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Herringbone 50% off Menswear Store Wide


1 day sale

Use code HBFLASH50 for 50% off site wide for menswear.

Some suits on sale section for ~$500 before discount code. Sold out

1 day offer only. Very cheap for Herringbone quality

Online only.

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      its jacket only

  • Cheers. I needed another grey suit and was waiting for the next 40-50% discount at Myers. This will do nicely, $250 for jacket and trousers.

  • Any idea if this is instore too?

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    says its sold out

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    Just spoke to Circular Quay store and they said they'd accept the code and discount by further 50%

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      wait, further 50%? do you mean, half the price if you provide the code, then discount by a further 50%? so RRP x 50% x 50%?

  • Just bought the Sharkskin grey suit for $210 including delivery, great find OP

    • Can you share the link

    • Me too.
      This is a fantastic deal - a new wool suit for only $210 (including postage).
      If it turns out to be as good as I hope I will be very happy.
      Hang on a sec…
      It clearly says suit - but then it says "trousers are also available"…???
      What the hell does that mean? It better not mean that my 'suit' is only a jacket!

      • Had this concern as well.. I called them up and was advised it's a full suit:)

        • I called them as well, was also told it was a suit. Bought this one and a pair of swim shorts - came to $209 with free delivery :)

      • It's quite common to buy an extra pair of trousers with a suit, they are just letting you know that there are matching trousers available to be purchased.

    • Would love if it was slim fit.

      Only the navy is slim fit.
      But not in my size :(
      I'm usually 40. Is 42 a lot bigger?

      • apparently comes up on the smaller side.
        Slim fit does me no favours :)

  • The code is not working for me. It says "Your cart does not meet the requirements for the HBFLASH50 discount code" Is this storewide or only for suits?

    • email says "*50% Off Menswear applies to all menwear items online. Discount is applied at checkout with promo code: HBFLASH50.

      This offer cannot be redeemed against prior purchase, existing layby or in conjunction with any other offer. Offer is available exclusively online. Offer starts 12:00PM AEST Thursday 28th July and ends 12:00PM AEST Friday 29th July 2016."

      so not sure why yours isnt working?

      • It's not 12pm yet.

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        Because I selected womenswear :D it does say storewide on the title. Thanks for the clarification.

  • swim shorts are only $9.50 from $99!

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      noooo! I could've bought these, and still paid 50c less than the delivered price of my suit! hands back ozb card

  • =(

    Nothing left in 38…

  • alot of the stuff is for waist 36+

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    Just popped in to the Melbourne herringbone .. they will also offer 50% off .. real nice feel on the jackets

  • Awesome, few things here that weren't at their warehouse sale in Melbourne too.

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    The items Navy Twill Suit and Dark Grey Sharkskin Suit don't seem to include pants, just a jacket.

    Trousers are also available.

    Other suit products available mention the trousers.

    Navy Wool Mohair Suite

    Trousers are tailored in our slim fit, featuring a low rise waist, a slim fit through the leg fit and are finished with side belt loops.

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      So I just rang them up to confirm. Both those suits INCLUDE trousers

      • Awesome, that gives me some more confidence.

        Thanks hotmustardsauce

        • wouldn't you have to order a waist size as well ? then you know you were getting trousers ?

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      Funny, both those suits have now been removed from the Sale page

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    How is the sizing like? Is it similar to MJ Bale?

  • Suits are 400 jackets are 200 lol.

  • What size here is for MJ size 40?

  • Herringbone QVB said they'd match it, but the cheapest one they had was around $650 with the discount.

    • They very rarely go on sale in store (by more than 20-30% - probably only a couple of times a year more than that), and if they do they're usually odd sizes or very large sizes. I guess the things online on sale are the real clearance items that they need to get rid of.

  • Everything's pretty much gone now

  • No suits left on sale?

    • use the search
      nevermind they're gone there too now

      • I did the full price (overpriced) suits, which would qualify for the 50% discount, just nothing even remotely close to the $500 before the discount, as mentioned in the post.

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    Something to be aware of

    Any sales merchandise purchased from a Herringbone store or our online store may be exchanged at the same value the merchandise was purchased at within 14 days from date of purchase in store or date of despatch for online orders (subject to stock availability) Sale merchandise is non-refundable. An in store credit or online voucher will be issued subject to where your purchase was made.

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      I don't think they can actually enforce the "Sale merchandise is non-refundable. An in store credit or online voucher will be issued subject to where your purchase was made"

      From NSW Fair Trading site:

      ‘No refund’ and other signs
      Signs that state ‘no refunds’ are unlawful, because they imply it is not possible to get a refund under any circumstance – even when there is a major problem with the goods or service.
      For the same reason, the following signs are also unlawful:
      * no refund on sale items
      * exchange or credit note only for return of sale items.


  • Damn…sad I missed this- that navy suit would've been perfect

  • Anyone had any problems? ETA for my order is/was 2nd August but tracking just keeps changing dates for it being stuck in Sydney. Order was picked up on 29th July by CouriersPlease.

    I did contact Herringbone, but no response at all.

    • Mine hasn't even been shipped, it's still at the getting ready stage. Which is bloody strange as I got onto this deal quite early.

      • That's slow!

      • Same here. Mine hasn't even shipped and I posted this deal lol

        • Starting to think the old "If it's too good to be true…." :(

    • Well, I did finally receive a package today - 6 days later than ETA.

      However, there is only a pair of shorts - no suit.

      Herringbone's e-mail address seems to be unmonitored (or ignored) and telephone calls going to an answerphone!

      • I posted on their Facebook page yesterday, got a response late on. Claimed the package was late because of "incomplete address" which is rubbish.
        Told me they would be in contact about the missing suit - still waiting.

        • They finally emailed me to tell me they have no stock left.

          I wonder if anyone here got the suit they ordered, or if they just completely stuffed up a handful of people.

        • @uradox: Get onto [email protected]

          My original suit is gone - no one knows where.
          Another finally arranged today (though a different colour and material!)

        • @whodidthat:

          Getting somewhere, kinda. So they told me yesterday that could select any suit from their webpage, excluding the ones in the heritage range.
          I couldn't even see any suits in the heritage range, so I suggested the LUXURY CHARCOAL SHARKSKIN

          Today, I get an email saying the LUXURY CHARCOAL SHARKSKIN suit is out of stock, would I be willing to accept the CHARCOAL END ON END which I can't even find on their website.

          After this, I think this company is full of shit. The luxury charcoal sharkskin suit is still available to purchase on their site in the size I need.

        • @uradox: I am questioning the way they run their business. For such a high end store, my experiences have not lived up to it.

          They did admit that they try to source certain items from their stores and don't have things "to hand" for online orders.
          Doesn't seem very efficient.

          The one they have sent me isn't on the website, I Googled it and found it on a "dev" site for Herringbone, marked as sold out.

          I can only find navy end on end on their site http://www.herringbone.com/products/navy-end-on-end-jacket

  • If you are having problems, no one in answering or responding to messages left on the head office telephone number.

    I just contacted one of their shops in Sydney 02 93276470.

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