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ANZ Rewards Travel Adventure Card - $225 Annual Fee Including Complimentary Domestic Flight


This is a NEW credit card from ANZ set to compete with the 28 Degrees credit card as there are NO international transaction fee for overseas purchases including foreign online purchases. Also free overseas ATM withdrawals.

Other benefits:
- complimentary Virgin Australia return domestic flight each year until your card is cancelled
- two complimentary single entry Virgin Australia lounge passes each year you hold the card
- 2 ANZ Reward Points per $1 spent on eligible AMEX purchases and 1 Reward Points per $1 spent on eligible VISA purchases
- travel insurance including vehicle rental excess cover
- purchase insurance covering warranty, pricing, and theft.

Spend $500 on eligible purchases in the first three months to activate free flight and lounge passes.

Annual fee of $225 which should atleast cover the free annual flight and lounge passes.

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  • Expensive

  • This sounds like a decent deal. I agree the annual fee sucks but its not too bad if you use the free flight each year.

    1. ANZ will waive the overseas transaction fee on foreign currency transactions and transactions where the merchant or financial institution accepting the card is located outside Australia. ANZ will also waive the cash advance fee if you use your ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures account to withdraw actual cash from a branch or ATM located overseas. A cash advance fee will apply to any other cash advances on your account. ATM operator fees may apply.

    ATM arrangement sounds good too - no cash advance fee.

    You can go here to see what free flights are available from your location:


  • +10 votes

    The free flight is better than the platinum edge as it allows east coast to Perth and Darwin flights. Platinum edge only includes Perth to East coast

    • Also Ayres Rock. Shorter flight, but almost alway more expensive than getting to Perth.

      Darwin and Cairns both included too. All round much better selection of flights than the amex plat edge.

      BUT, a much, much worse rewards program. 1 ANZ point on the visa, 2 on the amex -> converts to half for velocity. No bonus points. More limited transfer partners.

      Still think the plat edge is better, especially with a good sign up bonus.

  • The only thing I would miss is the 6 month price protection with 28 degress vs 21 days with ANZ

    • Get the Coles Mastercard - that gives 2 years price protection and has been around for years (has been discussed here numerous times too). 28 Degrees has long been overtaken!

      • Does the Coles MC give you fee less overseas transactions like 28degrees?

        • I believe the Coles Rewards Card (annual fee $89) does, but not the Coles 'No Annual Fee' card.
          See comparison

        • What bluesky said.
          So if you just want price protection, the no annual fee card is good enough.
          The $89 annual fee one vs this… this one is definitely more worth it if you'll use the flight, and ANZ Rewards are more versatile than FlyBuys.

  • T & C for the 'free flights'
    Must book 60 days in advance seems a little bit inconvenient

    One complimentary flight is available to the account holder each year until the card is cancelled. Complimentary flights are restricted to selected economy fare class on flights operated by Virgin Australia to selected domestic destinations. Bookings are subject to availability and some flights may not have complimentary seats available. Flights must be booked at least 60 days in advance. Not to be combined with any other offer, discount or cabin class upgrades. Fees may apply for excess baggage, booking changes and cancellations. The complimentary flight is not eligible for Velocity Points and/or Status Credits earn

    • This is very important, should be added to OP. It actually reduces the value by quite a lot.. UNLESS you can make changes for free? But I'd assume you'd still only be able to change it to something else 60 days+ away.

      Also, if you can only book in your own name it reduces the value a bit too.

      All in all I think this is a pretty interesting deal. There's definitely potential, and can see that there's definitely some people that this card would be worth it for. As someone said before, "anyone in Canberra" (because of the process of flights lol)

      Edit: oh wow, AND you earn rewards points… Ok this is pretty good.

    • You're best off booking that far ahead anyway, at times Amex exhausts their allocated seats before 60 days of a flight.

      • Domestic flying by nature is more impulsive/sporadic, and for this reason the 60 day rule is, in my opinion, quite a dealbreaker for many people. Not for everyone, but I also think that if booking over long weekends/school holiday periods, it would be a good idea to book 60 days out anyway.

  • Also free overseas ATM withdrawals.

    Bollocks. A $1000 ATM withdrawal with have a $30 "currency conversion fee", as well as the local ATM fee and Visa fee built into the exchange rate.
    All you avoid is the $5 transaction fee charged on some other accounts.

    Beware too, the rental car excess cover from ANZ has big holes.
    e.g. does not cover single vehicle accident (ie most minor ones? parking, chipped windscreen) where the rental company has a higher excess.

    28 degrees has no annual fee. If you are travelling a lot, you want something that will let you get cash from ATMs without the 3% conversion fee, and this card does not do it.

    How bad is the fine print on the "free" flight?

    20% interest rate, while the reference cash rate is currently 1.75% . Is that usury?

    • The currency conversion fee (which is the "overseas transaction fee") is waived for this card - read clause 3 of the important information carefully. The cash advance fee is also waived therefore overseas atm withdrawals will not attract any direct fees.

      • Hmmm … I see. Still concerned that elsewhere it explicitly states "no international transaction fee for overseas purchases" (my bold).
        That is the same language used by 28deg. But I see 28d label the 3% fee on withdrawals a "cash advance fee". So I'll stand corrected. Good news. How did I ever get cynical about banks?

        Where is the official PDS? The only one linked has no exceptions - not updated for the new card perhaps. I'd still like to see the official relevant PDS.

        The insurance problem stands, though can be mitigated by using a hire-care with no extra excess for single-car accidents. You will still be liable in full for some things such as "overhead damage" including hail. I once had a place contemplating billing me for a tiny dent on top probably caused by a gumnut.

  • I thought 28D had changed it's cash out charge (for the worse), or am I mistaken?

  • not really worth it, annual fee is too high , and you can get cheap flight from tiger or jet - there are plenty of good deal comes here anyways !

  • Throw in 50,000 free qff points and it maybe a deal

  • This is a deal for people in Canberra who pay minimum $240 return to any destination.

  • For people in Perth this isn't too bad, particularly if you were wanting to fly to Broome or Karratha (included destinations with the card) where I doubt you'd ever (or at least extremely rarely) get a return flight for less than the annual card fee.

  • Key difference for me is that this card earns rewards points on overseas spend, whereas 28 degrees doesn't.

    When you're traveling and spending thousands of dollars, it would add up.

    Just need to check that the actual currency conversion rates that they use are comparable to 28 degrees.

    • Yeah, the rates are a good question. 28 degrees rates are very good, typically I find that the amount on my statement is practically the same as googling "XX USD in AUD".

  • Hi Guys

    I have the commonwealth bank rewards card, just the standard one. I use the points to use for flight centre all the time. I was looking at upgrading to the gold to include the free travel insurance and the 2 points per dollar. Would this ANZ one be better?

    • forgot to mention I do sometimes fly domestic a lot.

      • How much do your domestic flights normally cost and what route do you fly?

        • well normally i go to sydney, but i wouldnt mind going other places if i can.

        • @leedaddy: In my opinion I'd say yes this would be a better card.

          • It is $119 vs $225 Annual Fee.
          • Return Flight to Melbourne to Perth (The cheapest I could find on a random mid-week flight in August was $238 - on Tiger Airways!)
          • Points are comparable
          • ANZ card has no Overseas Transaction Fee so you can use to buy online (e.g., Amazon, etc) as well as when travelling.

          Also the value of free flight is dependent on when and where you fly. For context, on an AMEX card that also offered a free flight, I fly MEL to Brisbane over the New Years period where the return flight would have costed $450. It also allowed me to choose the best flight times rather than flying really late and returning really early to get the cheapest price.

          For me I am getting this card purely for the MEL-PER flight and the Overseas Transaction Fee waiver.

  • Guessing the fee not absorbed by the breakfree package on this one? Couldn't see anything about it in the t&cs.

  • ANZ tends to have a lower exchange rate in comparison to 28 Degs. Right now the ANZ rate is 1AUD:0.7097USD when today's rate is 0.74. From my past experiences, 28Deg uses the day rate minus a little bit but not a staggering 5% difference like ANZ.

    The free flights are tempting, especially if you're from Perth or need to fly to Perth. Given that this is a new card, we won't know how the ANZ customer service is going to be in regards to flight bookings. I can say that booking directly throug American Express using the Platnium Edge card has been a flawless experience. I hope ANZ can match the service.

    • I think the rate you're looking at is the rate for if you go into a bank and want to change money. That's a similar rate to what you see at other banks.

      I would imagine this exchange rate is separate from that.

      • agreed but ANZ is the cheekiest bank out of the top 4 so I won't be surprised it will be at the cash exchange rate otherwise they're not making any profit at all from this CC.

        we need a guinea pig to try this out along with the flights to know the real deal!

        • The rate will be the scheme rates of either VISA or AMEX depending on which card you use. I don't know how this compares to MASTERCARD rates on the Bankwest/28 Degrees

  • OP, some important points that I've just quickly researched that I feel are important and should be added to the description:

    Flight must be booked 60 days in advanced

    Flights must be booked before the end of each Year and unused Flights cannot be carried forward to subsequent Years.

    Flights expire at the end of each calendar year

    Flights must be booked in the name of the person who holds the Eligible Account.

    Flight must be in the name of the account holder (i.e. unlike AMEX Platinum Edge, which can be booked in someone else's name) - for us Ozbaraingers who sometimes sell our flights, this reduces the value greatly

    Changes to Flight bookings may be requested by contacting the ANZ Rewards Centre… …. Changes to booked Flights will be subject to the Fare Type Guide and will be made at ANZ and Virgin Australia‚Äôs discretion.

    Flights can be changed for a fee, but there is no mention of whether you could book for a flight 60 days+ out and then change it to something closer (I would assume this is not possible)

    • Flights include BNE, MEL, SYD to PER returns (no other card has this so this is a pretty major selling point)
    • Extended Manufacturer's warranty (this is pretty good!) of up to 12 months - you touch on this but not really specific
  • The free flight offer is pretty amazing. Taking advantage of MEL<->PER or PER<->BRO would cover the fee and then some.

    The two tix for Virgin Lounge is a nice bonus too - would never pay for it myself but would love to rest in there during a long flight layover.

    After getting the $200 cashback from the previous ANZ credit card offer, this might be the card to own!

    I do find it strange they send you two cards (VISA & AMEX) for the one account, why would they bother?

    • This is a very common practice amongst the large banks.

      You get an AMEX and Visa/Mastercard combo. The logic is that many places impose a surcharge or do not accept AMEX. It is at these places that you then whip out your Mastercard/Visa.
      The negative is that you earn less points on the Mastercard/Visa, but it's better than you whipping out a competitor's bank card for which they will not earn any transaction fees on!

  • I find it interesting that ANZ has released a new product with an Amex companion card, considering the new RBA changes being implemented on 1st July.
    Although I have noticed that you only earn 2 ANZ Rewards points per $1 spent on Amex, compared to say the Rewards Black which earns 3 ANZ Rewards per dollar …

  • Just had a look and this card is, for the flight redemptions, basically a minimum $200 discount for anyone living in Mount Isa. Usual flight price Isa-Brisbane is $740 return. Sale price is normally $540 return but can be $450 return if lucky. Shame about the 60 day advance booking. Last minute flights are upwards of $1140 return.

  • Citibank plus for overseas arm withdrawals

  • Any comparable card for International students on scholarship? Very near the 35k requirement but application not accepted.

    • CBA is the only bank that will issue credit cards to international students usually. ANZ is usually not very receptive to international students for credit cards (past experience, was an international student for 5 years)