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Age of Empires 2 HD Edition on Steam $2.99 USD (~$4 AUD) (Was $19.99 USD)


Age of Empires 2.

One of my favourite games of all time. I recently found out there is HD remade version. Exact same game as the original, but it just supports the new resolutions of today. Very awesome game to play on those $200 11.6" laptops that pop up all the time. Basically you can run this game on a potato!

I bought it a while ago for $20.00 and it has been one of my favourite games to play on my microsoft surface. Very excited to see it for $3.00, because it means the wife's steam account is now going to get it as well!!

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  • almost bought this for the second time on impulse (couldn't remember if I had version 2 or 3 !)

    absolute best game of my childhood

  • Wollollo!

  • Would it work on Mac?

    • I'm not sure if steam works on a Mac - but if it does, it definitely should work.

    • AFAIK there's no actual Mac support for the HD edition, however I did find this thread to get it running through Wine: https://steamcommunity.com/app/221380/discussions/0/86497262...

      • Cheers. I've never used my mac for gaming do I have no idea!

        I've never actually used stream either.

      • Thanks for that guide. Going to give it a try.

        Do you know whether Wine would also play the expansions and AOE3?

    • Yeah it apparently will run on a potato but not a mac! :P

      I looked into this awhile ago as I really wanted to play this game on my mac. As others have suggested, there are workarounds. I kind of gave up though. I would pay top dollar to get a mac version as this was my all time favourite RTS. Shame.

      • The guide CarbonTwelve posted looks actually like it could be easy. Going to give it a try.

      • I got it working in my Mac eventually through PlayonMac (which just makes Wine easier to use). It literally took hours and takes about 20 minutes to get it to start each time I want to play. Perhaps I should've just picked up an extra shift at work and bought a cheap Windows laptop :P

        • Haha, thanks for the comment! What is it that takes 20 min, the game or getting steam up?

          I'm downloading it all now. Has been slow going so far, with the odd error/restart. Almost there, hopefully it runs as expected.

        • @Dan83:

          Combination of it taking a few minutes just to launch, then steam or aoe2 wanting to update randomly (even if opened twice the same day) and it not working after real updates and needing tweaking. None of this is helped by having really slow internet :/ it sometimes needs to be restarted to get multiplayer to work. But after that, it works pretty well:P

      • I had Aoe2 working online with Voobly on Linux via a Windows VM. Ran completely fine.

      • Potato not an apple.

  • One of the best game of all time…

  • Do you buy the expansion pack with the game for $9 USD?!

    Or just the game?

    • The expansions are pretty good but if you just buy the base game you'll get access to a few of the new civilisations in online play to get a feel for it.

      Expansions probably worth it if you're more a single player person though.

      • I got that and the age of empires 3 complete pack as well. Great value!


      • If I get just the base game can I play the new African races in multiplay like Ethiopians, or do I need to get the Expansions as well?

        • Everyday there is subset of the African races you can play online if you don't have the expansions. So if you don't have the expansion you might only be able to play the Ethiopians but it means you can at least be in the same game as people with the expansions.

        • @hamole: Thanks for your reply. Do you know if the base game also includes the gameplay and balance changes from the expansion?

        • @nasotrang:
          When you create a multiplayer game you get the choice of creating it as the base game or the expansions. Base game does not have the new civs or balance changes, expansion does. Anyone can join either type of game but if you only own the base game and join an expansion game you can only play a subset of the civs.

  • Other than the water it doesn't actually look any better, still a great game though!

    • +2 votes

      Tons of bug fixes and new factions.

      Agreed graphics aren't all that much better, still awesome game. Multiplayer is also integrated with steam and the Steam Workshop so downloading user generated maps is easy and they're fun to play too!

    • The biggest improvement is that it supports widescreen natively.

  • I love this game.

    I remember playing this game (in a Skirmish game) with a self applied rule of only building Horse Archers and Monks, all other units I must take via Monk.

    It was great as the Horse Archers would draw the attention of the attackers whilst the Monks did their thing. But sometimes it went horribly wrong and some men of the cloth met with some Kataphracts with hilarious results.

  • Does it have online multipayer?

  • +22 votes

    I would have had 2 more phds if not for this game.

  • We used to play this at lunch time over the works network, I still love this game!

  • Food please

  • Is there a large online community? I used to play quite a lot on Voobly.

  • Great game I bought it when it was 8 USD. Jump on board. Played last night. Hours of fun!

  • thanks, great LAN game!

    • Except they removed the LAN option! You have to play through the net.

      • meh everyone at lans have internet these days, still great to play at LANs

        • Well that's what we had to do! but we did notice that delay between each PC that you don't experience on lan.

      • The game secretly supports LAN. You use the internet to connect to your friend's lobby, then you can disconnect from the internet, and continue playing through your local LAN!

  • This game was everything when I was little. AoE II came out when I was in grade 3 or 4. My brother and I made this stupid map called 'peaceful village', it was ridiculous. Everybody had like 100 villagers and nothing else. You could get resources, build houses, farms, mills, and a town center. We'd wait for some random person from the internet to join. The moment they built any kind of attack/defense building, all of us charged our collective villager armies to raze their town, then we had to fight each other to the death with villagers. It wasn't very peaceful haha

    • Haha, I remember the good old days waiting outside enemy walls with an army. Then wait for a lonely villager to come out of the gate to tend to the farm and use that moment to charge the whole army in while the gate is open lol - good times!

  • Rise of Nations is better for a little more: 3.99USD http://store.steampowered.com/app/287450/

  • Thanks!

    I bought this though

    **Buy Age of Empires Legacy Bundle

    Includes 4 items: Age of Empires II HD, Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms, Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten, Age of EmpiresĀ® III: Complete Collection

    SUMMER SALE! Offer ends 4 July**

    So just for few dollars more(total $8.99USD), you can get its expansions + AOE 3 complete collection.

  • AOE 2 + expansion was the best in the series!

    I still have the original on CD rom.

  • Any zone.com mates planning to by this or what? Need some more Aussie online players

  • Worth getting AOE 3 as well? Or just AOE 2 + expansions?

  • How is Age of Empires 3?

  • R.I.P. MSN Gaming Zone

  • Oh the memories of this game.

    One of the best games of all time along with Warcraft.

  • Anyone knows how to run it on Win10?

  • So happy to see my first ever front page deal :')

  • Is it possible to play through the single campaign in coop?

    • Technically…you could bring a friend and then one uses the mouse, the other the keyboard…but practically speaking, no.

  • Potential stupid question, but does it work on win 10? and can I play it offline or have to be on net?

  • Near bought, then I remembered I already did 2 years ago through this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/149827

  • This game ruined my life

  • Microsoft RTS Collection: Age of Empires/Age of Mythology/Rise of Nations http://store.steampowered.com/sub/91439/

    looks like a really good deal too

  • Awesome, thanks so much, have been wanting this game for my Mac for a couple years. The instructions for Wine above worked.

  • Terrible coding and terrible multiplayer.

    A huge proportion of systems have complete lag despite amazing CPU/RAM/GFX combinations. Even playing on LAN is laggy. This is a very common issue on the forums.

    If you're one of the rare people who aren't upvoting just due to nostalgia or have a system setup that somehow works, then this is an okay deal because the game is extremely fun.

    On my two AMD cards however it lags like a m'fer even in single player. It is such a good game however, that it is still fun even when it lags. This is why it still gets positive votes. This remake should go die in a fire however.

  • I happen to be in Canada and it's showing as $3.29 CAD ( $3.38AUD) through Canadian steam.

  • Was about to jump on the full pack, then remembered this =)

    This mail is confirmation that you have purchased the following items:

    Date Order# Item(s) Amount
    Sunday, 21 November 2010 5657XXXXXXXXXXXX - Age of Empires III
    SubTotal: $0.09
    GST: $0.01
    Total Amount: $0.10

  • I already had this from within a Humble bundle I bought in the past: Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 (Age of Empires Legacy bundle) :)

  • Personally I never understood the appeal of the AoE games. It's good because everyone knows how to play it, but I don't think it's the best RTS game available. 200 unit cap, and primitive resource requirements made the game very simple. I compare it to Cossacks which has complex resource requirements; walls need stone to build AND maintain. Cannons need coal and iron to fire, run out of either and your army has no artilery. People need food, demand more than you supply and your army will start keeling over.

    Cossacks is US$2. I suggest Cossacks: Back to War (the latest of the original series) and American Conquest (good for LANs as there are no walls or towers) both with a 8000 unit cap. Or just wait for Cossacks 3. Main problem is you need to convince your freinds to buy it too ;)


      My understanding is unit cap has been raised to 500…

      • Yes, in the HD version it has. I was referring to the original (comparing original aoe2 to original Cossacks). Cossack HD (aka cossack 3) is 10k unit cap. Cossacks 2 is an insane 64,000 but isn't as good overall.

    • TY for heads up on C3, didn't know about this series but might have to buy C3 now

  • Is there an Aussie AoE2HD group somewhere? Would be nice to organise some local games with the lag minimised.