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Blackvue DR650GW EOFY - Free Power Magic & 10% off Discounted Price: 1CH $323.1, 2CH $449.1 Posted @ Automotive Superstore


For 2 weeks only.

Blackvue DR650GW-1CH was $359 now $323.10
Blackvue DR650GW-2CH was $499 now $449.10

Bonus free Power Magic Pro with all Blackvue Dash Cam's RRP $59 while stocks last.

Free shipping on all orders over $50.

We are an authorised dealer all camera's come with a full Australian warranty.

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  • oh perfect! been looking at the 2ch for a while now


    You beat this guy and I could only find the same price as that guy, not lower. So yeah, upvote.

    • Lucky I saved the difference in price with the woolworths gift cards I got today :)

      I've marked my deal as expired and put a link to this one

  • I want to upgrade the SD card to 64/128GB. What brand are they?

  • Really want to upgrade my 2011 purchased DR400G-HD but struggling to justify the cost as I only paid $180 back then. I can't see why the price has doubled in that time.

    • Pittasoft shut down all the cheap Korean E-Bay sellers, and the prices went through the roof.

      I'm in the same boat as you. Will likely end up with something other than a Blackvue

  • How do these compare to Lukas dash cams?

  • Great deal, ordered one. Been looking at this model for quite some time, excellent reviews (it was hard to resist the 805s and G1Ws).
    And the support from automotive superstore is excellent, got John on livechat right now :-)

  • Thanks ordered a second blackvue 650 2CH for my 2nd car

    • Yeah I just ordered one of these for my train, which I can also afford.

      • Sorry mate, we're a 2 car household, I drive 1 car to work, my other half drives our baby and herself around… not sure that makes me rich?

        I've had an unprovoked ice addict attack my car at traffic lights on central coast NSW, I've had car hit a few times whilst parked and people driving off leaving me with insurance excess to pay.

        Not clear on what point you're trying to make. I wish I didn't need to spend this sort of money on a dashcam.

  • Good price, and a decent camera. Mine unfortunately died 11 months in, but was replaced under warranty without hassles. I'm tempted to get another for the wife's car, but I'm waiting to see what Vicovation comes out with. Day vision IQ is decent, but night vision (whilst good compared with most competitors) isn't great. You'd really struggle to pick out number plates etc from the rear camera at night, and both are really bad when it's raining for picking out details. The rear camera has a lower frame rate as well as lower resolution. I guess they are the compromises to get a dual camera set up.

    Also, my car's got a panoramic sunroof, and in summer, the Blackvue doesn't cope with the heat on 30+ days.

    There seems to be limited experience with 128gb cards that are not Pittasoft, so they may not work properly.

    Some people are saying the Power Magic Pro shuts off at too low a voltage, so it may kill your battery in the long run if you use it in parking mode for extended periods repeatedly. After using it this way for a year, I now have to replace my car battery, but it's a 5 year old car, so it was probably due for a change anyway. It has certainly protected the battery enough to never have any troubles starting the car.

    Anyway, the above are small caveats (no camera is perfect), so despite this, it is a very solid choice, and a good price to boot.


    i've been looking at the koonlung k1s plus a cellink b. waiting for another sitewide ebay deal or might just use a voucher i earned via reaching a sales target… the k1s has a higher resolution rear camera and, in turn, higher frame rates. it's more compact, too. no capacitor, though, unfortunately. the important thing to keep in mind is how well a unit can perform in differing conditions and this blackvue model (rear unit, in particular), though pretty, just isn't up to the task. the power magic is handy but only for very short time frames. half an hour, i think, so practically useless. no offense to the rep, just saying.

  • H Rep,

    Keen on buying but the Power Magic Pro isn't really recommended for my car (Bmw F30) are you able to bundle the multi safer instead?


      Hey mate,

      Just email [email protected] and we will see what we can do for you.

    • If it's of any help, I've got a powermagic pro in my F20, when parked for prolonged periods just get an alarm that something was using battery, but no hiccups 10 months of use later

  • I was wondering if I connect this to a 10000mAh portable battery while the car is in idle, how long can it last?

  • Just ordered one, will it be shipped today by chance I'm also in Sydney.

  • Darn just got the the 2ch for $470 last week! Oh wells, all good. Great camera though.

  • Been spending hours trying to work out which SD cards the Blackvue will not have problems with.

    Any recommendations on what to get in 64Gb or 12GB capacity?

    Also with the 2CH model, do you need a memory card for each cam or is it a single card that records both?

  • Rep,

    For the 2CH - DR650GW-2CH
    Option: Polorising Filter ($98rrp) +$80.00

    Does this come with FRONT ONLY or is it F+R?



      Hi the Filter is only for the front camera.


      • If only for front camera, why the Blackvue Dash Cam 1-CH shows Polarising FIlter ($49rrp) + $40.00 and Blackvue Dash Cam 2-CH shows Polorising Filter ($98rrp) +$80.00?


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