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[Backorder] EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 SC ACX 3.0 US $664.61 (~AU $884) Delivered @ Amazon


Currently showing as in stock for anyone interested, not sure how long this will last. Remember that evga has international warranty.

EDIT 4:56pm AEST - Now showing up as 'Only 19 left in stock'
4:59pm - 'Only 15 left in stock'
5:02 - 'Only 10 left in stock'
5:04 - 'Only 7 left in stock'
5:09 - 'Only 1 left in stock'
5:10 - expired
5:13 - And now its back??? Looks like amazon is adding stock.
5:14 - yep it's gone
6:08 - now available for backorder
6:33 - gone again

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    Really need to get one these 28degrees card! Amazon exchange rate is asking me $925 ;\ Still cheaper than local stock.

    • Unless you explicitly want the credit facility, I would recommend looking at a citibank account.

      • Yeah applying for one soon. Not happy to pay %3 international transaction fees to ANZ!

        • Citibank also charge 3% international fee

        • @TilacVIP:
          Not on the Plus Account.
          Also theres Coles Prepaid reloadable Mastercard from $10 with no XE fee

        • @chyawala:

          Ok, are we talking about credit or debit cards, I'm guessing debit here as I only ever use credits cards.

        • @TilacVIP:
          Debit cards. Why do you only use credit cards?

        • @chyawala:

          Other peoples money!!

          If my card is misused / stolen / fraud etc etc and its not my money [ie credit card] I just hand the problem over to them to chase up, the bank will make ever effort to follow this up and get their money back. Now if it were a debit card I'm sure they would not show the same commitment to recover your money.

          Simple reason, security. Easier to use the banks money over your own.

        • @TilacVIP:
          I'm unsure on that. I think even with debit you get the Master / Visa charge back guarantee. I claimed chargeback easily and successfully on master debit on an international transaction that was dodgy.

  • +3

    I have been checking this daily for the past 3 weeks. Always missed out. Then I cave and get local 1070….now in stock T_T

  • 3 left at 5:13pm

  • +1

    Still available for backorder available on 30 July.

  • NNNNNNNooooo!! Why is the email alert so slow… :-( EXACTLY the card I was after.

    • I managed to snag one thanks to nowinstock, the browser and email alerts are pretty quick, I was notified when there was 20 left :)

      • I actually had one in my cart 2 minutes ago, but before I could complete checkout it was gone! WTF?? At least let me finish checking out for goodness sake…

      • +1

        Just signed up for nowinstock.net though, thanks for the hint!

  • Hmm it says in stock for me, but says it won't ship to my suburb

  • Bought one last night from bhphoto. Slightly more expensive than this but thems the brakes.

    I think there was a flood of stock with the start of the US week. All my alerts were going off for bhphoto, Amazon and Newegg.

    • Yeah looks like most were FTW's, I'm fitting a hybrid kit so needed a non-FTW. They are releasing a hybrid kit for the FTW's eventually.

  • https://www.amazon.com/ASUS-GeForce-STRIX-Graphics-STRIX-GTX...

    Is this good (no international warranty)?

    • NO thats the unoverclocked edition I paid $650USD for it please dont pay more

      • Woah, it was $650 USD when I posted this comment. Now it's gone up again.

  • Back again for backorder and will ship in 30 july. Get in quick.

    • And gone again :\

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