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LeTV Le One Pro (4GB/64GB) $187.99 USD (~$254 AUD) @ AliExpress


Absolutely insane price for the specs and build quality.

5.5" 2560x1440 IPS Display
Snapdragon 810 @ 2.0GHz
64GB eMMC 5.0 Storage
13MP (f2.0, 1.15μm) 4K Rear Camera
4MP (f2.0, 2.0μm) FHD Front Camera
3000mAh Battery
802.11ac Wi-Fi
USB Type-C 2.0 Port
All-Metal Design

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        • Battery life on this will probably be similar/better than the K3 Note, so if that wasn't an issue this is probably a better phone than the Mi.

        • @donnot:

          I think I may go for RN3 with a better battery life, he do play games on it.

        • What happened to the k3?

        • @spy:

          The phone mic is dead.

        • @superforever: Great. All my K3s had a problem.

        • @spy:

          My the other K3 bought from vickmall so far OK. The first one from gearbest.

  • +7

    Isn't the price way higher than what Everbuying had it for , I got it from EB for US $170 , give and take a few cents after coupon, sign-up points and 2% Mobile cashback. That deal was posted by Monty-Melb and also a better deal followed up to EB subscribers getting to down to US $155 or so after cashback. That deal never got posted to Front page but this one is at almost $20 higher !!


    $174.99 (Email Subscriber Deal) - $2.20 (New User signup) - $3.50 (2% Mobile)= $169
    8% Cashback from TopCashback

    So US $ 155 or so !!

    Also cheaper at Aliexpress here:


    Always check here before buying : http://www.kimovil.com/en/where-to-buy-letv-s1-pro-64gb

  • I've never seen this phone in real life. Does this phone really have no bezels on the sides? If so, why aren't many other phone manufacturers don't that too?

    • +1

      It has plenty of side bezel - they're just black, so invisible when the screen is off.

      There are truly side bezelless phones though, like the ZTE Nubia Z9, or Ulefone Future or Elephone S3. These are quite complex to engineer and manufacturer.

  • +1

    I got a RN3 pro a month ago. It's just ok phone I must say in terms of build quality and performance. However, cam quality is nearly close to unusable. Especially, if you are taking a picture somewhere there is no sun, just forget about it. The cam is just rubbish. It also has alot of freezes during the day. (software updates I got I think 3 times haven't helped at all)
    Just my feedback, if anyone is planning to get RN3 pro

  • wow, cant believe the price for the spec
    here is the short review from AndroidAuthority https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUTt5c707Mk

  • Pretty curious about this phone. Would consider buying as an upgrade to lg g3 if it had more dev support/custom roms

    • It has Cyanogenmod, but that's about it.

  • +1

    LeTV is a rather reputable company in China, last time I checked, LeTV phones have a better reputation than Xiaomi in terms of build quality and money for value. I am not a LeTV user, just share some opinions I heard from my friends in China.

  • +2

    Lack of software updates will frustrate you.

  • -1

    How can a 13mp camera capture a 4k video?

    • +1

      There's hundreds of 13MP camera phones that can record UHD. UHD is only 8MP, therefore the sensor is more than capable of it from a resolution standpoint.

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 now. Would this be a comparable upgrade? I live near Wolloongong. Any negatives?

    • Not worth the upgrade at all. The display on here isn't as nice, the Snapdragon 805 is still great, and you'd lose stuff like microSD.

  • This or the Redmi Note 3 in the other deal?

  • I cant seem to find a PayPal option for this?

    Ive been recently burnt on a mobile phone purhcase from Android Enjoyed (nobody EVER buy from these bastards) and am out of pocket $400++ and dont want to buy another international phone purchase without PayPal.

    can anyone reccomend this store (warranty claims etc)?

    • AliExpress don't take PayPal. I'm honestly surprised you haven't heard of AliExpress, but they're exactly like eBay - an online marketplace with different sellers, so there's no guarantees with each seller.

      With that being said, AliExpress's buyer protection is fantastic, arguably better than PayPal's. You have to tell them that your order was perfect before they even release the money to the seller.

      • what about if 6 months later you require a warranty repair such as my instance, and the company blatantly rips u off ?
        In that instance I can resort to paypal to help with a refund usually.. ?
        Ive seen their adds and browsed before but never took to much notice, just put them in my mind as another large chinese company that "could" be a pain to deal with.

        • AliExpress have the exact same claim and dispute system as PayPal, so no worries there.

  • +1

    just done a bit of googling, seems peoples reviews dont rate them highly when an order is damaged or needing any form of customer service!

    Android enjoyed sold me a ASUS zenfone 2, speaker stopped working, sent to Hong Kong for warranty, 7 months later 2345256256256 emails promising me they will get back to me with an answer and 1245243545 phonecalls to their dodgy VOIP lines and still am $430 out of pocket with NO PHONE or money.

    I dont want a repeat with this company! and the reviews aren't sounding positive?

  • My order has been cancelled!
    They will give me reasons later…

  • done a bit of a search on carrier bands, seems this will work fine with the typical telstra 3g & 4g services?

  • it 's it recommended to use DHL ? or just the standard shipping? I am not in the hurry

  • Did anyone receive their order? If yes, how's phone and first impression?

  • +1

    Bought mine end of june, still not received yet.
    Tracking no said delivered, address checked correct. Going through chatting phase with seller.
    First experience with aliexpress, so far not impressed

    • That sucks :(

      Don't let this ruin your impression of AliExpress. Each seller is completely individual (much like eBay) and their buyer's protection is second to none. Open a claim. That seller hasn't even received your money yet (they don't until you confirm you were satisfied with your oder).

      • +1

        Thanks for your reply. Just pick up the phone yesterday from the post. Very very happy with it so far. I still cant believe i got it for 250+.
        Had a few attempts switching iphone to samsung before, all disappointed. But this one just different. Gonna recommend it to all my friends!

        • So happy it came! :D

          It's a tonne of value for the price.

      • +1

        And for anyone concerning about battery life, it is on par with my previous iphone 6s. Yes i'm totally bought

  • I've received mine a few weeks ago, and noticed that it started installing random apps full of ads recently (most likely loaded with adware/malware from the seller). If anyone is having the same problem as me, follow these steps:
    It's the stock rom directly from the manufacturer and is very easy to load onto your phone, plus you will be able to get updates from your phone again.

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