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Floureon H101 6 Axis Gyro 2.4GHz RC Quadcopter US $6.41 (~AU $8.6) Delivered @ Everbuying (New Accounts)


The price of this quadcopter just keeps getting lower, credit to mydealz (german bargain site) for the find.

To get the price of US $6.41:

  1. Register a new account to get 100 EB points (brings the price down by US$2 in checkout)
  2. Confirm your email address and add a profile picture to get an additional 20 EB points (brings the price down by US$0.4 in checkout). Thanks macgregors
  3. Access Everbuying via the mobile site to get a further 2% off
  4. Enter in the coupon code at checkout.


Brand name: Floureon
Item name: H101 3D RC Quadcopter
Color: Red
Charging time: 50 - 60mins
Flying time: 5 - 7mins
Control distance: About 20m
Working frequency: 2.4GHz
Flight battery: 3.7V 150mAh Li-Po battery
Transmitter battery: 3 x AAA battery( not included )
Function: 3D inverted flight, Up / down, Forward / backward, Swerve, Turn left / right, 360 degrees rollover, One key to return, Headless mode

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  • +43

    Great quad for learning with. Very stable in a hover and a good range. I get out to about 40m in our paddock before it goes off exploring on its own. Really fast when you enable fast mode. Make sure you get a few more batteries and a multi charger for long lasting mega fun.

    It is a heaps better way to walk the dogs than the old school way of actually having to exercise with them. I just sit on the deck and the dogs chase it around like crazy. For extra fun if they start to get tired and disinterested just dive bomb them and hover about 1m above them and they will take off after it like it is an alien ship coming to take away everything they know. Our German Shepherd catches it out of the air and brings it back with the biggest look of accomplishment of saving the world from the alien overlords. Hasn't broken yet in the 6 months I have had it. Still flys even with the added weight of the dog slobber.

    It does seem to have a magnet installed that attracts it to trees. I haven't figured out how to remove that feature yet. Feature seems to be enabled that it must get hung up on the highest branch. If it doesn't it will fall out of the tree and immediately fly up to the highest branch to reattach to the tree.

    Will recommend A+++ 100% would bang perfect score 5/7

    • Sounds like yours is getting lots of abuse, amazing it still works!

      Havent ventured outdoors yet, still learning my first quadcopter indoors but think I'm now ready to brave the parks.

    • Hi Skurfer, I found it difficult to control the quad to fly left, right, forward and backward. Do you have any tips on doing that… TIA

      • +2

        Fly forwards only. ie, like a car.

        Don't fly left/right/backwards.

        • Great tip and I'll try that myself. I found headless mode not that useful and prefer to use it the normal

        • Confused. If you can only fly in one direction, it will eventually hit something. Would you please explain how it works for you? Thanks

        • +2

          I think he means use the left throttle stick to turn the copter left or right.
          And use the right stick to only move forward, and not sideways.

  • +3

    Definitely 9 bucks worth of fun here.

    So long as you remove the throttle before a crash, this thing is very durable because it is so light.

    Its also has a button to fly upside down, flip and a headless function so you can look like a much better pilot than you actually are.

    Good for walking kids as well as dogs.

  • How do u apply the eb points from making a new account the price is still coming to 8.81 when i go to checkout?

    • +1

      Don't click checkout with paypal, click proceed to checkout, you can still use paypal afterwards

  • +2

    When checking out i was able to verify my email and add a profile pic giving me 20 more eb points which brought the price down a bit

    • +1

      Thanks, post updated.

  • +2

    Awesome buy, just got a 2nd one so I can race with my son :)

    FYI, you can get it down to USD6.61 by "confirming" your email address through the My Account section after creating your new EB account. This gives you another 10 EB points which gets automatically used during checkout.

    Edit: doh, post above beat me to it :)

  • use Western Union will have another 5% discount it said in the checkout

  • +1

    good price, any promo code for batteries too ?

  • Hands up who's running out of email addresses?

  • still waiting for last order, 30 days ago….

    • Also still waiting for my package. Payment went through May 26. Have received previous orders from EB with no issues.

    • Mine arrived from this deal. Took a while but did finally make it :)

    • Mine took about 2 weeks.

      • don't tell me you live in China…. lol

  • Same here, still waiting for my package ship to Sydney. Order on 18-Jun

  • Looks like expired
    Now saying:

    The coupon code has exceeded the number of times it can be used, please recheck and try again.

  • I am getting this:

    "The Promotion code has exceeded the number of times it can be used, please recheck and try again."

  • I have one from last time. Got it so the kid would not break my bigger one.
    First couple of times used was OK, except for props coming off in "landing" and being reseated.

    Tried to use today, and it fails to take off - flips or goes sideways. Usually right, sometimes left or back …
    If held level, one prop not turning, but increasing throttle or titling it will change that.
    Holding it, it rocks back and forth.
    Does this mean the sensors have failed??

    Was going to get another and use this for parts, but code expired. Anyone have a similar problem?

    • +1

      Did you have to re-assemble more than one of the propellers before it started going funny? Reason I ask is because there are 2 different propellers, marked A or B, and they need to be in a certain configuration.

      • Sorry, I intended to mention that. Yes I did check.
        (One opposite pair spins clockwise, the other pair anticlockwise)

        • Oh ok, sorry that's beyond my very limited experience with the copter then :(
          Maybe also try checking the rcforums, for any common remedies?

        • @kacak:
          if the frame buckling ? if it is, it can cause binding with the prop base.
          Take prop off to remove debris like hair if evident.
          Check condition of props.
          Maybe bad motor?

    • Mine is acting weird sometimes when I first connect the battery.
      Disconnect and reconnect the battery seems to fix it. Hope that helps.

    • +2

      Have you tried calibrating? (hold both sticks towards bottom right).

      • Ah, thanks!! That seems to have fixed it.

        • Awesome!

  • +1

    Bought one from the last deal, very very fun to play with,

    Just a word of caution though, my quadcopter's battery started smoking during a flight and became really really hot, (looked like it was melting), - after clocking maybe 30mins of flight time in total? Might have been dangerous if this happened during charging.

    Battery stopped working after that, not sure if the actual quadcopter still works, but I would assume it's the battery's problem.

    • battery must have shorted.

    • Be careful, once they go the reaction can be quite violent be it due to a short, excessive charge current or charging to above 4.2V.
      Best to stay clear of it for a while and let it do whatever it's going to do, not worth a burn to save a $8 quad.

      I'm wary of the included usb chargers (I've got a box full of the things), but a decent charger will set you back many times the cost of the quad so probably not worth it unless you start flying a lot.

  • +1

    Dear Ozbargainers,

    Thanks for your interest in this product and thanks LYL's share from mydealz.de.

    As this is a clearance product, I have added more quantity and activated this coupon.



    • Dear Rep, any deal on batteries ? The product is nice but the batteries are not lasting very long, refer to some comments above and mine also died today after I left it charging for a few hours.

      • +1

        Batteries for the Bayangtoys X9 and Eachine/JJRC H8 mini are compatible (same micro-losi connector and polarity), can normally find cheap 5 packs on most similar sites/ebay.

        The H101 can also be flown with the Bayangtoys X9 transmitter which, while still very much toy grade, is a lot nicer than the one the H101 comes with.
        You do loose the 'flip 180 and fly upside down' button, but IMO that's a gimmick as it reverses the input automatically so isn't really teaching you to fly a 3d quad.

        It's a decent little quad, great for this price, but suffers the same flaw at the H8 mini in that when you enable high rates to get some speed the yaw is just too fast for comfortable normal flying. Props love to come off also vs the X9 which in over 120 flights I've never had one come off. This is 3-4 times cheaper so very much worth a shot if you think you might get into flying quadcopters.

    • http://www.everbuying.net/product1102140.html

      Use spare points to bring price down

  • @everbuying i followed the instructions and the best i can get is $12.03 :( seems i didn't get 100 EB points for the new account, only 10. even though it says i got 100

  • +1

    Got 2 with the first deal. Love them great fun in the loungeroom.

    Rcgroups has a long thread discussing this quad - ozbargain even gets a passing acknowledgement.

    Just bought 4 more - help!!

    Used much the same procedure as OP plus the extra [onts coupon.

    After discount, signup points, ponts bonus, email conf points - too many points are generated and you are left with spare for other purchases - Bargain

    http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=35322132&postc... H101 6.99 USD or less with new account

    1) create new account www.everbuying.net

    2) http://user.everbuying.net/m-users-a-win_point.html coupon THXET0721

    3) add to cart http://www.everbuying.net/product1085041.html

    4) check out with coupon code : RCFloureon

    5) apply earned EB point

    I also did 2.1 confirmed email

    Buying spares is not a bargain at this stage - better to buy more quads

    cheers Jeff

    • Had to try the '.' In the gmail suggestion to create new account - wahoo!!

      It worked. $8.61aud and another quad in the way

      Just working up a Devo 7e transmitter to fly it in mode1

      Cheers Jeff
      Ps. …..seriousis fun and value for money :-)

    • Used up my remaining 76 points to get 2 spare batteries for $5.00 Aud


      Similar pricing to buying from aliexpress - buying from ever buying means they will arrive in 4 weeks time vs next decade from all express

      Cheers Jeff

      • Sad to say just got message saying they cannot sent battery - wonder if I ordered battery with the quad rather than separately it may have processed?

        • Yes, it's weird. They can send some batteries, but not others!

  • Got mine but the transmitter doesn't work.
    Light flashes and makes a continuous clicking but won't link.

    Seems to be a problem others have had but I haven't come across a fix yet.
    Everbuying said to try changing batteries which didn't help and then offered a refund.

    kinda frustrating to have this little quadcopter sitting there, fully charged, lights flashing , all ready to go and …..nothing :(

  • Still waiting for mine :( Has everyone received theirs?

    • nope, still waiting, it's been like 35 days since order, btw there is a site you can track your item "Last seen location"

      mine one said

      10.07.2016 22:41 Import (Item arrived at country of destination) Aupera, Au

      But never turn up in my mailbox, so after work will fill up a dispute at paypal.

      • +1

        Received mine this morning!

        • Good on you !!

  • I got mine today but ordered a pack of the wrong batteries. This is the correct one http://www.everbuying.net/product1102147.html
    When I tried to order this charger plus 5 batteries, I got an email, no idea what it means. The batteries still show in stock.

    "We extremely sorry for not deliver the package to you yet.
    We are sorry to inform that we can not ship battery or power bank out due to shipping policy, there is not shipping method for battery or power bank, but other item(s) can be shipped out.
    After reviewing your case, we have 3 options to compensate you:
    1) Delete battery or power bank, ship other item(s) out, then refund the amount with the it on your Wallet (store credit)
    We can refund you the product cost USD and exceptionally reward you with extra points (e.g. If your item is 1usd = 5 points , 3usd=3*5 points => get 15 points etc).
    You can use both your wallet and points to purchase your future products.

    2) Delete battery or power bank, ship other item(s) out, then refund the amount with the it on your original payment method.

    3) Choose another one to replace this item.

    We would be very grateful if you could tell us the SKU (item number), the full name of the item or the URL link for the new item. We will be able to check its stock levels.
    Please contact me as soon as possible and let me know if this is acceptable, so that we can process the order for you.
    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused.
    Best Regards,
    everbuying Customer Service"

  • Ordered two, hopefully my whippet will enjoy chasing them :D
    Thanks OP!

  • Got mine today but without the manual. No order number either so can't contact Everbuying. Can someone send me a copy? I don't know how to do this and keep email adresses private? Can someone help?

    • Hello thereļ¼Œ

      Sorry for all the inconvenience that has been caused.

      I have photes of the manual, could you please provide your email so I can send it to you?

      Thanks for your cooperation in advance.


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