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Sportsco Additional 50% off Sitewide (Including Sale)


Hi all,

Just wanted to share this code that will take 50% off site wide (including sale items) for some sweet deals like the NB Visaro soccer boots - $240 down to $60:


And Adidas Ace 16.1 $260 down to $65


Wanted to post this in the previous Sportsco post but it has been marked as expired so was unsure if I should've.

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    lol site's down already

  • Site's been OZB-ed.

  • here comes the 504s!

  • dead

  • +1

    Hahahah if I see that 504 again….I'll …..refresh!
    …"Please don.t panic! We.ve emailed the Support Team to rectify the error immediately."
    So does the "support team" get emails everytime I refresh…

    • +6

      I'm pretty sure if we all press refresh at the same time the server will come back online.

      • Doesn't hurt to dream eh

  • "Exa Web Solutions", the business that designed their site, have gone into liquidation (they were a terrible, terrible company to deal with). I hope for their sake they managed to swap providers to Incredo otherwise the site may never come back up 8-)

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    Should we all call +61 (0)3 9889 6888 at the same time?

    • +2

      I'm in.

  • Their support email address goes to Exa, a company that went into liquidations several months ago http://www.smartcompany.com.au/finance/64264-exa-web-solutio...

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    good work guys

    • +2

      Yeah Lizard Squad's got nuthin on us.

  • lol at how the website has crashed

  • everything is out of stock?

    • could be a server problem but year it looks like everything is out of stock so you cant actually buy anything.

  • website crashed … crap website… run on dialup or something.

  • Anyone confirmed its 50% on top of the sale list price?
    I cant get through ><!

    • Yes it is… Now if only we can get stuff into the cart and check out….hmmm..

  • can't seeeeee the page

  • Hey everyone, I think we need to take turns, lets start with me first and then I'll randomly pick someone when I'm done.
    Sounds good? Lets Go!

    • +7

      I was going to agree until I saw your name.

      • +5

        You sir, will be removed from my random list

    • ARhh, was so close to checkout, one of you guys aren't following the rules…

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    can i use this instore?

    • +6

      Yeah, go to the counter with what you want to buy, then when the sales lady tells you the total price just shout out "50%offsale". Works ever time.

      • +4

        I don't think you're reliable.

        • how will you know if you never try ?

  • +1

    Well at least it gives me more time to think of what I'm going to waste money on

  • ok I give up , got something in the cart last time then lost it , good luck everyone !

  • Finally got my order in and paid for. It will work, just very slowly, hopefully everyone else can manage to buy a few things.

    • whatd u buy

      • +1

        2 pairs of runners and some shorts

        • +1


  • -1

    aw yeah checked out … again….

  • +1

    Finally got through! Have been constantly reloading and trying the whole time but it worked. Often I would get to the cart and item was gone, so kept reloading and adding again… then would get to first stage of checkout and site would time out again but kept trying. I paid with PayPal if that helps any one else check out. Got some Adidas shoes for a great price so worth the effort for me.

  • Code doesn't work for me

  • Finally added an item to cart, added coupon and got an error saying it was not valid. Did this work for other people?

  • code not working

  • 'Coupon code "50%offsale" is not valid.'

  • code is coming up "not valid"

  • +1

    thank you OP, great post!

    Scored myself some hypervenom phinish's for 60 bux and some indoor shoes for 45 bux!


    Remember, free shipping for orders over 100 dollars.

    • Lol got played by sportsco. PayPal showed half price, but when I checked my card it was the original price again. Cancelled my order!! Save your time and money!

      • was discounted price for me

  • Nope - no joy here either

  • I get the following message : Coupon code "50%offsale" is not valid.

  • Coupon code "50%offsale" is not valid.

  • The second I get my stuff into cart…… !

  • Expired, such bullllll

  • Says "Coupon code "50%offsale" is not valid."

  • Hi I was wondering where you got the coupon code from?

  • Doesn't work, fail

  • -2

    Just used 50% in coupon and that worked

  • So where does this code come from? It might have been a special coupon for people who didn't get through last night.

    • Don't work

  • i finally add 3 items to cart and code does not work, wasted my time

  • Code wasn't meant to be public so they deleted it

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