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Deliveroo Free Burgers across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane (Friday 15th July) - Burgers Sold Out, Now Free Delivery Until 3pm


update: Sorry if you missed out on a Free Burger today. The good news is we're also offering free delivery until 3pm - just enter the coupon BURGERMELB or BURGERSYD at checkout.

Information about this deal was found on social media and various websites such as Lifehacker and Urban List.

Thanks to pyramid for the following information:
From Deliveroo facebook page: "Mark your calendar, burger lovers! The countdown to FREE BURGER FRIDAY begins. This Friday, head to our app between 12 - 3PM and click on the burger icon to view participating burger joints. Find the special promo code at the top of the menu and enter at checkout to get your burger FREE!"

It means you will need to enter promo code at checkout to get free burger.

Deliveroo has teamed up with a bunch of burger joints to offer up free burgers to people across its Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane delivery zones on July 15 (this Friday),. Here are some of the burger shops that are participating:


Barrio Cellar
Down N’Out by Hashtag Burgers
Chur Burger
Paradise Road Diner
Mamas Buoi
Jimmys on the Spit

St Kilda Burger Bar
San Jose
Saintly Burger
Hello Sam
The Beaufort & Ikes
Thaiger Burger
Danny’s Burgers

St Baxter
Buffalo Bar
Hop & Pickle

Available from 12pm to 3pm, all you need to do to get your free burger is download the Deliveroo app or visit the website and place your order. Burgers are limited to availability and up to the value of $20. As far as I can tell this is completely free, I can't see any websites mentioning their usual $5 delivery fee. Confirmed below (thanks quop):

Someone asked on their FB page:

Is it actually free or is there a deliveroo fee and an under $25 surcharge. $9 burgers*

Deliveroo replied:

no delivery fee! And the $20 off code applies to any burger

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$12 off across your next 4 orders ($3 per order). Your friend will get $12 off across their first 4 orders too. Minimum order $20 + Delivery.

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  • +2

    The other weird thing was

    And the $20 off code applies to any burger

    But the San Jose menu had a free burger section with just the one burger, and the description text at the top to only select from the free burger menu.

  • +1

    Why not sign up via a referral and get $20 credit. Spend an extra $5 and order whatever you want assuming delivery is free.

  • +1

    I got notification pay pay charged $20 could not enter a code, has been stuck on 19 mins for 30 mins. and no reply to email, live chat has 113 people in front and the venue phone is busy.,. what chances of lunch!!!

  • +1

    We are really sorry, but San Jose could not fulfil your order at this time.
    Your card will not be charged.
    We would be delighted if you would consider ordering from one of our other restaurants.

  • +2

    Such a waste of time.

  • +2

    Ordered from San Jose and received confirmation. Order was successfully placed and expected delivery was at 1pm. They have now cancelled my order. Very frustrating.

    • Mine's still expected 12:52pm, see if mine gets cancelled too

      • +3

        Yep, cancelled.

  • +3

    Order cancelled. Waste of time.

  • +2

    I made my order at 12:20pm at San Jose. Waited 40 minutes, and then received a message to say my order has been cancelled! Fail!!

    • Hey guys, I just noticed my deliveroo account has a $17.50 credit from the cancelled order. And it looks like this credit can be used for my next order. So if I do the same order now, I should still get the burger for free.

  • +5

    Now how can we cancel our Deliveroo account

  • +1

    Massive fail!

  • Ordered Thaiger burger at 12:17 and it's still showing 'Preparing your food' with 31 minutes remaining…

    • Mines stuck on delivery your food for -24 mins. Yay.. /s

      • +2

        Be prepared for the cancellation message - that's what happened to mine….

        • I'm just about to go out and literally get something else - so braced…

          EDIT: Got my food 2 hours after ordered.

  • +2

    Colleague's order was cancelled. Nothing more than a PR stunt to drive membership.

  • +1

    Sold out before 12pm. NO DEAL!

  • Brisbane Buffalo Bar order now cancelled after being stuck on 39 mins for 1 hour

  • Looks like they probably had just 1 burger from each joint free. I'm yet to come across anyone here who managed to get one.

  • +2

    Got nothing

  • +4

    Absolute waste of time. Uninstalled their crappy app and won't bother with these jokers in future.

  • +2

    The website and app are both saying: "Sorry! No restaurants can deliver to Melbourne CBD".

    • +2

      What's the bet it magically resumes usual service after 3pm?

  • My order at Jack's Newtown just went through after they reopened, coupon code worked.

  • +2

    No deal, just a stunt to get people to sign up. Never ordering from them again and I have told my whole office to do so.

  • +5

    Co-worker and I ordered from San Jose at 12:15. His order got cancelled just now (14:09) and mine is still being "prepared" (ETA was 13:14. 14:09 now and still waiting). What a horrible marketing stunt. I don't think I will ever use Deliveroo or eat at San Jose again after this experience. Downvoted.

  • +3

    St Baxter
    Buffalo Bar
    Hop & Pickle

    Brisbane - none of the burger joints available - deleting app

    They were there yesterday…. ~ Deliveroo fails to deliver

  • +2

    No free burgers in sight

  • +3

    Checked huxtaburger at 11:45, said it was closed. Refreshed until 1220 every 30 seconds when it finally showed open, instantly applied code and went to checkout, site took 20 seconds to load and then it said that the code was unavailable. Given it was sold out in under a minute and the site was slow i can assume that they gave out 10 or less free burgers which is absolutely pathetic. Never using Deliveroo what a load of crap.

  • +2

    Order placed for buffalo bar brisbane at 12.13, actually worked, timer started counting down from 35mins. Got to 19mins, stayed at 19mins for an hour, then got a message saying order cancelled. I wouldnt have cared if it just said unavailable straight up, but the fact it went thru and started a countdown meant i missed my lunchbreak for relying on it gah

    • +3

      The exact same thing happened to me. I was 12:12, and it hung at 19 mins. Then eventually got a cancellation almost an hour afterwards. Very frustrating. I know it was free….blah blah blah, but it's the fact that it initially accepted the order, and led you to believe it was going to deliver, then cancelled nearly an hour later. What business gets away with that in the real world?

      • same for me, I ended up calling Buffalo Bar, Busy, Busy, then answer the girl said they were swamped but I would get my burger. Then I got the message saying I wouldn't get it. So I ring again this time a guy answers said was only meant to be 20 burgers but had a problem and was no chance of getting it.

  • +1

    couldn't even get onto the Deliveroo website, no free burger for me :/

  • Did anyone actually get one?

    • +1

      I did, see my earlier post.

    • nope, i did have two tho

    • I did

  • Got a free one from mama buoi but it was a 2hr wait lol, finally got into the website at around 12:20.

  • +5

    Joke of a promotion, now I know not to order from Deliveroo

  • +2

    Shown as delivered but food never arrived. Massive fail.

    • +2

      Same thing just happened with me, ordered from San Jose. What a ridiculous experience. Will have to contact Deliveroo support to get a refund.

      • Use PayPal whenever you can. Raising a dispute in PayPal is way easier than contacting the merchant on your own.

        • +1

          I used Amex. Can just instigate a chargeback. The merchant also gets penalised if they get too many chargeback requests against them.

      • What? You are you San Jose?

        • +1

          What? Your comment doesn't make sense. I am assuming you are asking me whether I am saying I am in San Jose.

          San Jose is the name of one of the restaurants offering the free burgers in Melbourne. It is mentioned in the list of participating restaurants in original deal listing, as well as in many of the comments down here.

        • +1

          @zzap: Ohhh Thought you meant you were in California. LOL

    • +1

      LOL Maybe they use Australia Post Contractors

  • +1

    I hate to brag but i got in at 12:15 and ordered huxta…and got the food delivered at 1:30….the burger was shit as well. Paid $2.50 so had to finish it.

  • I had a surly's burger to wash down the one i got from the forresters. Surly's was nicer. Would definitely order for free again.

  • +1

    Deliveroo… you can go and get effed.

  • +3

    Got in the order at 12:14, got updated to delivered at 3:18, nothing actually delivered. No communication at any point in the process. Also can't use the free delivery coupon for something else because nothing in Brisbane is available for delivery anymore. Deliveroo is a massive fail.

  • +5

    Ordered from Huxtaburger in Melbourne CBD at 12.15pm, arrived at 1.15pm. Cost to me: $1.90, gave it to a homeless guy. Pay it forward.

    The app was slow, but nothing unexpected.

  • After 12.15 pm the app started semi-working. It worked fine to order a burger from Bondi (much less competition with the OzBargainer-heavy CBD) but I misunderstood the promotion's "included delivery" terms (or it was misrepresented).

    It was simply a $20 voucher (or really a $15 food voucher with an extra $5 reserved for delivery). Since minimum delivery costs $20 - else you pay $4 extra on top of the $5 delivery fee - and the cheapest burger itself costs $14 you'd have to customise your burger with $1+ extras to get it free or near free (else a $14 burger would cost $14 + $5 + $4 - $20 = $3, for example). I splurged and spent $20 instead of the minimum $15.

    • Whoops, don't know what I was talking about? It would be $20 minimum on food I would think?

  • Ordered from Huxtaburger in Melbourne CBD at 12:20pm. Received an email saying it will arrive at 1:36pm. Eventually received the burger at 2:35pm. Two whole hours!

    Burger looked sad but tastes not bad. Paid nothing, but the cost of burger was $9.90, while the fee was $9. Who would ever pay for such a service if it isn't free?!

  • Waste of time