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Doom UAC Edition PS4/XB1/PC $47 at EB Games


Hey guys, first post so let's see how I go!

I just saw that EB currently has the Doom UAC Edition for $47. Previously (to the point of even being this morning from memory) their sale price was $77. They still have it for $77 for the preowned copies, but this awesome price for new.

Fantastic game, I cannot recommend it enough.


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    • I've been thinking about doing that, takes less than a week to complete most campaigns

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        Yeah there are some quality titles you can easily finish the main storyline in a week - first one that comes to mind is probably rise of the tomb raider.

        • how does there return policy work ? ive heard if it comes with dlc its you cant return

        • @nnolan:
          always buy pre-owned, if you are 100% to return

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          @devang153: why buy pre owned if i was to return it ?

  • Thanks OP, been waiting for a sale on this!

  • Ah! My new PC doesn't have an optical drive. Is this just a "steam key on a box" dealie?

    • Well it will have to come with a key as it's a Steam only game that uses the uncracked Denuvo DRM.

      Steam's Summer Sale is less than 24 hours away, I'd personally hold off on buying it from EB.

      • +1

        The game is currently USD79.95 on steam. I can't see it having over 50% discount so soon from release to match the EB Games price.

        • I picked it up from EB at lunch. Grabbed the key, connected to steam and added it in and started the download on my pc while I was at work.

  • Bought today. Ordered online and picking up at store $47 for UAC PC edition. You can not simply beat that in AUD anywhere online or retail for PC. The steam summer sale will come nowhere near that price in AUD.

  • Thanks OP, been waiting to pounce on this at a good price. Cheers

  • +1

    I remember when PC games used to be heaps cheaper than the consoles, and PC looked worlds better by comparison. I love playing FPS titles on PC for the controls, but it's getting harder to reconcile my 'PC master race' tendencies with my 'OzBargain master race' tendencies; why spend $47 on a PC game that I'll play once and can't resell, when I can get the console version for the same price, that I can sell for $40 in a couple of weeks when I finish it? Gotta love cognitive dissonance…

    • PC gaming is cheaper with bundles and prerelease/release week discounts (some sites up to 25%).

      Sure with console games you have the ability to resell, but if you aren't planning on keeping the game, you're more likely to wait for a significant discount.

    • Exactly.

      PC gaming has many advantages compared to console gaming but price isn't one of them since we're not able to resell games.

  • Don't let the DVD fool you, there's still a bunch of downloads to be done with this :(

    • 4gig patch on the Xbox, patch downloaded quicker than the game disc install Funnily enough.

    • Yep around 5.5GB for the PS4 version.

  • Thanks. Picked up my copy today.
    Ready for the weekend :)

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    Just came back from picking up, one thing I hated is that there are no multiple DVD for everything (like division). Consider my pain-in-the-assly slow internet, it is gonna be a long wait until I can enjoy the game.

  • +1

    Still cheaper than the Steam summer sale. Nice.

  • Thanks OP!

  • I actually got it 2 weeks ago when it was $69, just to see it drop to $47 soon after. Went into the store with my receipt and asked if they have a price guarantee. They officially don't, but the girl was happy to refund me the difference, which I wisely invested into another game :)

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