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Autobarn Grit Guard $12.99


Saw this in the Autobarn catalogue just now. Good deal for local availability. These grit guards are usually $20 and only available at boutique car care shops.

You use this for washing the car to trap the grit at the bottom of your wash bucket (https://www.autobarn.com.au/cc06309) to prevent scratches.

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    That's a pretty good deal and useful if you care about your cars paintwork.

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    Nifty idea.

    Or, you could use two buckets when washing.
    One bucket with the soapy water, and another with clean water for rinsing the sponge/cloth etc after wiping the car.

    Always get clean, soapy water to the car.

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    This is a great deal. I paid about $30 each after shipping a few years ago to import these from the US before they were available in Australia.

    If anyone's looking for an appropriate bucket for this, this one from Bunnings/Masters fits perfectly.


    Good deal! Yes get 2 for the two bucket washing system!…
    edit: doesn't seem to be the original gritguard brand.. but same thing.

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    I just use mums collinder
    Spag bol tastes a bit gritty
    But the car looks great


    or you could just not dip the sponge all the way to the bottom of the bucket.

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      It doesn't just physically prevent the mitt from touching the bottom of the bucket, it also minimises water disturbance which causes sediment to disperse through the water rather than settling on the bottom. It's useful to "rub" the mitt against to release dirt too.

      By the way, if you're cleaning your car with a sponge then you're doing it wrong. A microfibre/lambswool mitt is a lot more effective at removing dirt and also prevents particles from being dragged across the paint.

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    when you think about it, its a pretty disgusting price for a plastic grate at the bottom of a $1 bucket.


      I agree the price is ridiculous.

      The quality of them are pretty good though (well, the branded grit guards ones anyway), very hard sturdy plastic that won't break easily.


    I used to pay heaps from Carcareproducts.


      Same, I bought the two 20L bucket with 1 grit guard for $40. Combine this $13 grit guard with cheap Bunnings pail buckets and you've got a sure winner.

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    Fair price given how hard these are to get - but I concur, pretty excessive pricing for what it is. Someone should start selling these from china, with a bucket that comes with a special tapered rim inside to mount the included grit-guard. Mass produced, it would probably have a unit cost of $2-3 tops.

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    You can get it cheaper from Aliexpress $10.02 with free shipping http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Grit-Guard-insert-for-5-gallo...
    I bought a couple foam lancers from this seller before and it took approximately 6-7 days for the items to reach me.


      How are the foam lancers?

      I'm using the $99 autobrite foam lancer which works brilliantly, I've bought chinese-made foam lancers for $70 (still so expensive) which were crap and didn't fit my pressure washer properly.


    INSANE ask, can buy a bucket for $3, and this grill is $12.99 normally $20!! WTF?

    SOMEBODY please send it to China so they can produce it and then cost us 0.50 cents


    Black 20Lt bucket no lid $6 at kmart,target, W, Supercheap
    About best quality v price for nappy bucket
    Recycled paint, plaster bucket even better when free,
    if you can stop fast enough to pick up off the side of the road
    + add old spaghetti strainer
    Off the grid bargain


    Seriously can't believe how expensive these are …

    I might have to bite since I've already waited too long …

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