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Free Fruit for Kids at Woolworths [Nationwide]


Free fruit, bananas, apples, pears, not a dupe, 6 months passed

thanks humblebee for the pic

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    What fruit is that at the bottom? I cant read Chinese.

    On topic though, I thought that thing's couldn't be classified as 'deals' if they were always available. Is this incorrect?

    • no, they are listed as long-running

    • Cantonese oranges

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    The best my two monsters (2 and 4yo) have done is a total of 4 bananas and an apple. Proud of you guys!

    • thats pretty impressive.

      I know people who struggle with a banana

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    You could have at least taken your own photo

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    Geez there's a lot of whiners on this thread. Yes most people know about this but it still is a good reminder. As for the deal itself, I think it's great! It actually keeps my one fruit eating kid out of mischief for most of the shop and helps me retain my sanity.

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    This only came to my local Woolies (and Coles) recently. So + for you.

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    It's great. My kid grabs one every day for their recess the next day.

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    Just got thrown out walking into the fruit and veg section on my knees.

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    What a Rort eh…

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    Gotta give credit where credit is due. Even if they're in it for profit, getting children into the habit of eating fruit (as opposed to junk) is a worthy cause.

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      The problem is that kids won't eat and this scheme is actually to ensure kids come to the supermarket.

      Once a kid in the supermarket try not walking away without junk food items, its near impossible.

    • Yes, im sure this is the reason WW has done this.

  • Makes me choose to shop at Woolworths. So handy with 4 whingy kids.

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    Unfortunately, you have to shop at ww to get your kids free fruit. I'd like to grab them free fuit from ww and do the shopping at Aldi

  • It's good if you were'nt aware of it.

    And +1 to Woolies for the idea. Great for business, and for kids/families.

  • I have seen this to my local Coles as well.

    Must be good as advertisement purpose.

    Sometime they put "I am Single: Banana" there.. #LOL

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    I really want to buy a baby goat and take it in there to wreak havoc on those baskets, is that wrong?

  • Both the Woolworths supermarkets I go to (one in inner west Sydney, the other country NSW) have stopped doing this in the past few months, so not sure this is a nationwide deal.

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      Good if they have. When it comes to feeding your kids… You have them… You feed them. Woolies, Coles or any other store that offers such gimmicks are only charging the rest of us so that cheap families can have a privilege of getting a freebie. Another reason to love Aldi - no fuel discounts and no free fruit for kids!

  • Ok, I just want to say that l in Ballina Main Street I was in wool lies the other day and they don't have free fruit for kids. Their sign says 50cents. I don't have kids but I happened to see the stand.

    So thanks to OP maybe they aren't meant to be charging?

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    Every time I go to woolies with my kid I give them one.

    make my kid quiet duration of my shopping times. THat's bargain!

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