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Samsung 128GB Fit USB 3.0 £24.44 (~AU $48) Delivered @ Mymemory


Another great deal on a 128GB USB from Mymemory. Once again credit to HUKD, where it has blown up with 500+ votes.

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  • Am after a 128GB ultra fit, and saw this SanDisk for $40 delivered with code CLICK20:


    Is this Samsung better?

  • Thanks OP, just got one.

  • Thanks LYL!

  • So many different types of storage.
    Can anyone recommend a external storage where I can store things like photos and movies etc.
    I'm guessing an SD card could be affected by magnets too easily. A flash drive like above might get corrupted. A HDD with a disc might break. And an ssd is expensive.

    That's what I gather

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      Yep. So pick one, and then back it up on another. Redundancy and dicerse locales is the way to protect things you wish to keep, not the particular hardware itself.

      Personally SSD/HDD, SSD/HDD (both in the one PC, but could be PC and laptop for example), Stick and Cloud. 2nd SSD/HDD if the first dies. Cloud if house burns down etc. Stick, well its easy and cheap.

      • Thanks for the reply.
        Thats a very good point.
        Backing photos up onto my google drive will be perfect. I think ive got about 80gb of photos and video (drive is 115gb).
        And then onto a stick like the above.

        You've made my decision alot easier thank you very much!!!

    • How do magnets affect memory chips/cards??

      • I don't know all the tech details but if you put a magnet near the cards then it mucks up the carefully aligned electrons which are used to store information. Something similar to that.
        It might not wipe everything but it can corrupt some files.
        Best to be on the safe side when storing valuable things like photos.

    • I bought one of these Samsung USB flash drives recently. On the packaging, it clearly says it is waterproof, shock proof, magnet proof, temperature proof, and x-ray proof if this means anything. Has a 5 year warranty.

  • Don't belive a fixed pole magnet is a risk to flash type memory, electromagnetic is more likely to cause a problem due to its modulation. So I'd be more worried about leaving a memory device near a high current power supply than any magnet your likely to find at home. X-rays… Now there's a possibility. I wouldn't depend on any USB drive for critical backup in any case.

  • The best for data storage that reputably last forever: M-Disc

  • Whew dodged a bullet as I almost ordered the Sandisk one. Got two, cheers OP!

  • Code doesn't work anymore?

  • Anyone know where can I find a comparison of usb3 flash drives?