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UNIQLO - $10 off Coupon ($50 Minimum Spend) - New Customers Only, Online Only


So much UNIQLO at the moment…. So hot right now…

After purchasing my amazingly awesome fleece instore I entered a comp and got an email with a $10 coupon. It's generic so up it goes.

So many (terrible) options already, plus whatever is online;

Save money on your awesome fleeces - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/254201
Or amazing orange vests - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/253680

You do need to be above $50 AFTER coupon to get free shipping which sucks a bit.

Online only. Expires 24th July. New Customers Only. Not with other offers.

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  • Gotta love their marketing dept.
    $50 min. spend for free delivery
    $50 min. spend for $10 off
    which means have at least $60 stuff in you cart.

    • The code brought my cart to $49.90 so it slapped on the $5.95 for shipping. Decided that I might as well get a pair of socks at $5.90 to offset the shipping costs. Thanks for the code OP, it was just the nudge I needed to pull the trigger on a vest.

    • and alot items are xx.90 ie 49.90

  • Any of you gentlemen tried their jeans? How's the comfort / quality?

    • +8 votes

      Got the stretch jeans.
      Best jeans ive ever bought.
      It is very comfortable and durable

    • I have their slim fit tapered jeans and had them tailored in-store to become the best fitting jeans I've every worn. Quality is solid although I've only had them for about half a year and they are very comfortable.

      Edit: If I'm not mistaken, you can buy online and go in-store to get it tailored (since this is an online deal). Although you might want to confirm this before buying

      • Is the tailoring a free service? If so, that is awesome!

        • Yep, it's free, but it's only hemming of the pant leg to adjust the length; sorry, should have specified

        • Its only free for Jeans/Trousers over $29.90. The slip fit tapered jeans are on special currently for $19.90. So to get them hemmed you will need to pay $6.75 or something each. Still good value.

      • When you say tailored, do you mean just having them taken up? or did you have something else done?

      • The hemming is only free for pants/jeans above $29.90.

        They do a "blind stitch" for $6.90? I think it was, not too sure since it was a while since I've last shopped Uniqlo in store. Whereas the normal hem job is free if the pants cost more than $29.90.

        If you pick up a pair of pants <$29.90 they'll still hem them for a price.

        Their skinny fit ultra stretch chinos are the bomb diggity though. :)

  • Thanks OP. Gonna pick myself up a Mountain Parka. Was eyeing one off anyway at $99.95, now they're $20 off and with this code I'll be saving $30! So cheers.

  • Be aware Uniqlo is using Couriers Please, which is a bloody nightmare to arrange delivery. The driver did not even bother to ring the door despite someone's at home, his reason: couldn't find parking for the van.

    • This needs visibility, they are absolutely shocking with delivery times and customer service.

      The best way to bypass them to call Uniqlo customer service as soon as you place your order. Quote them your order no. and request for your package to be sent by AusPost.

    • The delivery driver didn't even bother to knock on the door and didn't even provide a reason for my delivery, just thought it best to drop it off at the nearest drop-off point. Meh.

    • nightmare is the right term. have had a terrible experience with them

  • Just used for 2 individual orders, thanks to email wildcard matching, for a total of $30 off. Thanks!

  • The definition of ugly sweaters

  • Came across this in Japan and picked up a few things. Now I've just realised it's prob cheaper to purchase it in Australia thanks to the poor Aussie Dollar..

  • Was able to use this with my existing account - doesn't seem to be limited to new accounts only.

  • thanks op. got 3 jeans for $59 total w free shipping

  • So glad I checked OzB first before I placed an order for the wife. Saved $10! Damn! Forgot Cashrewards!

  • So confused.

    If my cart was at $49 adding something for $10 gets free postage.

    Adding the coupon takes it back down to $49, which adds $6 postage…so I end up saving $4

    That's not even 10%.