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50% off New Balance Site Wide, Today Only. Delivery from $10


I just received an email from New Balance indicating they are having a flash sale of 50% off store wide! Time to stock up!

Stack code NBSTAR30 at checkout for an additional 30% off and free shipping (thanks to sbm888!) (Expired/disabled midday)

According to several users - NB are honouring orders even with the 30% off - with some orders being delivered already.

Kudos to New Balance for honouring this! Make sure you keep them in mind when these shoes eventually wear out - better than the likes of Bupa etc who have cancelled in the past!

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        Thanks Rock. I only did one order, probably around the time of your first two orders :(

        Anyway fingers crossed - if I dont get it, at least you did :)

  • Got dispatch notices on both my orders using 30% off! WOOOT!

  • Got a dispatch confirmation as well (with the additional 30%)! :)

  • Me too!

    Yay NB! Hope no one got fired…

  • I received this morning from Star-track.

    1x XL Liverpool 16/17 long jersey, ready for winter run!!

    ordered around 1115am.

    Thanks OP!

  • I haven't received shipping confirmation yet and I ordered around 930am with the coupons.

    I guess I'll just wait and see.

    • I placed two orders around that time too and still haven't received the confirmation. Their status is still 'New'. Did you by chance paid by PayPal as well?

  • On-board for delivery today…awesome…$60 for NB Fresh Foam Zante v2

  • Damn still haven't received any shipping confirmation to Melbourne
    Ordered 10:41am through paypal with the 30% off coupon

  • Received one of my orders today - last one I placed. Just called about my first order showing as pending - they said it was invoiced and due to be shipped today.
    Used the 30% off code with both my orders, so no issues at all


    order just arrived. ordered 9.00am but didnt receive shipping info at all lol

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    Looks like they honoured at least SOME of the orders with the additional 30% off, they have to get at least some credit for that. Plus it looks like they are crazy fast with shipping.

    • I think they would need to honour anything that they have send a 'thank you for your order' email I would have thought…

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        Well yeah, but this Australia after all :) Which is why I say that NB honouring the orders will be a bit of a coo because ppl will forevermore have warm and fuzzies for NB, even after the sale.

        Every single sneaker I had were Nike up until Year 8, then there was a bigass sale for ASICS, so big that I cldnt resist. Now I'm onto my 6th pair of Kayanos, 5 of which were bought whilst NOT on sale.

        • Agreed. If this all goes through (and the shoes aren't total shite that fall apart) then NB will have earned a lot of brand loyalty

  • The 30% off order I made via credit card is still pending too, ordered it about 10am.

  • ordered 10.30am, 30% coupon, paid by credit card not paypal. no email update and still shows pending under online order tracker :\ not sure how theyre prioritising the orders. oh well, fingers crossed.

    • ordered before 10am, used paypal and 30% coupon, still 'pending' but got a notice yesterday that one pr shoes was out of stock (574). rang up this morning to request a substitute. they mentioned the price error but said they'd honour my revised order at the extra cheap price. legends. on a side note, the gf placed a separate order around 2pm after they bailed the 30% code. hers was delivered this morning.. go figure.

  • Order arrived this morning. Used PayPus

  • Got my order today and couldn't be happier - perfect fit and an extremely light and comfortable pair of shoes. That's how you get repeat business, well done NB!

  • My friend received an email yesterday night and then the order today. However the order was made after the coupon was stopped and she paid for shipping (as less than $100). Mine and her other order which was made with the extra 30% off coupon, no email stating it has shipped has been received yet

  • I got my $77 Leadville trail runners delivered today with Paypal and the extra 30% + free delivery code.

    This is my first pair of NB shoes and my first impression is very positive. We'll see how they go after they hit the trails, but they seem excellent so far and I'm very happy with the deal.


    Got shipping confirmation last night, used 30% off code, paid via credit card.

  • Kudos to New Balance for honouring this! Make sure you keep them in mind when these shoes eventually wear out - better than the likes of Bupa etc who have cancelled in the past!

  • I too used the 30% off code and I put my order in at about 1025AM. It's still pending.

    • I just received an email advising of dispatch. I wish I ordered more. I even went to Rebel Sport after I first ordered to try on some NB jackets.

  • Grrrr, didn't use the 30% extra off code, and almost a week later still haven't received any sort of shipping/dispatch email whatsoever :(

    • My friend ordered about an hour after me on Wednesday, and he got his package on Friday. Mine is still listed as 'new' under the order status thing. Not happy either, you would think they would process the orders in chronological order.

  • My order is still pending. I'm hoping they'll honour it (got the extra 30% off).

  • order still pending as well, but I saw my shoes are out of stock already………

    • same here. Looks like I have to wait for stock to arrive or they might cancel it.

    • same here - I ordered while still in stock, now I'm pending and no stock.
      you'd think it should have been chronological whoever orders first, should get shipping?

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    Had originally assumed that orders wld be shipped out in order (in which case my order wld be despatched already) but it looks like it's all over the place and orders before and after ours were put thru and processed first. Strange.

    Maybe theyre just randomly working thru a mass of orders due to the sale

    • My just order got cancelled due to lack of stock and I only ordered one shoe without stacking a coupon code. It was instock when I ordered. Looks like they processed other people's orders in front of mine.


        that sucks :( im still waiting for one order and at this point it dosent look likely i'll be getting it

      • Argh bad luck,that really sucks

  • Just got an e-mail confirmation that my order is on its way. I bought at around 10:15am with the 30% off and via Paypal for all who are interested.

    Thanks New Balance. I have been buying more of their clothing recently and i've been nothing but happy with my purchases.

  • +1 vote

    Just received shipping confirmation!

  • +1 vote

    Me too :) And hope more ppl get their stuff as well

    C'mon NB, goodwill for all is the best policy!

  • Just got dispatch email too.

    Just checked my bank account. It seems that NB has charged me double for my order and I have sent an email about it. Please check your accounts guys, asap.

  • I've been waiting for ages for this shipping confirmation and sent NB a Facebook message yesterday morning that hasn't had a reply. After reading about the above double charge I checked my account and the preauthorisation against NB from last week is gone :( hope this isn't a sign that they've refunded due to no stock. I'd be pissed off cos I managed to get the 30% code stacked just in time too.

    • +1 vote

      My shoes are still in stock and I got the order sent notification (used 30% discount)

    • My preauthorisation is gone too. I ordered at 9am, so it sucks that all these people who ordered later than that have got their orders already, but the earlier orders are still pending :(

    • well, imagine how I feel? :( I was the first to use the code…..and I'm still pending

      I just went to the online check order and it has the option to 're-order'

      I guess they stuffed up with orders, seems like there's no real process to follow order numbers.

      • Damn, that's sucks :( I suppose reorder would be as current pricing? You'd think if they have stock for reorder then they can fulfil your original order. The shoes I ordered at totally out of stock online :/ not sure what to make of all this, but maybe NB didn't plan ahead well for their mega sale…

      • Don't worry, I also had "re-order" on a couple of items, but it's just some kind of marketing trick :-), got shipping confirmation yesterday evening.

      • SBM - hopefully you're the highest voted deal and get something nice from Scotty!

    • I called them yesterday and they said orders would only pass the online order form if there was stock, cos the next step after that is the warehouse gets the packing slips. There should be no situation where the website would allow orders through if there weren't stock on the shelves. My orders are still in "NEW" status and they said it's due to backlog but said they would be fulfilled. Wait and see I guess! And I ordered 5 pairs!


    on board for delivery today..chee hoo!!

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    No doubt some ppl may not get their orders, but guys, give them time. I bet at least some will eventually get dispatch notices.

    @sbm , items in ur order history with "re-order" is only for you to "re-order" when u want to buy another pair. Mine was the same

  • Received 1 of my 3 today which was my first order - I made 2 subsequent orders 30min after that.

    My other 2 are still sitting as awaiting authorisation on Paypal.

    Credit where credit is due though, I got a despatch email at 7pm last night and the goods were delivered at 9am this morning.

    • I've got despatch email around 9pm yesterday. Star track ETA is today, but tracking status is "Held". So, I reckon, it will be delivered tomorrow in best case :-)

  • Called up and talked to a very helpful lady 'Steph'. Said they were totally swamped with orders and would not meet the 3-5 business days on many orders. She did however refund my shipping fee by editing the amount to be taken out. WOOT!!! Pretty happy with that, willing to wait longer now, she said I should get it delivered by end of the week if not call up next week. Once you get an email the order goes out overnight and you receive it the next day. They don't take out the money until it goes out, so even if the pre-auth disappears that doesn't mean they can't fulfil the order.

    • Thanks for the info lainey, very helpful. I'll just be more patient!

    • +1 vote

      My order arrived this morning. Very quick from Melbourne to Brisbane.
      I guessed the size and they fit perfectly. They are a slightly smaller US size than other shoes but thats exactly what I was after. To get such a good quality shoe for the price is great. A very happy Ozbargainer :)

  • My order got dispatched yesterday. no sign of delivery yet. A bit confused with the start track tracking. Says it's on board for delivery but the meter shows delivered. May be it's odd on the phone

    • Update: Star track got my parcel but the delivery seems to take a while. It's been on board for delivery since yesterday. Hopefully I'll get it by the end of today.

      • Keep in mind this month every single store is on sale. Everyone online has over 50% off. The logistics out there would be at triple capacity than usual. Plus recent weather and road/transport impacts.

      • Got my parcel yesterday afternoon.

        Now I have to request for an exchange. They gave the wrong size for one of the items :( wonder if you can exchange at any outlet.

  • Still hasn't been dispatched, ordered last Wednesday ! Arghhh !

  • Finally got the dispatch email five minutes ago, phew. Good luck everyone. Also got a response from NB via Facebook message as below.

    Thanks for your patience. Given the number of orders placed during the sale period last week, our Customer Service team are doing their very best to ensure that all orders are dispatched this week. You should expect to receive a response from our team within the next 48-72 hours confirming the status of your order.

    New Balance Australia

    • Just got mine about 1/2 an hour ago too. strange how they send them all out later at night, when the first scan on my tracking was at 4:30pm.

    • They had over 6000 orders last week. Some people here are so impatient lol

  • Woot! got a dispatch email!

    Thanks NB

  • +4 votes

    They are having a clearance sale up to 50% off NBSTAR30 works at the moment.

    • Thanks mate, was kicking myself that the NBSTAR30 coupon stopped working before I made a second order for a made in USA pair that I really wanted last Wednesday. Just nabbed the last size 10 pair of them now. Was ~$21 more expensive than the other day but still happy, and glad I subscribed to this thread so I saw your comment.

      • I bought the same shoe this morning with the code and got $25 off, returning the other pair where I didn't get discount. Same shoe. Reverse discount. Awesome.

  • Just got my boots!!!

  • My order has been cancelled due to insufficient stock. I ordered before 10 AM on the sale day! Very disappointing..

    • I just had an email also.

      4 items - 3 with processing delay and 1 with cancelled.

      The one that is cancelled is the 574 Re-Engineered Shoe SZ 9 in Black/White. - It's taken them this long to work this out? Really? I find that very hard to believe.

    • +2 votes

      yeh i find that hard to believe that they had insufficient stock when you ordered that early..i think they messed up priority of orders somewhere along the way..

  • Just got an email saying they've been dispatched :)

  • Got mine yesterday, Noosa Heads :)

  • Received mine this morning, Coming from an Acsics user, New balance not that great. I ordered http://www.newbalance.com.au/search?q=940v2 and its not as comfortable as my Asics Kayano 20. Full price for these New balance shoes is $210!! Lucky I just got it for $75

  • Did anyone order Vazee Rush Mens Cushioning 7.5/8 size which they'd like to return? Please let me know… thanks fellas!

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