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Alien Isolation Collection (Inc Season Pass) (Steam Activation) - US $12.49 (~AU $16.71) @ Bundle Stars




Alien: Isolation
Alien: Isolation - Corporate Lockdown
Alien: Isolation - Crew Expendable
Alien: Isolation - Last Survivor
Alien: Isolation - Safe Haven
Alien: Isolation - Season Pass
Alien: Isolation - Trauma
Alien: Isolation – The Trigger
Alien: Isolation: - Lost Contact

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  • If only they would make this HTC vive compatible. Hang on, that would be too scary to play, scrape that

    • Works on VIVE with VorpX

  • anyone own this?
    is it any good?
    mixed reviews online, seems like a good price tho

    • +1

      Personally, I think it's the best game I've played in a long time. It's very atmospheric, good story and a good length (it took me almost 24 hours to play on hard).

      I can understand people getting frustrated with it - you need patience to play - and it's quite long. But I'd recommend.

    • It's hiding and running, hiding and walking. Lights down low, noneone else home and it's dark outside. If your heart does not race playing it then you have no pulse. Never finished it but it did give me such a fright for awhile.

      P.s I'll give vorpx a go. With the family home and light outside.

  • I never got around to playing it, however most people i've spoken to said it's a great game and scary as hell

  • If you dont care about the DLC then you can get the game itself at US$7.99 at that same store although it kinda makes it less of a bargain.
    Never played it myself so cant comment if its worth getting the collection or game itself.

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