by stacking, but the promo code NBSTAR30 already states it has been applied with no change to price. Anyone else get this?

  • Promo stacking expired!

  • Coupon worked when i have tested it, i have added a bunch to my cart & not working now :( :(
    Any other working codes please….

  • I'd be interested to hear if people have the deal honored or if they are offered refunds.

    • Got some stuffs when the code still worked but my order status is still "pending" atm. Hope they honour it.

  • god darn it i missed it

  • Code worked while I was checking out, then got charged the full amount + shipping once I paid, waiting on hold for customer service now :(

    • Me too! More hassle. Let me know if you get through. I have emailed them as well.

      I'm sure the price was shown as the lower amount, but I was charged the higher amount.

      • Refused to honour the coupon stating they were doing the 50% off sale and do not allow stacking. Initially tried to tell me to wait for my items to be shipped then return the items for a refund. After arguing with them that if I did that I'd still be out $10 for shipping they finally agreed to refund the full sale, but said "I'm only doing this one time, I couldn't do this for everyone."
        Never shopping with New Balance again, poor effort
        I'd happily pay for shipping and higher prices if I was aware of the amount I was paying and not being surprised by the bill afterwards

        • Ridiculous. They should cancel the order! I'll just go through Paypal!

          I'm still on hold. They must have heaps of people trying to cancel!

        • How much did you buy?

        • Just got through after an hour on hold. No problem cancelling. They charged me $444 but using the previous code that was only $310 or so.

          Very annoying though as it was just a big waste of time.

  • That blows!
    I couldn't decide which pair of shoes to get so I had some lunch and then when I come back the voucher doesn't work.

    I had a pair in my basket and it increased in price when I changed the page.

  • Noo took too long. Eh, not a fan of the new kit anyway.

  • is free delivery working for over $100? As still coming up as $10 for me. Even the discount code gone I still thinking to make an order.

    • No - the free delivery was provided by the coupon code. The deal's title has already been updated to reflect that.

      • If clicking on the top banner on their website it says:

        "Free Shipping
        on orders over $100

        Orders will be shipped air-freight via Startrack Express.
        Please allow an additional 24 hours for order processing before shipment.
        No delivery on weekends or holidays within each state."

        • Oops, my bad. I did notice my >$100 order still had $10 shipping earlier as well, but assumed it was due to the code not being applied.

      • Nothing to do with a coupon,the site pretty clearly says free shipping for orders over $100.
        Doesn't seem to be working though.

        • When I spoke to them, they said there is no free shipping with this deal. Complete mess up from them as they did not think through the scenarios.

        • @bargain_knight:
          Looks like they are listening as product page has now been updated for item I wanted to buy "Sorry, no free shipping on this product." - comment wasn't on the page before

    • I believe Rebel sports also has 50% on NB. If you can find the item that you want from Rebel than might as well go and pick it up and save $10!

      • Unfortunately Rebel has bugger all stock instore for pickup, at least in Melbourne CBD/ladies shoes :(

    • The original email this morning advertising the 50% off sale even mentions the free shipping on orders over $100, so it seems almost like they just changed their mind about it at midday today

  • +14 votes

    ive learnt one valuable lesson from my time on ozbargain..with these sort of deals do not second guess. Buy as soon as possible

  • +1 vote

    Bought fresh Zantes for $59.50. Received confirmation email, and they've taken my money, aw yeah! Cheers OP.

  • NBSTAR30 code doesn't work for me 1:11PM :( Says:

    "Not Applied Coupon Number: NBSTAR30"

  • NB Management must be having an emergency meeting re the fate of our orders! Hope they don't do what JeansWest did a while ago..

  • A minute of silence for those who missed out on the coupon stacks, aka me. If there are any other coupons still working, send them to me, cheers.

  • I wonder how long before we see some shoes up on Ebay or Gumtree? lol
    I managed to get a few orders in, including shoes for my daughter for the next 2 years of school haha. Hope the code is honoured

  • any other codes about.. i also had lunch with them in cart

  • Bugger, was hoping that the code would still be working tonight so that I could work out what shoes to buy. Oh well, might buy some in-store at Rebel as they still have 50 % off and would not have to pay for shipping.

  • oh no I missed out the extra 30% too :(

  • Unlucky for the people that missed out, i knew i had to buy them quick when i noticed items in my cart becoming sold out

  • NB sucks for doing this.. After the code didn't work I closed my browser, then an hour or so later received an email from them titled 'Free shipping when you complete your order' - click back in and the shipping is still there.. Won't let me apply any codes. Bad juju New Balance!

  • I have a leg pain. Would these be any good? or any other suggestions.


    • +1 vote

      i cant comment on those specific pairs but the new balances i do have (373) are very comfy for walking (i had a slight sprain and these really helped)

      so id imagine the more pricey varieties would be more comfy (like the one you mentioned)

  • Currently on hold to ask for recommendations for wide and flat feet, what's the sizing like compared to Nike?

  • I can't seem to see anywhere to track an order status - I got the confirmation email with an order number but I didnt sign up when I checked out. Was that required to see order status?

  • Good deal

  • I guess there's no more coupon codes :(

    I normally check this site on my lunch break, except today..

    My last pair of New Balance were $100 on sale and lasted less than a year (Bottom tread both peeled off at the same time) but were comfortable, anyone else worn a pair recently and can comment on their quality?

  • Got some shorts and a polo for $36 delivered. Cheers heathy :)

  • Does anyone had wanted to do a return or exchange when bought online newbalance.com.au?

    Would store exchange able to?

    • according to their website all online orders come with a return sticker so you can post shoes back to their warehouse/head office/whatever. Doesn't mention returning to a retail location. You could give it a shot, what do you have to lose?

      • I thinking to exchange. Just finding it unbusiness sense not able to return or exchange in store.

  • Free shipping over $100 doesnt work either

  • Just ordered some kicks using the NBSTAR30 code right now (6PM 1 June Sydney time), and can confirm it worked. Even got an email confirming the amount that has hit my card being at the NBSTAR30CODE discount.
    Might be working again?

    Only other thing I can think of is I noticed in the order submission screen that there are two places you can enter a code - I entered mine on the right hand side in the right column. That might also play into it?

    • It looks like it applies by letting you add it, but it actually has the words 'Not Applied' next to it, and the prices are all exactly the same, plus the additional shipping cost is still added.

  • The Iconic has some NBs for sale at 50% off. Bought 4 pairs today. Good for 4 years like my last pairs.

  • Grrrrr!!

    They have the 6E width but not the size 15 on one shoe, and then they have the size 15 but not the 6E width on another!


    Great deal tho, almost going to buy even if they don't fit!

  • thnx OP great deal!!

    I used NBSTAR30 and got free shipping.

  • No free shipping on shoes I need :(

  • Website says this deal is on til 2nd June 7am and indeed I've just saved $150 on 2 pairs of shoes. The various promo codes mentioned in the thread all appeared to do nothing.

  • Another shitty example of an offer that by the time ozbargains sends it digest its expired lol.

  • Order is still at pending.

    • Same, haven't received confirmation or shipping order…

    • Just call! I called this morning and they can look up your order easily. I even got to cancel one order I didn't want anymore. And interestingly if you leave your item in shopping cart overnight, next morning you get an email saying finish your checkout and receive free shipping. Made $10 in my sleep!

  • usually they ship order within 24hours of placement. couldnt see any movement in the order status. Has anyone's order got shipped?

  • +5 votes

    I called them (being super impatient as i am) and they said theyre backed up with orders due to the sale so 3-5 business days

  • Just received a dispatch confirmation for one of my orders using 30% off. Woo!

  • Yup me too. Got email confirming despatch! Thanks NB!

  • Me three, got one of my three orders shipped and ironically, that what the last order I made. My first two orders which I made using PayPal are still sitting as NEW!

  • ASTRO and ROCK, approx what time did u place the order? I jumped on relatively quickly (but not OZB quick) and havent gotten any despatch info.

    Did u guys bug them at all? :)

    • my first two orders were made between 9:30 and 10 AM which are still not processed. The dispatched order was made at 11:30 AM… No, I didn't bug them at all :)

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