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(Preowned) Gears of War Ultimate Edition/ Rare Replay Bundle (XB1) for $25 at EB Games


$25 for both Gears of War and Rare Replay are pretty good in value, especially with the 30 games included with Rare Replay.

Despite it being preowned, the case and discs should be in good condition, as there were usually traded in instantly after people bought Xbox One consoles that have these bundled.

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  • Keep in mind if you're after digital, and just gears, it is currently on sale for $15 (Gold Members) on the xbox store.

  • Nearly neg the deal after seeing the word "bundle". Good price for 2!

  • Excellent, wanted to get rare replay and was going to fork out $25 to buy it from JB, works out well :D

    Thanks OP.

  • Seems like an odd combination, but a good price, so who cares!

  • Sold out online, now in-store only :(

  • should be able to find these in store at most EBs.

    You will find that these are often traded as soon as someone buys a console bundle, so they should mostly be brand new stock but sold as pre owned.

    • Just picked one up. On the shelf it was a preowned case with the yellow eb stickers on it. The guy went out the back to get the disc and came back with a brand new sealed copy -for the same price. Perfect!

  • preowned should be in the title as many will think this is the new price.
    mind u most new are just returned games anyway.
    doesnt matter so much on x1 tho as console just needs to id the game usually and then download in fill online.

  • There's some good pre owned prices at eb at the moment for both consoles. The last of us remastered is $25 which is very good

    • I was recently able to get a digital copy from the US PSN store for $27 AUD, so a physical copy with less hassle and a lower price is a great deal.

  • Link to pre owned deals: https://ebgames.com.au/any/any/any/any/Manager-s-Specials?vi...

    Note this is in store link, some may be available online as well

  • with the gears of war ultimate edition wasn't there some thing where if you redeemed the game by december last year you got gears 3 or something otherwise it's just 1 and 2 or something to that effect?

    • The bonus was 2,3 and judgment

      • So this is just the first one…? no where near as enticing then, thanks for the info.

        • The promo is long since ended anyway. You got the other titles as backwards compatible releases (I think most if not all have been given away with GWG anyway - not sure about GoW2). The remaster isn't bad though and does add an extra chapter that shipped in the PC release but wasn't available on the 360 which itself isn't bad but isn't terrific either if you haven't played it.

  • Damn, I picked it up for 34(verified with cache:) in store earlier during the week/last week? I'll have to bring it back to the store and ask them about it.

    Damn I picked up Sunset Overdrive for $15 and it's $10 now too

    Edit: welp same thing with the masterchief collection (dble checked to $28) $3, $9, $5; $17 difference total

    • all good, got $17 back in credit that I used on a AC:black flag and another game

  • should've just created a bargain for the managers specials.
    $10 - $25 for alot of the preowned ps4 and xbone titles.

  • +3 votes

    just picked one up. comes with 2 discs and mine was a new copy still in plastic wrap at preowned price. awesome.

  • I skipped on this title. Will never get time to scratch the surface of all those titles. Instead, picked up sunset overdrive for $10 and NBA 2K15 to add to the morning purchase of Star Ward Battlefront. With Both Tomb Raiders and those that will keep us busy with the new XB1.

    Meanwhile I wonder what will happen to the 25+ titles on the PS3 that have really never been spun (and some WiiU, 3DS and Vita stuff as well).

    Enjoy all.

  • I want this but my gamer OCD wants a separate game case + non-merged artwork for each in my library. Sigh. I guess I'll just pay $25 for each independently then. My Ozbargain level is at = 0 :D.


    Anyone know why 007 was not on the rare replay? Nintendo own rights or something?

    • The rights are a legal minefield. Nintendo has a stake in the title I believe and the Bond license isn't with the same company that had licensed it around the time of Goldeneye. Too many companies would potentially want their share.

  • These have been available since months ago at JB HiFi for $24.
    Have my own, but prices change. Maybe worth checking at JB too.