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Doom UAC Edition PS4/XB1/PC $47 at EB Games


Hey guys, first post so let's see how I go!

I just saw that EB currently has the Doom UAC Edition for $47. Previously (to the point of even being this morning from memory) their sale price was $77. They still have it for $77 for the preowned copies, but this awesome price for new.

Fantastic game, I cannot recommend it enough.


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    never thought id see the day Ebgames sells a game cheaper than anywhere else

    • EBgames must be bleeding in sales

    • Including online keys! o_O

      • +3

        Cause it is used and sell to you as new. Most likely someone played in the weekend and return to the store.

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          Yeah i saw a line up of people monday morning returning the game and the guy behind the counter was polishing the discs

        • EB don't allow PC game returns.

          I meant that the cheapest key I saw online was still $50. So this is pretty good for a brick and mortar shop.

        • That's always a problem with buying games from these clowns. Of course you could ask for a sealed copy but there's no guarantees they will have any. Me personally I'f rather go elsewhere to buy games, as least I know it no someone's ex rental and the price is always the lowest so I don't have to beg EB for a price match. Like they're doing you an enormous favour by selling you a game at the same price you can get it for a few doors down. Wow, so amazing.

        • @High Score King: i tried buying destiny from them couple weeks back , they kept giving me copies from off the shelf and handing me a disc behind the counter i refused i only buy games if there sealed especially if they have dlc.

      • I surprised www.cdkeys.com has rise the price to $52.99. Used to be around $43 like a month ago

    • Has the sky fallen?!?

  • +1

    Never seen a game dropped $52 in price after being released for a month and 10 days.

  • +3

    i'm tempted, i'm still struggling to finish tomb raider (purchased 6 months ago i think)

    • +2

      I still havent opened my copy from Xmas! But whats another in the backlog.

      • +3

        I got a bookshelf of cheap games bought and yet to be played :(

        Time is the enemy when you have to work. Maybe I can save them for retirement :P

        • Don't worry sonny… you'll have even more games to add to the list before retirement.

          (at which point you won't have the time to play them because you'll be old and dead)

  • +3

    Bloody excellent game. Grabbed it for $20 with JB's PS4 bundle promo and well and truly got my money's worth.

    • Is this bundle promo still going?

      • Ah from memory it ended in July some time. Can't confirm the exact date, though.

        • +1

          July from last year?

        • @lostn: ends* - as you probably have guessed.

  • +1

    UAC Edition??

    • -2

      Why not click on the link and find out for yourself?

    • +18

      Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?

      Program Name: Doom UAC edition
      Verified Publisher: ID Games

      [Yes] [No]

      • -6

        ID had no part in this game btw.

        Bethesda is the publisher.

        • It's still gotta be developed! It was developed by id software, so I'd say they did have a major part

        • Lol, it is developed by ID, except the multiplayer which was outsourced. Don't make false statements

        • You know that a publisher doesn't make the game right? Unless a dev self-publishes?

        • @johnno07: I didn't say they do. But why would the publisher be listed as ID Games by Windows?

        • @Charlesberg22: That's not the point. If a UAC notification mentions a Verified Publisher, it would be Bethesda, not ID Games.

        • @lostn: You said id had no part in this game. They did.

        • -1

          @Charlesberg22: I meant they had no part in publishing the game.

        • @Charlesberg22: Indeed - although no person that worked on any of the previous games was involved if that matters ;)

    • +1

      I don't want to support UAC, those guys are kind of dicks TBH!

    • +3

      I had no idea either, this is from the product description:

      DOOM UAC Pack contains:

      • DOOM game
      • A Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) Handbook – Featuring exclusive visuals and content surrounding the setting of the game
      • Two UAC Fabric Patches
      • An exclusive UAC Corporate Poster
  • Congratz eb games

  • This is great! I just bought it.

    The UAC edition comes with some extra posters and artwork etc. Looks OK. Nothing too exciting. Next day collection in stores is pretty cool.

    It's not listed, but I'm 85% sure this comes with a steam key for activation. Also, the disk is there, but I hear there's also an 45gb download as well :)

    • Can anyone who has this version confirm the download requirements? I really want this game and it's a good price, but I have only a small monthly download quota, 45gb is huge.
      Alternatively is the Doom install portable? As in if I installed it, could I copy over the game folder with an up-to-date version from another PC (to avoid the hefty download) and then run it?

      • +1

        Runs through steam, all you need to do is copy it to your steamapps folder and install it, it'll discover any existing files and just verify them instead of downloading ;)

        • Sweet thanks!

        • Do you then need to keep the disc in to play? I want this but my PC doesn't have an optical drive, however I can borrow an external one if I only need to use it once.

        • @thescarecrow84: The game comes with a key which you input into steam, once in steam you can download the game directly without ever putting the disc in your PC.

          You need to be logged in to steam to play the game.

      • +2

        That's why I'm with Internode. 100GB a month but unlimited steam and netflix downloads.

        • How much you pay for that?

          I pay $60 for unlimited everywhere.

        • @lostn:

          I too would like to know !!!!!

          I wanted iiNet as that has good bandwidth, but it was slightly too pricey.
          Internode was high on my list.
          I pulled the trigger with TPG because they gave a good promo price.

          I get very decent speeds… but sometimes there's traffic, and I can't help but feel sometimes I'm missing out because I'm right next to the Node.

        • Be aware that the unmetered Steam downloads is assuming you're using the Internode Steam cache. Not all games are available on there and Steam itself on uses it as a default suggestion, not a fixed repository and can switch.

          There are 3rd party tools to lock it down but it may end up meaning some games simply wont download with it on.

        • I don't think that's true when you move to their NBN offerings. At least, that's what the Internode salespeople told me regretfully when I was switching from ADSL2 to NBN.

        • @unique452: I haven't experienced this issue, I did install the program to filter steam traffic but it just does its thing. Downloaded Fallout 4 yesterday without a single mb counted st 1.7mb/s average.

          I lived at the duplex next door with TPG a year ago, got sick of the congestion during peak periods, YouTube or Netflix were unplayable nearly all the time. As soon as I moved I applied for internode and low and behold awesome speeds all the time again. TPG claim there's no throttling or congestion but in my experience trying multiple ISPs in the Kingscliff area on Telstra dslams says different.

          I'm dreading the day that TPG start pulling apart internode and iinet cause I'll be forced back to Telstra and their garbage billing and customer service..

  • Is it available in any stores for pickup? If not you have to spend more than $47 ($50.50 in my case). That pushes me over my price point, I'll wait for another 3-4 months for it to come down. Really wanted to play this game sooner but ah well :(

    • Why don't you just click the cart and try? It's available in many stores for pick up.

      • Which stores in Australia? Mines not finding any

        • +1

          If you put in your postcode and it came up empty, you're out of luck I'm afraid.

        • @yellowc: I just figured it out! The chrome browser version doesn't show an option to put in a postcode. You have to select a minus symbol next to the page to get it to show anything. Very confusing. Ordered.

        • +1

          @Diji1: You speak of Google's products as if they have a track record of being bad,which - as far as I can tell - is completely false.

        • @juzz0: Ah I see :) Well glad you got it in the end, I'll remember different browsers next time this happens :P

  • +6

    Try the demo on steam first. Grew up playing Doom 1 and 2 and those sorts of games. This was just ok from what I played. Will wait till it's around $20.

    • +2

      demo also on xbl, first level

  • +5

    DOOM 2 serenity now - Seinfeld edition

  • how long is the sale on for?

  • +1

    went into the wollongong store today and was $80 :(

    • +2

      I was about to do what you just did but then realised the easy fix. Purchase it online THEN proceed to pick it up from the Wollongong store :). Good luck. Also cheers OP just bought a copy. +1

  • I assume standard should be the same price for this

  • Wow nice price! I got it for $69 just 3 weeks ago!

    Great game, alot of fun, gore and heavy metal.

  • Is the game worth it for only single player? not that interested in the multiplayer side.

    • +2

      Yes. The main reason its praised so much is because of the amazing single player campaign

    • +2

      Single player is tons of fun, most people skipped the multiplayer it's not even a factor

    • Yep. Loved the single-player campaign!

  • +1

    So so tempting, does anyone know if the PC version has steamworks?

    • +2

      Yeah it uses steamworks. Disc only has like 7gb on it and you need to download the rest, around 40gb on steam

      • Oh cool, once I've installed it do I need to keep the disc in the drive, or can I launch it like any other Steam game? I've never bought a physical PC game.

        • +1

          It should come with a steam key you need to activate on your steam account. There is no need for the physical CD. No PC games need the CDs anymore

        • @hoftos: Excellent! Thanks for your help. Gonna be looking for a cheap copy of Overwatch too now.

        • @thescarecrow84: i used this method :) worked perfectly


  • +4

    HA HA HA awesome timing thanks OP, I just finished the Demo and was jumping on Ozbargain to find a cheap copy!

    • Glad to be the bearer of good news!

  • is it this price instore or do you have to buy it online and select pick up instore ?

    • I found it in-store at this price as well, so both :)

      • thanks, I'll have a look tomorrow and ask for a website price match if it isn't marked as $47

        • Got one instore today for $47, brand new and sealed, thanks OP

  • boom shakalaka DOOM!

  • Thanks OP feel like some old school shooter fun

  • Steam summer sale starts in a day or two. I'd wait to see if it's cheaper.

    • +2

      Keeping in mind that Steam version is digital only and does not come with physical collectibles.

      • +1

        Good point. Though personally the collectibles are as good as garbage, and EB doesn't appear to have a non-UAC edition..

    • +2

      Considering Doom is $79.95 USD on the Australian steam store I highly doubt it will be.

      • Such a bunch of bullshit.

  • +1

    Awkward, why does it feel like dating an old girlfriend when I walk into Ebs…

    • +2

      Why did EB stop letting you shop there?

      • He was caught flashing the cute cash register girl (whom he imagined was his girlfriend)

  • +1

    EB was also running Wolfenstein: The New Order for 19 when I was there the other day, which is also excellent. Bethesda has quasi-retro FPS on lockdown between id and MachineGames.

  • You need to enable User Account Control to play this?

    Currently searching for stores that have "DOOM UAC Pack" in stock for [email protected] only.

    It doesn't seem to find anything. Does that mean it's not available for pickup in any store?

  • +2

    Does anyone use EB just when they wanna try out games given their generous change of mind policy?

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