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American Express Statement Credits: Spend $40 or More, Get $10 up to 3 Times @ BP Service Stations


Save the offer to your Card and spend $40 or more, in one transaction, in-store only at BP by 14/7/16 to receive one $10 credit. Limited to first 40,000 Cards to register. Redeem offer up to 3 times at only American Express accepting BP locations.

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thanks/credit to Cocobear and bangbang

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    I did some quick calculations

    Cheapest BP in Perth Today for (95 Premium ULP) $1.309
    @ Ballajura

    Cheapest Caltex Woolworths in Perth today for (95 Premium ULP) with fuel docket and 5.5% discount cashrewards egift cards >> $1.226 ($1.12077)
    @ Greenwood, Mirrabooka, South lake, Warnbro Fair.

    1.309-1.12077 = Losing $0.18823 per litre @ BP

    $40(min spend)/1.309 = 30.56 L = $5.75 more expensive compared to Woolworths (So $4.25 saving with $10 credit)

    Purchase more than 53L @ BP and you are losing money even with the $10 Credit

    TLDR only spend the $40 minimum.

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      don't forget velocity points at bp :)

      my local bp is about the same price as woolworths/caltex and coles express/shell for 91 unleaded

      plus the premium for premium petrol is less at bp
      eg. 95 unleaded costs 8c/l more than 91 unleaded at bp but 11c/l more at caltex/shell

      also some bps have 4c/l fuel discount via independent supermarkets

      use woolworths and 7eleven apps to check current petrol prices

      7-Eleven App Lets Users Lock in Cheapest Petrol Price

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        don't forget velocity points at bp :)

        Roughly similar with 3pt/$ egift cards on platinum edge

        eg. 95 unleaded costs 8c/l more than 91 unleaded at bp but 11c/l more at caltex/shell

        WA cheapest ULP today
        Caltex/Woolworths $1.116 (4 sites in my initial post)
        BP $1.197
        Coles Express $1.339 (LOL)

        The same with some rounding on a % basis
        WOW: 1.116ULP/1.226PULP = 0.91% cheaper for ULP v PULP
        BP: 1.197ULP/1.309PULP = 0.91% cheaper for ULP v PULP

        also some bps have 4c/l fuel discount via independent supermarkets

        True :)

        • WOW: 1.116ULP/1.226PULP = 0.91% cheaper for ULP v PULP
          BP: 1.197ULP/1.309PULP = 0.91% cheaper for ULP v PULP

          so for you the premium for premium is the same :(

          the point i was trying to make was that if it's less (as it is for me) then bp can be cheaper for 95 unleaded overall :)

      • I asked a bp if i could have a velocity rewards card and they said i cant have one if im using amex :/

        • +2

          Ridiculous, they don't even know what they are saying. Just get online and order one for yourself.

        • +4

          never trust a retail clerk, there is never any consistency and they always develop these rules that don't exist

      • Hey Tonester

        My card says 14/7 finish date… Is this correct?

        • original offer was 7/7 but seems to have since been extended to 14/7 - amex confirmation needed :)

        • @tonester:
          Might help: with gift cards - I went to a local store, any store without a Wild Bean is a franchise according to assistant. Limited and varying array of gift cards, only saw iTunes, Xbox and phone recharge cards.

          She said to try bigger BPs, corporate owned ones have the Wild Beans and are more likely to offer a bigger array of cards.

    • Good effort in the comparo.

    • +5

      Sounds weird but I swear we get better mileage out of BP fuel than our local United independent for the same octane rating. Noticeably so.
      Really made me hugely suspicious that the Indy was diluting or mislabelling or whatever.

      • +3

        Not strange at all, they add so many different items to boost octane to minimum required to sell but not boost the energy density that gives the mileage.
        I get better at mileage from Costco, similar to shell maybe better, which is 7% better than 7/11
        And they admit they add all sorts into the porridge
        'Costco currently offers high quality fuel at five locations in Australia. One of the features of our fuel is the inclusion of an additive which enhances engine performance'

        • +1

          Doesn't it in most towns/cities all come from the same refinery (well it's not refined here any more)?

        • +1

          @supabrudda: Costco import directly, hence why they are the wholesaler and sell it at the wholesale price without retail markup.
          Costco also said' from Tuesday November 10, we will be offering fuel additized by our supplier across all three grades. We will continue to offer this additized fuel until we are able to make the switch to fuel additized on site at our Costco locations'
          All suppliers would add their 'additive' formula to the imported fuel, doesn't mean it's all equal from their overseas supplier in regard to energy density.
          Some cheap fuel smells like paint thinners, which is probably what it is

        • @CeeAyeEee: According to their website (2nd last in the FAQ) it's sourced from Mobil

          Where does Costco source its fuel from?

          Currently Costco sources its quality fuel from Mobil which is specified to meet Australian Standards.

          I actually (probably wrongly) thought that all the tankers grabbed fuel from the same place (like they did when the refineries operated). Sure they might add some crap in, but most of that was just cosmetic marketing differentation, rather then any real difference. SO the Mobil refinery at Alton in Melb supplies fuel to BP, Caltex, Coles, etc

        • +2

          Choice did an octane test. In summary BP 91 was higher than caltex 95 fuel. May just be the luck of the day. Pitty BP pretty much destroyed half an ocean,find it hard to support them.

        • +1

          @tunzafun001: I've shaked my head, as i pass their crazy prices, for 2 decades. The environmental disaster was the sledgehammer in fhe coffin.

          They're always busy, though. Location, and pretty.

      • Not weird at all. I get the same mileage from BP 91 that I get from Caltex Woolworths 98. Tested it many times!! Needless to say I don't ever go to Caltex Woolworths even if it's cheaper than BP.

      • I used to drive a 94 Accord and would get 280-320km out of an average tank of Caltex 95.
        Switched to BP 91 and would generally get 350-380km.
        Used BP ever since.

        My current car mandates 95+. I did experiments over a number of months and get better mileage out of BP98 than BP95, so I only use BP98 now.

        • Interesting. Does it get 5-10% better mileage to justify the extra cost?
          I just see ~$1.40/L and get scared off! Although it's 25% off with this deal :)

        • According to my completely unscientific results, I get the same value for money out of BP 95 or BP 98.
          So driving on 98 burns less fuel, but with the extra cost, works out about the same.
          They claim it's better for the environment, better for your engine, blah blah blah, so I stick with 98 as it doesn't cost me any more.

    • +2

      You are supposed to purchased the gift card there and use it when BP has good price

    • +2

      don't forget bp fuel has mystical fairies that cleans the dirt from your engine

      • Have you been watching John Cadogan?

        • lol The problem with this guy is he never says what he really thinks!

        • @McFly: JC is destination Moog from Marty Car Mods, in 10 years time.

        • @THICKnSLOW: Moog would take offence to that. John Cadogan is a numpty.

        • @bargaineer: Yeah sure he will take offence now, but in 10 years time he will fit the mold perfectly. Look at Jeremy Clarkson from when he started to when he ended up. Same numpty as JC.

    • Assuming Woolworths and BP fuels are the same quality is your first mistake. BP (and Shell) pay more to get cleaner fuel. Independants/Woolies/Coles pay less but get dirtier stuff.

      Unfortunately my local BP recently stopped accepting Amex so no good for me.

  • I've been told on good authority (several mechanics and an engineer) that BP fuel is the best quality. Also it's best and cheapest in the long run to use the 98 product. Thanks for the post- great offer and I will certainly benefit all 4 times.

    • +1

      I will certainly benefit all 4 times.

      well, at least 3 :)

      Get $10 up to 3 Times

      • So one card I can use 3 times … and get $30 back?

    • +4

      Also it's best and cheapest in the long run to use the 98 product

      That would depend on the vehicle, and the price difference between normal unleaded and 98premium

      • Yeah this. A lot of cars can handle e10 fine and it's recommended to just flush your engine with the good stuff every so often.

        • e10 is usually not cheap enough to make it worth the loss of energy.

        • +1

          @coxymla: Can you show me a reliable source on this?

        • @Putnum: I ran my own numbers on 10 tanks (650 litres) in a modern Camry. Got 2% less economy, but saved 4% $.

          Still, so many factors will change that, though.

    • The Checkout did a segment on Premium fuel.

      TLDR: unless you car says it requires premium fuels, then its probably just a wank. E10 is less efficient & thus more exe then regular unleaded.

  • yeah BP is usually more exe, but y'day, our local BP unleaded & diesel was 1c/l cheaper then the discounted Coles y'day.

    • Coles already locked in prices for fuel with the supplier. You wont see any price reduction.

      • Funny you say that. Coles have dropped their price today, unleaded is now just 0.2c more & discounted is 3.8c/l cheaper then the BP.

  • +4

    Buy 3 x $40 gift cards. So if you spend $50 on petrol, use the gift cards to max the % savings.

    • -5

      The following transactions are not eligible and will not count towards your spend for the purposes of
      the offer:
       transactions where you do not spend directly with the merchant (for example, if you buy the
      merchant’s goods through a third party department store);
       transactions processed through a third party payment processor (for example, PayPal);
       transactions that are subsequently cancelled or refunded;
       transactions where you buy a gift card, store credit or a voucher.

      From T&C

      • +5

        Can confirm the Amex rebate has worked with bp gift cards in the past

        • -3

          Maybe it wasn't mentioned on the T&C PDF for that deal.

        • +4


          It was and always is and always works. Amex doesn't have any way of knowing what has gone through the register, they just get the total spend value.

        • @Hoju:

          good :)

        • Awesome. What gift cards to BP sell? Normal retail ones or just their own store card?

        • @Hoju: But I feel like it violates my conscience.

        • +1


          Don't worry - BP don't have a conscience!

      • Will they notice if you purchase a gift card or will it be like David Jones who have similar terms but still give the credit?

      • yeah Amex say that for every deal, but it seems to work for most/all.

    • +1

      What do you mean by using gift cards to maximise the savings?

      • +2

        a $40 giftcard will cost you $30. (25% off)
        a $55 fuel price will cost you $45. (18%)

        with a giftcard you can buy $23 worth on the Giftcard & you're still saving 25% (& have $17 left to spend).
        with multiple $40 giftcards, you still save 25%
        a $55 fuel purchase & use 2x $40 giftcards you'll save 25% (it cost you $41.25) and you'll still have $25 left over credit.

        make sense?

        • No such a thing as a $40 gift card at BP - closest value is $50 (or 2 x $25) so the $10 credit = 20% off

        • @bauser99: Sorry never shopped at BP, I just assumes others mentioning $40 giftcards were correct.

        • +3

          @supabrudda: Me neither until this morning! BTW the BP attendant screwed up and did not activate the cards (just scanned them and charged us) so we had to go back and get him to activate the cards. Obviously they don't sell many gift cards but this is about to change with this AMEX promo :)

        • +1

          @bauser99: I bought one last AMEX deal and just told them how much to put on it. They have no pre-determined value (from memory anyway). Probably better to buy a $120 card and say you'll pay it on 3 cards (even though you just pay on 1). If they don't let you just say ok, you'll buy 3 x $40 cards separately. They'll probably let you do the $120 card then as it's less work.

        • Hi, never buy BP gift card before so not sure how I can buy BP gift card at 25% off. Can you please help? Thanks

        • +1

          @tuanxiu1983: you goto a BP petrol station & ask them.

        • +1

          @supabrudda: thanks Supabrudda

    • Gift cards only come in set amounts. $25 might be lowest so you still need to spend $50.

      • +1

        I suppose $15 fuel + $25 GC would work?

    • +2

      no matter you buy fuel or in store purchase, they are all using the same machine right?

      How could Amex know what you have purchase, I do not think BP would like to share this information to Amex(different company), it has also been confirmed by Hoju that gift card purchase worked.

    • +1

      Is this a serious question?

    • +2

      I got fuel after activating the deal. got a thanks for using your amex card with BP offer email. Credit will be issued in 5 days.

      • +2

        Thanks AshSet for the confirmation.

        Amazing amount of neggers on here when just asking a legitimate question.

        • I thought your question was legit as well. I've seen servo deals that excluded fuel purchases. Probably I'll get negged for saying this too.

        • @MaMan, I think it's because it comes up with EVERY Amex deal - are giftcards eligible etc…..
          And in every past instance (from my experience at least), it didn't matter what you bought.

        • yeah just ignore 'em

        • @kacak: but he wasn't asking about giftcards, he was querying the "in store purchases" which could be read as to mean only items purchased in the store such as chips, smokes, etc. legit question.

        • @supabrudda:
          Point taken

  • Anyone know if this will work for Puma fuel stations? Most of the BP stations up here got rebranded Puma in the last year, and if you search the Puma Energy website for fuel stations you get both the Puma and BP stations listed, so seems like they're the same company?

    Edit: Listings on the actual site only show the BP branded stations, so maybe not.

    • Same company but different trading name so only BP will be working

  • +1

    Look for those who are quoting T&C, it always says that gift cards aren't eligible for the rebate and yet it always works. With this bp deal last time it did, with $100 Qantas deals, plenty of them. I specifically recall being concerned it wouldn't work last time with a gift card and yet had the Amex email coming through before I got out the door.

    In the past I even received a partial refund on a purchase in the past because they were out of stock and I still got the rebate. The refund took my payment total well below the Amex spend requirement.

  • +2

    Wonder if the guy at the register will let you split a large fuel purchase into multiple $40 chunks?

    • It depends on the guy who is working there, technically it is possible.

    • Can I, at least, make 3 trips to the same servo?

      • I have faith in you, but if you're having trouble finding it again try Google Maps or something.

  • +1

    OP can you add the T&C up in your deal?

    Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $40 or more on that Card, in one transaction, in-store only at BP by 14/7/16 to receive a $10 credit. Limited to the first 40,000 Cards to register.
    Offer is limited to three credits per registered Card only at American Express accepting BP locations. Only spend on the Card number you register counts towards the Offer.
    Excludes online purchases. Offer valid at Australian locations only.
    Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
    Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from the offer end date.
    Credit will not be applied to your Card Account if it has been suspended or cancelled.
    Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.

  • whoa!

  • +4

    American Express is really doing a good job - the marketing is working - we tend to use Amex automatically now…..
    Really pleased with the cash back deals recently - small business, and now BP. :)

  • +1

    My car's fuel tank doesn't normally fit $40 of fuel. Is there anything else inside BP stores worth buying?

    • +3


    • +1


    • giftcards….
      Since the GC come in $25/$50/$100
      You could buy fuel & a $25 GC

    • +2

      My car's fuel tank doesn't normally fit $40 of fuel.

      How many clowns fit in it?

    • +2

      bring along a fuel can for your lawn mower :)

  • I am getting broke :)

  • Does the offer ends 7/7 or 14/7 ? I read the offer ends on 14/7 but OP wrote it as 7/7?

    • My AMex offer says 07/07/16

    • Mine one says
      Now all you need to do is use your registered American Express® Card and spend $40 or more, in one transaction, in-store only at American Express accepting BP locations to get a $10 credit, upto 3 times. Credits are generally issued within 5 business days of an eligible transaction but may take up to 90 days from 14 July 2016. Be quick - this offer is only available until 14 July 2016. Terms and Conditions apply.

    • original offer was 7/7 but seems to have since been extended to 14/7 - amex confirmation needed :)

  • +2

    BP run an offer in conjunction with Amex yet the Quest terminals they all use still don't support ExpressPay. Come on guys.

  • What's the easiest way to get an Amex Card? Guessing no fees? I have a westpac amex but i don't think that counts towards this.

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