Need a New iPhone - My 4S Is Finally Giving up The Ghost

My beloved ozbargainers,

I am in desperate need of a new iPhone. I have had my 4s since 2010 and it has been great. It has now started to freeze and my son has just cracked the screen for the first time (I stopped counting at 100 fragments!) I am not really concerned about having the latest model and tbh I couldn't afford it. I am wary about buying on eBay or gumtree and thought I'd come to you guys for advice. I would prefer not to enter into a plan and I know that officeworks has a 16GB 5s for $478. Does anyone know a better deal?


    • Its good Ebgames and Cash Converters provide some warranty so you know you're not buying a lemon, but its a steep premium compared with buying used.

  • +1 vote - 5c 32GB for $254

    sale starts 10am AEST - 05Jul

    • +1 vote

      Aliexpress 5c 32GB $200 delivered

      • Happy to say that I am an Aliexpress novice and having trouble navigating the site. If you have the chance would you mind pointing me in the direction of the 5C you have discovered?

    • Ended up going with this - thanks very much!

  • Is apple still doing replacements on 4s? If so, simply get it switched over. It should only cost a couple of hundred $. They will take your old phone and replace it with a refurbished one.

    • Bad idea - iPhone 4S won't run the latest iOS 10 that comes out in September. That model is at the end of its life.

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        just becuase it wont run a future OS doesnt mean it stops working though.
        it would still be fine as a phone.

        • True, but I think its an important point that needs to be at least mentioned for consideration.

  • Thanks all! Checking out your suggestions!

  • I'd strongly recommend a 5S over a 5 or 5C. 5S is significantly faster and smoother to use, only slightly more expensive, and yet still far cheaper than the iPhone SE. I had a 5S, sold it and used my mum's 5C, then upgraded to a SE – I've used all three myself within the last two months, so my experience is very recent. I found myself getting very frustrated with the iPhone 5C, and while the SE is FANTASTIC with AMAZING battery life, the 5S was an all-around excellent phone too.


    Buying a new 5S is a good idea, as you have warranty, and know that the phone has a brand new battery. Peace of mind. The downside is that you could get far more storage with a used device for less $ spent. If you want to look for a used phone, let me know and I can give some tips.

  • 16GB iPhone 5s - $399 with $30 Telstra Starter Kit @ Australia Post (IN STORE)

    Locked to Telstra network though.

  • Ozmobile might be worth a go