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G1W-C Capacitor HD 1080P Car Dash DVR Camera with 96650 Chip Black Colour $48.96 Shipped @ Shopping Square


HD 1080P Car Dash Cam Camera with G1W-CB Capacitor & 96650 Chip Black Colour - DS

Direct Shipping Offer*
2.7 inch FT LCD
G-Sensor auto recorder
Motion detection auto recorder
Video resolution:Maximum HD 1080P (1920x1080)
Continuous loop video: Seamless looping video, do not lose seconds
Truck switch machine:Support auto ignition boot, turn off shutdown
Automatic shutdown function
Memory card: TF card, up to 32GB(the card is not included)
Interface: USB/HDMI
High quality photos
Built-in stereo

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      • Oops, just checked and the one i got from ShoppingSquare is indeed the silver one with the battery in it, my other order from everbuying was the capacitor version, sorry about the confusion… time to raise a paypal dispute i guess…

        • I've got order confirmation saying CB version but the tax invoice is the C version. Has anyone raised a paypal dispute?

  • Received mine today, it's the battery operated, silver ring model. I wonder if PayPal will resolve the issue in our favor.

  • Same here. Just raised a paypal dispute. Let's keep each other updated.

  • Damn, I got stung with this one too. I received mine yesterday. It turned on right out of the box and then went flat after a few seconds. And it's got a damn useless silver ring around the front of the lens. Makes it really noticeable .

    The instruction manual and the box shows it having a black ring though.

    Idiots got it wrong :(

    I have raised issue via Paypal just now.


  • Yep. They screwed me over as well with the wrong dash cam. Had major words with them regarding their Reply Paid - we take no responsibility for lost items - policy. Was only after I threatened them with ACCC that they agreed to cover the registered post costs (I know I could & still might go through PayPal). A very dodgy & unethical company & will never use them again….

  • I also received a silver ring edition with battery today. Is the consensus that PayPal is the best avenue to dispute the incorrect product?

    • Not sure as to the advantage of raising a dispute with Paypal rather that sending it back for refund (at Shopping Square cost of course). Perhaps someone on here can clarify?

  • I have the silver ring version but I'm not sure if the device is faulty or I have the capacitor version. I'm fairly certain when I first received it I was able to run it for a short period but now when I plug in the power cord a red light flashes and it acts like it's charging but if I take out the plug it turns off after a few seconds.

    Is there any other way I can be certain either way?

  • Aww don't tell me I got jipped again FFS so sick of this crap.

    Guess I will just have to keep using it as impossible to send back :(

    • Send it back to Shopping Square via their Replied Paid post for a refund.You will need to create a ticket with them to get a RA number. Make sure you get it in writing that they will refund the registered postage costs or you will be screwed if it gets lost. A very suss company & I think we have all learned a lesson to never deal with them.

  • +2

    I really hope they (shopping square) get a Ozbargain Ban over this bungle, not the Ozbargain spirit is it!

  • Mine is also the silver battery version. Will complain today.

  • +3

    Ordered 2, but recieved both which are silver ring, not a capacitor model. I f***ng hate these guys. They are a dodgy business and when contaced, recieved same bullshit reply "the supplier may have given them the wrong information" and offer of "$10 store credit to keep item".


  • SS replied with the $10 offer or RNA. I'm going to RNA it via the reply paid offer but add registered tracking for peace of mind. Now to source the real one. I see Gearbest have them for $47.50 with shipping:


    From all reports Gearbest are just as bad as SS so not sure if this is out of the frying pan and into the fire?

    • Registered post is an absolute minimum with this mod. Mine still hasn't been picked up/signed for since 7.30am last Friday morning……….. I actually got a written commitment from them to pay for the registered post costs. We will see…
      I am suss about Gearbest as I looked at them as well. I do believe you will eventually get a genuine item but the shipping time & drama/time frame with sending it back if faulty perhaps out ways the savings. Have seen the BlueSeaSky version on Ebay for local delivery at $70 which should be genuine & the cheapest I have seen locally. I bought the Aldi Maginon last week & it is OK but not as good a genuine G1W-C.

      • I bought my G1W-CB from EverBuying, and that took about two weeks to get here. It's definitely the capacitor and black version. There was a sale and it turned out to 45AUD for me.

    • I bought one from gearbest for $32 still waiting for delivery.

      • Is that in USD or AUD? Comes up at $46.78AUD for me which seems to be the going rate at these Chinese stores.

  • Shopping Square are doing the "The item has not been returned" but I have Aust Post tracking that says it was. Raised a paypal dispute now, hopefully that will help them locate it.

    • Yeah they initially tried that on me even though I sent registered post & had proof of them receiving it. Just a stall tactic so keep hounding them. I eventually got my refund but am still waiting on the promised refund of my registered post costs….won't hold my breath & not wasting any more energy on this shonky company.

  • Surprisingly once I raised a PayPal dispute they have been rather attentive, now are trying everything they can to get me to close the dispute.

  • Received my refund yesterday. Took them a while after receiving the returned item, but they did it without a fight or any threats from me.

  • Got my refund today. Lesson learned, too many good online stores that I can deal with to ever need to deal with these guys again.

  • I just received units from GearBest and they are the black capacitor version, paid $45.45 each delivered.

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