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Free Return Shipping Cost (up to $45 Per Transaction, Maximum 8 Transactions Per Year) @ PayPal


Been like 1 year already so I thought I'd post it again ;)

With PayPal’s Refunded Returns service we’ll refund you the cost of sending items back, up to 8 times per year, to a value of $45 per eligible transaction.

What's not eligible?

Intangible goods, like music or vouchers
Items that the seller excludes from their return policy
Items you haven't paid for in full with your PayPal account
Note: You may return items using the Service if you paid for your online purchase in its entirety using your PayPal account, this is not limited to eBay only.

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    • technically not, because it's been more than 6 months

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        Technically, it is. But its not against the rules is what you mean

        • Yup

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          Technically, he said "dup" which is not the same thing as "duplicate". /s

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    it has been there for more than 1 year.

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    eligible purchases until 31 July 2015. per year.

    Jesus OP if you are going to repost at least put some effort in.

  • How strict are they with proof? I just returned a parcel but forgot to take a photo of the package so only have the receipt from AusPost (non-trackable)

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      Receipt needs to show that its going to original sender

      A copy/photo of the shipping cost receipt that shows the amount you paid (1 document).

      A document proving that the item was sent to the seller: a copy of the courier receipt with the receiver's address visible or a photo of the package with the receiver’s address visible (1 document).

      Request it here: https://www.paypal-returns.com/hc/en-au/requests/new

      • Yeh thought so. Damn, thanks.

        • I was able to just provide the paypal transaction number, attach a copy of the receipt and if you want to be safe, send a screencap of any conversation you've had with the seller.

      • So if seller doesn't take it and you send to maker for warranty, you're SOL?

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      Used it today after I returned a faulty Redmi Note 3 Pro to Hong Kong but when I originally tried to claim my refund from Paypal I realised the AustPost receipt didn't include the receiver's details and I had no photo.. Luckily, when I went back to the PO (2 hours later) they were able to retrieve my parcel for me to take a few snaps…Phew, the postage was $41!

      Now all lodged and receipt acknowledged by Paypal..just waiting for approval……Here's hoping they cover it..

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        Nice! I was thinking about contacting the place I returned to but meh, it was only $7.50 postage. I'll submit it anyway just in case they're feeling generous at the time.

        • Bingo! Got an email from Telus tonight to say my refund will be posted in 5 days…let's hope my warranty claim is dealt with just as smoothly…

    • I did that too, but I sent PayPal a copy of the receipt and the email I received from ozsale when I returned the item and they refunded it !

      • Sweet! I might be lucky

    • I forgot to take a photo of the parcel and only the receipt once. I left a brief message in the notes section and it was fine.

      • I had no such luck. I forgot the photo of the parcel, only had a receipt without the return address details on it. They refused to refund the postage.

        The lesson here is follow their T&C's to the letter to make sure you get your refund.

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    this would be really easy to abuse.

    imagine you are moving some place. just buy 8 items from that seller in that area. oh, the seller has the identical address of the house you are moving to. oh and you are the seller. and buyer. interstate and international postage never looked so good.

    8 boxes of crap with free post.

    or you want to send crap to your friend in another place. get them to list something on ebay. 1cents item. 1 cent postage. buy it. and return "it"

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      well, there is selling fees so your friend has to pay those fees

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        using free listings, 1 cent item and 1 cent postage so selling fees would be 1cent.

        • how about 1 cent and free postage?

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          @Bearosaurus: Such items will be purchased by bots faster than you can say xkcd

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          @Bearosaurus: considering selling fees are < 10% then you could do any combination of selling price and postage that is 10 cents and under. 9/1, 5/2 , 4,3 - the sky's the limit.

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          Don't forget you can refund the fees for returns lol

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        "You may return items using the Service if you paid for your online purchase in its entirety using your PayPal account, this is not limited to eBay only."

        You can probably just do a "private sale" and pay via PayPal, without listing on eBay. I assume a gumtree "sale" would count…

    • If you wanted to abuse a system, especially large, automated systems like this, there are always plenty of ways to do so. E.g. You can probably make a hundred or so off of each of those semi-regular 10% off offers if you wanted to (taking into account fees). It all comes down to ethics and morals…

  • Well, TELUS approved my refund request on May 26th, but the refund hasn't turned up yet.
    It says within 5 business days! Anyone experienced this before?

    • You need to check statement in classic view. It generally does not appear on normal view of PayPal transactions.

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        Umm, they told me to wait for another 5 days but it hasn't appeared yet.

        • Did you receive your refund yet? I've been waiting since they approved my claim on May 27. First they said 5 days. Nothing. Than they said 'We are truly sorry for the delay. Please be advised that you will receive a refund directly to your PayPal account within 5 business days. Thanks for using PayPal, please wait another 5 days.' Still nothing.

          Then they said,'Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. Unfortunately, we are experiencing some difficulties due to unusually high volumes. We are confident that all pending refunds, including yours, would be processed within one week. Thank you for your patience and understanding.' That was June 10. Still no refund as yet.

        • @MTWallet: Same here. Haven't heard from them yet. I hope they don't go bankcrupt -_-

        • @rocklinsuv: Thought I'd let you know I have just received my refund.

        • @MTWallet: I've just realized the refund came at around 7pm. :D

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    Used it twice so far. Saved me about $30.

  • I've done it once before and firstly didn't get any email confirmation.nothing for the time frame given. Emailed them and they said nothing was received. Sent them request again and this time rejected cause they found another claim with the same receipt. Asked about the original claim and said that was rejected but no reason. 2 days later got an email saying approved and money received.

    Did one today. Again no confirmation. Kept a screenshot.

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    Not sure if this pisses me off more or less than this

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      Why savaS?

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        Bare-o-sore-ass burn!!!!

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          Your deals. end of joke burn

  • Cheers for this. I litterally returned something 13 days ago, so it was the last day to do a refund.
    And I forgot PayPal had this! Thanks.

  • Do they pay for the packaging materials as well or just postage fee?

  • Thanks so much for sharing again.Forgot about the refund offer.Have items for Fila to return that I have purchased 3 weeks ago.

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    Long time Ozbargainer and first time I've ever seen this thanks

  • Thanks alot for the reminder. I think a reminder like this is pretty good to have. Don't worry about the other anal people complaining about dupe. If it genuinely helps a couple of users, I think it's very much worth it. Cheers

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    I can't believe this deal can get 100+ up.

    • Yeah and its a re post as well

    • its easy to get tonnes of upvotes for things which aren't deals (or good deals). the ozbargain voting system can't be relied on at all

  • A quick question. If I purchased a item before I activated the service, am I still covered for the free return shipping? As far as I can tell, the only dates that are specified is Mar 2015, when this service began. Just double checking cause I'm tossing up sending it back from home, or sending back while I'm in singapore on holidays (~$10SGD to send to UK).

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    Is this what ozbargain is coming to? Waiting for posts to expire so that we can repost them for upvotes?

  • Thanks! I didn't know this so definitely appreciate your post.

    • Thanks, a lot of people complain about posting old deals again

  • Does anybody know if there is any shipping service to send shoes to UK for less than $45?

  • whingebargain hot at it again
    surprised jv hasnt chimed in with one of his childish comments

    can see why whirlpool banned him

    • What did he get banned for?

  • I got this note in my account when trying to register

    You already benefit from the Refunded Returns service.
    One less thing to worry about. Your return shipping costs refunded worldwide.* Simply relax and shop online…
    Bookmark this page now for future return shipping refunds.

    • Up to 8 refunds per PayPal account for eligible purchases per 12 month period. A cap of $45 per refund request applies. The Refunded Returns service is offered by PayPal Pte. Ltd, in partnership with TELUS International Europe, the service provider. See the General Conditions of Use for further information
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