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Hi Scott, It's best to call our 1300 889 116 number and press option 2 and talk to one of our guys as the price can range widely depending...
17/05/2019 - 13:38
Hi, to keep your factory steering wheel controls there is no true plug and play solution as these wires will need to be tested and...
16/05/2019 - 22:54
Hi, judging that you have the ST model the additional parts needed are:
16/05/2019 - 22:41
Hi, apologies there is currently no local listing on the Grandis harness however after investigation you will only need the harness adapter...
16/05/2019 - 17:50
Hi, low volume imports are a little tricky depending on: (a) if the unit was replaced prior to being imported into Australia, and/or (b)...
16/05/2019 - 10:05
Hi, does your X-trail have a standard camera or the surround view system (multiple cameras)?
16/05/2019 - 09:59
Hi, providing your Corolla has a factory 2-DIN unit you would just need the harness adapter listed below:...
16/05/2019 - 09:34
It's $173 on eBay i know there are some coupon codes floating around but they are eBay initiatives not ours so they are temporary.. The...
15/05/2019 - 23:06
AA / CarPlay units are 3-4x the price just to get a decent entry level unit.. This unit is not really playing in the same field it's more...
15/05/2019 - 18:51
Hi you will need the following components!
15/05/2019 - 18:26
Hi Kiwi in this case the unit accepts the iso connection from the app0141..
15/05/2019 - 18:19
We have a big range of [Apple CarPlay Android...
15/05/2019 - 18:18
For the Jazz you will need a install kit
15/05/2019 - 18:01
Hey mate you will need these 3 items; (for steering wheel controls)...
15/05/2019 - 17:57
Yes it will via bluetooth so you will able to take phone calls and stream music.
15/05/2019 - 17:36
Hey mate you will just require these 2 components.
15/05/2019 - 17:34
autoss was awarded a badge.
15/05/2019 - 17:34
That is correct this unit is perfect for people who want to add Bluetooth connectivity to their car with a touch interface on a budget.
15/05/2019 - 17:29
That's a mistake thank you for pointing it out we will adjust the eBay price..
15/05/2019 - 17:25
We have added some reverse camera options to the unit.. There is the genuine alpine HCE-C205RD whilst this is a more expensive camera it's...
15/05/2019 - 17:24
Hi Kiwi, We have added some reverse camera options you can select from. In terms of the harness can you please let us know what car you...
15/05/2019 - 17:21
Alpine Ivx-W200E 6.2" CD USB Bluetooth Head Unit (RRP $249) $150 Delivered @ Automotive Super Store
On sale now down from $249 retail we have it on sale for $168 on the website and OzBargin members can get an extra $18 off with the coupon...
15/05/2019 - 16:24
I'll ask our Meguiar's rep see if it's on the books! **Update** Apparently early to mid April we should be seeing some don't hold us to it...
16/03/2019 - 14:34
We don't have M110 but we have this Is that what you are looking for?
16/03/2019 - 12:16
Yeah they are cheaper on that one item but we are 25% off the entire range so if you want more then just the Ultimate wash we should be...
16/03/2019 - 11:39
25% off Meguiar's (Free Shipping $99+) @ Automotive Superstore
25% off all Meguiar's products ends Monday night.. Shipping is free over $99 or flat rate $7.95 Meguiar's Snow Foaming Cannon - Was $99.95...
16/03/2019 - 10:58
Hey Skexis, No BS here! I'll get the dev guys to see why the form didn't appear. There will be more information on the website shortly..
09/12/2018 - 23:07
Thanks for the feedback we have sharpened our prices :)
15/08/2018 - 22:08