This was posted 12 years 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$5.50 Domino's Pizza Pick-up


$5.50 pizza pick-up includes Classic, Traditional & Big Taste ($2.95 surcharge for Big Taste). Not sure of expiry.

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    after discount most of the domino store give u less ingredient…… 5.50 for a bread……. meh……

    • lol

    • Not true. Employees don't know if you have used a coupon or not and don't know how much you are paying.

      The only way this can happen is if the voucher makes the manager/owner angry and then tells his workers to make your pizza crappy on purpose.

      I doubt this ever happens.

      Certain stores just don't make great pizzas, if you reguarly buy dominos I would just find the store that makes the best pizza.

      Mine is a 3min walk away. Their regular pizzas are so good it makes their big taste very poor value :)

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        Eh? How is this true? There is a printout of the receipt to give you, we can clearly see how much you are going to pay…

        Oh nvm, but usually the manager starts the order…

        • I used to work at Dominos. Internet orders are forwarded straight to the make screen, which the cooks see who immediately start preparing your food. The receipt stating the price is not seen until the pizza cutter takes the pizza out of the oven and puts it into a box with the receipt tucked inside. So basically the only people who will know how much you pay is the guy at the register who you actually pay as the cutter wont give a damn.

    • Expired!

  • Yes, $5.50 works.
    Just a note Tue is $5.90.

    • dito livo

    • Not at all stores. Some stores charge $6.90 on Tuesday.

  • Works in Carlingford NSW :)
    I'm having it tonight, thanksssss =D

  • not at Gungahlin ACT Dominos theycharge $6.90 on tuesdays but Eagle Boys Pizza Gungahlin do $5.95 on tuesdays and the pizzas are bigger with no difference with the toppings

  • Works in Fairfield.

  • 86578
    Not valid Malvern/vic.
    Dont think they had tight ass Tuesday either. =(

  • This code seems to be working fine in NSW, can anyone from other states confirm this code works?

    • seems to work at Inglewood WA store. was even able to take off olives and add seasoned chicken. usually at this store u can't do that without an extra charge.

  • Worked today Springwood and Rouse Hill NSW

  • Still works in Tas…

  • tried it today at hurstone worked!

  • Works in Willetton, WA!

  • I went to vic park WA to collect the pizza. The staff said next time they won't accept the order under 6 for each pizza. LOL. I can see he was pissed off. Can they do that? I thought they can make the code invalid instead of telling customers what they should do.

    • don't let them manipulate you. if it works online then it should be valid. i would just walk out if i were you.

  • doesn't work anymore for me QLD

  • voucher has expired at myaree, WA

  • Expired in Clayfield, QLD

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