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I was in the market for some headlights earlier today and came across this site - plenty of decent reviews online and they seem to even post here every now and then (I'll hopefully beat them to the punch this time).

Thankfully I didn't purchase earlier today because they just seem to have started a 20% off everything sale. Their prices were already highly competitive and now are even cheaper.

For instance, the Philips Longlife EcoVision H7 Headlight Bulbs (Twin Pack) that I was looking at came down to $26.18, whilst a SINGLE bulb at the ironically named SuperCheap Auto costs $29.99.


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    They forever have a 20% sale, I'm patiently waiting for their 25%-30% sale myself here instead lol.


    How long does shipping normally take?

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      All my orders have generally come in just over a week. Very fast shipping, wouldn't buy my bulbs from anywhere else.


    Any suggestions for what the brightest / best ones would be for my Corolla 2013?

    I drive on dark streets often in my area and there's no streetlights
    My current factory lights are horrible.

    Looking to replace my standard lights (h11) I believe, but am unsure on what to replace with which would be the brightest and longest vision etc.

    Possibly will do my high beam too if price is decent and is a dramatically huge difference


      Your best bet is with the extreme vision range. However white vision is also good as it is around 4200k.
      Check your car manual for your headlight bulb type.H11 normally is for fog lamps.


      Check out getting some H11 LED bulbs off ebay. I just got these for my car (H7 LED):

      For the price and from a local seller, these are fantastic.
      They output the same (or close to same) light pattern as stock halogens, but provide a brighter and whiter light and run much much cooler than halogens.
      These are IMO better than the xenon HID kits as there's no chunky ballast to install, plays well with canbus (car's computer network), relatively cheap, and most importantly doesn't dazzle other drivers.


      I am currently running white vision in my 03 corolla and i can definitely say its a good improvement over the oem toyota bulbs. The white visions are indeed 4200k, which are much whiter than the oem bulbs, yet projects a wider and longer beam.

      Don't worry about the fog lights if your car is equipped with it, as the oem bulb is fine as is.

      Never bother with crystal vision or diamond vision unless you want a whiter light that is barely usuable during rain.


      I've always bought the OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited. Good value and very happy with their output.

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    Prices are expensive compared to ebay


      I found them to be either comparable or cheaper, but not more expensive. And with the added benefit of customer support and not having to worry about the usual eBay counterfeits.


    Masters have some bulb clearance items. YMMV

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    thanks buddy !!! Bestest Deal on globes !

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